Every girl wants to look stunning and makes every effort for this. We carefully think over our outfit, make-up, select shoes. We approach the choice of accessories no less responsibly — after all, they are an integral, if not the main part of our image. The choice of jewelry should be approached carefully and remember the main rule — do not overdo it. Well, today let’s talk about how to properly wear a Pandora bracelet and how to correctly fit it into your style.

Pandora how to wear, is there an age limit

When choosing a bracelet, I always help to determine the optimal size, not only according to the size of the wrist, but also according to your preferences, I advise you to take a larger or smaller size. You can read more about this here.

Pandora how to wear, is there an age limit

The range of bracelets is so diverse that it is easy to pick up a piece of jewelry for both a young girl and a mature woman. Of course, the younger generation is more prone to bold experiments, so most of the products are aimed specifically at this audience. But a lot of jewelry is out of age — they look harmoniously on both young teenagers and respectable ladies.

But if we are talking specifically about bracelets, then I would classify bright leather products as more youthful (although on a summer day these bracelets look great on ladies of any age).

Definitely, all fabric and textile bracelets are a more youthful option.

pandora textile bracelets how to wear

There is even a special teenage product line called PANDORA ME — I would advise you to choose it for very young girls.

pandora me what age is it for

One of my favorite Pandora lines — PANDORA ESSENCE — very beautiful unusual bracelets and charms for smart, mature and self-sufficient women. In this collection you will not find charms depicting cats, flowers and cars — there is a deeper meaning.

pandora essence for what age
How to wear Pandora — on which hand

I will immediately answer the question that there is no difference on which hand to wear a Pandora bracelet, you choose the option that is convenient for you. The only thing I want to clarify is rigid bracelets — bangles are not very comfortable on the right hand (if you write to her) precisely because of their rigid shape. Many wear not one, but two Pandora bracelets on one arm — also a beautiful option.

How to wear a pandora bracelet

You can absolutely safely combine the bracelet with other jewelry and brands. There are many different brands of typesetting jewelry. Unfortunately, not all of them are represented in Ukraine. Many replenish their collections while on vacation abroad. Some of these pieces of jewelry are paired with Pandora and you can easily combine them even on the same bracelet. Well, no one forbade wearing several bracelets from different manufacturers in parallel.

How to wear Pandora with a watch

Very often I see how they wear a Pandora bracelet and a watch on one hand. Is it possible to combine them like this? Why not! If the bracelet is not too heavy and does not interfere with you. The main thing is to make sure that he does not hit the clock and does not scratch them.

How to wear Pandora with a watch

A leather bracelet with weaving and a watch strap to match it also looks beautiful — I myself really like this combination for the summer.

If we are talking about a silver or gold bracelet, then it is better to choose the material to match the color of the dial. That is, we combine a silver bracelet with a metal light dial, and a gold-plated bracelet with a similar color, that’s the principle.

How to wear a Pandora bracelet with clothes

If you allow finances, you can collect a large and varied collection of bracelets made of silver, gold, rose gold or leather. You can buy a lot of charms in different shades, a lot of bright murano and enamel charms. Having such an assortment, you can easily compose a bracelet for a specific outfit, whether it is an elegant dress for a lady, a suit with a blouse or jeans with a T-shirt. Pandora bracelet can be combined with any part of your wardrobe.

How to wear Pandora - on which hand

But in our realities, we often have 1-2 bracelets, and of course any girl would like it to fit any clothes and style. In this case, I recommend buying a bracelet in a neutral color (silver), and you can already buy completely different charms on it. Just a few colored charms or murano will make the right accent on your bracelet, and the result will surely please you. Also, when choosing an outfit, consider the length of the sleeve — it is desirable that it does not cover the bracelet.

The combination of silver and gold on one bracelet — is it possible or not?

Even 10 years ago, wearing jewelry made of different metals at the same time was considered bad manners. It was not customary to combine gold and silver, warm and cold shades in one image. And today it has become almost a trend. Look how many jewelry are produced in a combination of different shades!

The combination of silver and gold on one pandora bracelet

But the main thing here is not to overdo it: breaking this rule does not mean that you need to wear silver earrings in your ears, a gold chain around your neck, and a rose gold bracelet on your hand. No, everything should look harmonious. Pick a base color for yourself and only slightly complement it with another. If it is silver — but you can put a pair of gold charms on the bracelet, which will only emphasize the unusual look.

Number of pandora bracelets

How many bracelets can be worn at the same time? There is no clear rule here — it all depends on your preferences. Someone likes to wear one bracelet, someone two, but some prefer to wear a lot at once. My only advice is that if you decide to wear several bracelets at once, then do not add other accessories, do not overload your image. Let these bracelets become the main accent in your bow.

How to wear a Pandora bracelet with clothes
Can you wear a Pandora bracelet without charms?

This is one of the frequently asked questions. Many people like Pandora bracelets as an independent decoration. Believe me, such minimalism is only a matter of your taste. The bracelet looks quite self-sufficient and generally without beads and with a small number of them. Also in the assortment of the company there are many models that do not include wearing charms at all. There are also no clear guidelines on how to properly wear charms. Do not forget the main message of the brand — you create your own story and only you can decide what charms will be on your bracelet, because it is a reflection of your inner world, your soul.

How to wear a miniature Pandora element: a chain or a bracelet

Pandora released several medallions a couple of years ago. They come in different sizes and are designed for both chain and bracelet. These medallions can be opened and you can put various miniature elements of different designs in them. There are no rules for compiling such miniature elements either — you select them according to your own taste. Just pay attention to the maximum occupancy of the medallion. Depending on its type and size, you can place from 1 to 5 miniature Pandora elements inside.

Pandora miniature element how to wear

I hope that all the simple tips and ideas that I wrote above will help you and help you achieve the desired result and your image in combination with Pandora will always be stylish and elegant, and your mood will always be on top.