Needlework never goes out of fashion. That is why rubber band bracelets are in great demand now. On sale you can find many special sets for weaving. But not everyone knows how to correctly weave a bracelet. In fact, there is nothing complicated here. You can do it on a machine (which usually comes in a set), your fingers, or even a regular fork. We offer to your attention several simple, but very beautiful methods for beginners.

Fish tail method

This is a basic method that will not be difficult for you to learn. For a bracelet, you need to select about 50 rubber bands. You can use several colors or one. Let’s start weaving:

  • We set aside three rubber bands. We put on the first figure 8 on two fingers. The next two should be put on top without twisting.
  • We throw off the rubber band from the bottom point of the fingers. It is necessary to take it by the tips — this is how it forms a loop.
  • We put on the fourth rubber band, then remove the third one.
  • We put on the next rubber band, and grab the lower one by the ends and stretch it up through the fingers.
  • As soon as the length of the bracelet becomes suitable, it is necessary to fix the edges with a transparent clip. It stretches through the rubber bands located on the edge.

The «Zigzag» method

To weave such a bracelet, you need to take 25 single-colored rubber bands and one more such set of a different color (for simplicity, we will call them No. 1 and No. 2), as well as a special hook included in the set. This is a fairly simple way of weaving, which even beginners can do.

  1. We fix color No. 1 on the hook with a figure eight.
  2. We fix No. 2 on the hook and stretch it through the loop of the material of color No. 1. The next part of the elastic band must be fixed on the hook so that two loops of the same color come out.
  3. We stretch No. 1 through the first loop of color No. 2. The next part of the elastic band should be put on the hook. As a result, there should be 1 loop No. 2 and two No. 1 loops on the hook.
  4. The whole structure unfolds in half a turn. At the same time, it is necessary to clamp the rubber bands with a finger and pull the hook from the other side.
  5. Do not forget to repeat this manipulation constantly after fixing the rubber bands and forming loops.
  6. As soon as the bracelet is ready, its ends should be fixed with a clip.

Method «Mermaid Braid»

Using this method, you will get a very beautiful and unusual bracelet. To create it, you need about sixty-seventy rubber bands of two different shades, a special machine and a hook, as well as a fixing clip. The accessory should be created on two pillars fixed next to each other:

  • We put rubber band No. 1 on both pillars and twist it with an 8.
  • On the pillar on the right, we put on color #2, having previously folded it in half.
  • We cast No. 1 on both pillars without twisting.
  • Using the hook, you should hook #2 on the right post and pull it to the side, while hooking the bottom elastic (8). We take it aside.
  • Next, we alternate similar actions on the left pillar, then on the right.
  • When you reach the required length, you should remove all rubber bands from the left post, except for the uppermost one. Using a hook, bring them to the center. Repeat the same actions with the right column.
  • Throw the upper elastic band from the right to the left pole and fix everything with a clip.