When going to visit for a birthday, wedding or any other celebration, each person faces a very significant problem in finding a good gift. And, as a rule, in such a situation there are always “experts” who categorically forbid purchasing watches for this purpose, referring to terrible signs and superstitions. Why is it generally accepted that such accessories cannot be presented as a gift, and where does such a statement come from?

A bit of history

In fact, there are quite a few versions about this, but two of them are considered the most common.

  1. In Western countries, watch hands are equated with sharp objects, and therefore chronometers are automatically assigned to the same category as knives and other cutting household and serving items. It is said that such gifts attract evil spirits to the recipient.
  2. According to Chinese beliefs, the clock is associated with an invitation to a funeral. If we talk about multiple interpretations of this statement, then the Chinese believe that the donated chronometer will count down the time until the death of the recipient. The Japanese, on the other hand, argue that with such a present, the donor wishes the death of a person.

In our country, you can hear many sad stories about how donated watches cause quarrels, quarrels and partings among lovers. They also say that in no case should you give a chronometer as a gift to your girlfriend, as in this way she is reminded of her age. It is not recommended to buy watches for adults and the elderly, as well as for seriously ill patients.

In a word, if you delve into this problem to the maximum, then we can conclude that it is better not to present the clock to anyone, otherwise then people will live in disharmony with the whole world. On the other hand, if a person really wanted to please you, spent a lot of time looking for a good gift, and at the same time invested heavily in it financially, then why think only about the bad? After all, all superstitions and prejudices are just «horror stories», often unfounded from a scientific point of view. And if you are still haunted by such a legacy of your ancestors, then you can symbolically “redeem” your gift from the donor. Just give him a few coins for a watch and wear it with pleasure and without any fear.

For whom would a watch be the best gift?

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  • beloved — with the help of a watch you will demonstrate that every minute spent without your soulmate will seem like an eternity to you.

When choosing a watch as a gift, you must first of all remember that you are providing the recipient with a practical thing that brings undeniable benefits. Being well versed in all the preferences of a person, you confirm your affection and attention to him, and this is equally pleasant for absolutely all people, regardless of status, gender and age.