Pearls are one of the classic gemstones that our mothers and grandmothers adore. But today it is often hidden at the bottom of the box. It is not right!

Snow-white pearls and beads, shimmering with rainbow hues, easily fit into a style with a modern character, as well as an elegant one.

If you are wondering how to wear pearl earrings correctly and when they will look best, read our quick guide.

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The history of fashionable and stylish pearl earrings

In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, wearing earrings with white natural pearls and a necklace around the neck every day was considered a reliable amulet against unhappy love. To this day, the Old Believers say that these ornaments are closely connected with the moon. Due to its unique appearance, pearls are a symbol of the pursuit of excellence. Many people believe that products made from it should not be borrowed and borrowed. They have something so intimate that they cannot be transferred to other hands.

Previously, natural pearls were associated with wealth and high social status, and were a symbol of elegance. Its high price did not allow an ordinary woman to have fashionable pearl earrings, although many dreamed of them. They were worn by Margaret Thatcher and Audrey Hepburn.

Fashion for these accessories was introduced in the twentieth century by the French fashion designer Coco Chanel. She wore them with tweed suits and short jackets. At that time, women complemented their jewelry boxes with strings of pearls and wore them with low-waisted dresses.

In the 1950s and 1960s, this accessory was paired with a little black dress and Dior-inspired creations. Suffice it to recall the scene with Audrey Hepburn, who combined elegant jewelry with Givenchy brand jewelry.

So pearls began to symbolize luxury, timelessness, it was often chosen by representatives of the influential elite. Thanks to Gabrielle Chanel, who popularized the fashion for jewelry, to this day all women can wear them, regardless of their social status.

Today, pearls take on a variety of forms, which can be seen at the fashion shows of the house of Chanel. It is used in necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, and sometimes even anklets or heel appliqués.

Style icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama have worn these pieces over the years.

In the fall of 2017, pearls appeared on sweaters, jeans and accessories such as berets or handbags on a chain. Fashion bloggers have interpreted this trend in different ways — as a combination of elegance with casualness, timeless style and the latest trends.

In 2018, large imitation pearls are in fashion — spectacular double-sided models, as well as minimalistic vintage-style stud earrings.

The most popular shades:

  • white,
  • silver,
  • champagne,
  • dark gold,
  • lavender (lilac),
  • peach (ivory),
  • black,
  • pink,
  • cream (beige),
  • dark garnet.

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Who can wear gold and silver pearl earrings?

If you think that pearls can only be worn by mature women, you are mistaken. He suits everyone, regardless of age. Perfect for a wedding, prom, family reunion or corporate event.

Pearl earrings should be included in semi-formal or casual looks. Then you can choose a less glamorous model, with small inserts. They will look beautiful against the background of a lace dress in a pastel shade or a dark, bottle green color.

Since white pearls should have some contrast, it is better not to wear them with a white dress. Otherwise, it will remain invisible. Also avoid products with very large unnatural looking pearls. Such an accessory especially captivates women with subtle beauty, but it can visually make the neck wider and divert attention from the decollete.

Wear pearl earrings with blouses, dresses, and sweaters in low-to-medium fabrics with a shallow neckline. The charm lies in their simplicity.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with pearls that haven’t gone out of style, they can also be worn in a modernist way!

Pearl earrings will perfectly complement a business look in combination with a white shirt, jacket and skirt. In the date version, a duet is suitable: pearls combined with a little black dress, jacket and high heels. These earrings look perfect with retro styling and red lipstick.

What to wear with pearl earrings?

Depending on your mood, desire and occasion, these decorations can be chosen in different shapes and sizes. The first thing to consider when choosing pearl earrings for everyday wear is your hairstyle. If our hair is loose, little pearls can disappear a little between the strands. If you make a high bun, ponytail or pin-up pony, they immediately become expressive.

Pearl earrings for a wedding are also a classic. They look phenomenal against a flared mini dress in shades of pink, mint or blue. They look contrasting and spectacular in combination with a cobalt, bottle green, emerald or juicy scarlet dress. If you are not a fan of dresses, feel free to bet on suits in a very saturated shade and dilute them with pearls.

It also chicly harmonizes with retro-style clothing — pleated skirts, flared trousers, thin plaid blouses. It will look good with very elegant outfits, such as a little black dress or a business suit consisting of a jacket and trousers.

Pearl studs can instantly transform even a strict business look, consisting of chinos and a smooth blouse with long sleeves and a shallow neckline. A blouse made of silk or its imitation will define the style, which can be emphasized with a necklace of snow-white pearls. Choose a classic-cut blazer and round-toe suede pumps for an elegant, glossy look!

What you should wear with small pearl earrings is a casual summer style, which is based on a lace cocktail dress or a light airy sundress. They emphasize the charm and give charm to the whole image.

Even if you prefer urban style every day, sneakers, oversized sweaters, tunics, t-shirts, jeans or rock accents, feel free to include pearls not only in elegant, but also in everyday outfits! Its versatility provides many possibilities.

Hoop earrings embellished with a tiny pearl at the very bottom are an Instagram hit of 2021 and sure to grab attention when paired with a trendy 1980s-inspired leather or denim dress. Pair it with an oversized white denim jacket. Finish off with stiletto heels or platform sneakers.

Earrings with pearls are suitable for every woman and girl. However, their size, color and shape should be chosen individually for the occasion, type of beauty and style of clothing. For women with delicate features and a romantic character, stylists recommend choosing light pearls — white or cream — of a smaller size. Those who like expressive accessories should pay attention to earrings with black or gray pearls. Check out our catalog, where there are models of different sizes and shades, and order them with delivery in Ukraine.