A ring is a beautiful and elegant decoration that was popular even in ancient times. In the modern world, rings are worn by women and men. Such an accessory perfectly emphasizes the individuality of the owner, and also demonstrates his taste. How to wear rings? Many jewelry lovers are concerned with this question. In fact, there are no strict rules.

Rings: how to wear jewelry on different fingers

There are no clear restrictions in this matter. The only nuance is that wedding rings should be worn on the ring finger. Recently, it has become popular to wear rings on the thumb. In this case, a wide accessory with an ornament or uneven edges looks good.

Men’s rings look good on the index finger. A women’s neat ring with a stone will look no less beautiful. Many women also choose massive rings for this finger. But in this case, it is important not to overdo it, so it is recommended not to wear other accessories on the other fingers of this hand.

Thin rings should be chosen for the middle finger. Neat small accessories are ideal for everyday wear. But big rings can be used when there are no other accessories on the hand.

An engagement ring and a wedding ring are worn on the ring finger of the right hand. If you like to wear accessories on this finger, it is best to choose the left hand for this. As a rule, small neat rings are worn on the little finger.

How to wear rings: practical tips for everyone

Although modern fashion calls for wearing a lot of jewelry, one should still remember the sense of proportion. If you decide to wear several rings on one hand, do not forget the main rule — they must harmonize with each other, as well as match all other jewelry (earrings, bracelets, pendants). A few recommendations for the correct wearing of rings:

  • combine the accessory with the outfit — the product should harmonize with the style and color scheme of your clothes;
  • the ring and other accessories must be made of the same material, so you should not combine a gold ring with silver earrings;
  • cocktail rings, as well as accessories with stones are suitable for formal events;
  • neat rings without stones can be easily combined with other accessories. They can also be worn every day, because they are appropriate in any situation;
  • if you like to wear several rings on one finger, you should choose special sets;
  • you should not overload your hands — too many rings will look inappropriate and vulgar.

When choosing a ring, it is necessary to evaluate the convenience of wearing it. Immediately think: with which clothes it could be combined, and with which — not. You should also not buy too cheap jewelry. Preference should be given to accessories that you really like. Be sure to find your style and your perfect ring.