India is rightfully considered one of the most mysterious countries of the East. The centuries-old history of the country is embodied in unique products, which are distinguished by an unusual design and a combination of various materials. Indian jewelry embodies the traditions and history of their country — this is their remarkable feature.

The secret of the popularity of Indian jewelry

For Indian women, a variety of jewelry made of gold, silver, copper, and bronze is a must-have accessory. In ancient manuscripts, you can often find information that India is a real country of treasures. Both of these factors played an important role in the development of the country’s jewelry art.

Artistic and creative works are of great importance in India. That is why all jewelry is made by hand. This is the main advantage of such products. In their work, jewelers try to reflect both ancient traditions and modern fashion trends. A creative and innovative approach allows you to create real masterpieces of jewelry art.

Indian jewelers create products with modern designs as well as ethnic jewelry. The variety of styles is strangely combined in sophisticated products. Indian masters decorate the result of their work with engraving.

Features of jewelry from India

Indian craftsmen are the creators of the unique Kundan technique. With its help, jewelry is sprinkled with stones. Such products impress with sophistication, elegance and rich appearance. Gold and silver products are no less popular in India. Indians wear jewelry both in everyday life and at ceremonial events. Therefore, each product is unique. The most popular Indian jewelry includes:

  • classic products (rings, earrings, bracelets, chains);
  • necklaces;
  • amulets.

Tibetan masters create unique, unique and distinctive jewelry. Thanks to the use of precious stones, such products find a special charm and elegance. The master’s ethno-style jewelry combines large gems and flowing mehendi ornaments. Fine jewelry work is justified by an amazing and unique result.

India is full of mineral deposits. Therefore, it is here that masterpieces of jewelry art are created with the use of precious and semi-precious stones, which are necessarily arranged and delivered to the craftsmen.

Sapphires, which are also mined in this country, are incredibly popular in India. It is customary to distinguish three main types of them. Sapphires of jewelry quality are quite expensive, so not everyone can afford them. Semi-precious blue stones can be translucent and opaque. Their price is more affordable. Also presented are star sapphires, which have an original optical effect. Often, craftsmen from India decorate their products with natural pearls. Such jewelry looks elegant and expensive.