The 20th century turned many ideas about fashion, culture and traditions upside down. The attitude of men towards jewelry has also changed. But their symbolic meaning has not disappeared anywhere. We answer popular questions about what earrings in the ears of men mean, talk about the types of men’s earrings and the rules for wearing them.

The meaning of earrings in both ears in modern men

Previously, single piercings in both ears were worn only by women or homosexuals. Today, male representatives of creative professions adorn themselves this way to emphasize their individuality, to show that they are far from stereotypes, prejudices and strict standards in clothing and image.

Actor Will Smith and soccer player David Beckham prefers formal suits but often wears stud earrings. Johnny Depp accentuates the look with delicate round thin earrings.

What does one earring in a man’s left ear mean?

In ancient times, the meaning of earrings on the left ear of a man, depending on the type of activity, was as follows:

  • sailors wore jewelry as a talisman against problems on a long journey;
  • the Cossacks put on an earring in the left ear of the only heir;
  • creators (musicians, artists, designers, etc.) — to stand out from the crowd.

What does an earring in a man’s right ear mean?

An earring in a man’s right ear means that he openly declares his orientation.

This usually indicates belonging to a sexual or religious minority. Since the attitude towards him in European countries is rather negative, men are advised to wear earrings in both ears or only in the left ear.

Can a teenage boy wear earrings?

If the son suddenly came home with an earring in his ear, do not sound the alarm. Suddenly he decided to become a musician and tries to be like his idol. Better to ask and find out why. If it is public — fashion among peers, imitation of someone, you need to calm down and watch. Over time, that is, with age, the decoration will lose its relevance and fade into the background.

The issue with earrings in the boy’s ears can be solved by a compromise — clips. This will help maintain mutual understanding and peace on both sides. The basis of such earrings is magnets. They don’t require an actual ear piercing to stay in place. Designed to close, hold firmly in the ear but not too tight to hurt. They are easy to put on and take off without leaving visible marks. They are ideal for light experiments.

Varieties of men’s earrings

Men’s jewelry is produced much less than women’s. Studs, rings, onlays, magnets, cuffs and classic earrings of various shapes, as well as with a cross pendant, are very popular.

The shape and design of jewelry for the stronger sex is different from women’s — they are more strict and minimalistic. Although some dudes choose extraordinary options. Singer Garik Sukachev sometimes flaunts large gypsy earrings.

Men are allowed to wear:

  • Hoop earrings in both ears provided that they are thin and do not hang over the chin. A round earring in a man’s ear is the choice of rock musicians, artists, artists and other creative people. It is unlikely that it will be combined with a jacket or tailcoat, but it will be in harmony with shabby jeans, a light scarf and a loose jacket.
  • Earrings with pendants can be combined and matched to any look or style.
  • Stilettos are the safest choice for beginners as they are easy to wear and more versatile than other styles.
  • Tunnels are cylindrical earrings that are inserted into a puncture to stretch the opening. Stretching and increasing size takes time and effort.
  • The cones usually come in a wide variety of colors and taper to a specific point.
  • The bars are curved or horseshoe-shaped.
  • Clip-on earrings are a solution for those who are embarrassed to put an earring in their ear, but want to experiment with the image, men’s clip-on earrings are suitable. The variety of such products is no less than standard earrings.
  • Magnetic earrings for men are an alternative to classic jewelry. Outwardly, the design is similar to the usual ones, but a magnet is inserted at the point of contact with the ear.
  • Stud earrings in a man’s ear look stylish even in an office setting. Although Hollywood actors and musicians do not hesitate to wear them even under a jacket or tailcoat. Men’s studs with black or white diamonds are also in fashion. They emphasize not only the taste of the owner, but also success.

With what clasps are earrings made for men?

  • Ear cuff-chain — a special link with a cuff in the upper part of the ear, connected by a chain with a hairpin at the bottom of the earlobe.
  • A stick is a special type of dangling earrings that uses a chain that is inserted through a hole. It can only be used when the puncture site is completely healed.
  • Back Clip — There is a clip clasp on the earlobe that holds the earring in place.
  • A fishing hook that is threaded through an ear piercing. It is easy to wear and take off.
  • A French clip is a type of fastener in which an open wire clip is placed over the earlobe.
  • The hinged rear latch has a post that attaches to a metal lock. Its shape varies depending on the style.
  • A screw is safer than a stick because the backing is bolted to the grooved post, but takes longer to put on.
  • Studs are also known as butterfly clasps. The back is butterfly shaped and slides over the rack until it is secured.

How to choose men’s earrings

Before choosing jewelry, you need to look at what metal a person wears jewelry.

Gold earrings are always a worthy gift. But not every man will agree to wear classic gold accessories, so it is better to choose white gold. Silver earrings are a matter of taste.

The choice of material depends not only on taste preferences or the budget for the purchase, but also on the possibility of an allergic reaction in the body.

Despite the fact that medical steel is not an expensive metal, jewelry made from this material does not cause allergies, looks masculine and blends well with the steel of the watch case.

It is important that the earrings match the skin tone:

  • light pink skin. Silver or white gold look great on fair skin. Rose gold should be avoided, as it accentuates the blush;
  • pale skin with a milky tint. Will have to give up yellow gold in favor of white or silver;
  • olive skin looks great with metal jewelry of any shade;
  • dark skin is best paired with yellow gold, especially bright and dark gemstones.

Selection of men’s earrings according to the shape of the face

  • Oblong face — round earrings.
  • Heart-shaped — straight without bends, such as a barbell or a cone.
  • Square face — round or curved models.
  • Round face — square and rectangular earrings.

Pearls and colored gemstones are popular among women. They are incredibly attention-grabbing. One or two earrings with stones in the ears of a man will look strange. If you like sequins, choose cufflinks with stones.

How to style earrings for men

Like all accessories, earrings should match the look. If you compare an outfit with a cake, then the accessories will be the cherry or on top. Then, you can have more than one cherry — two earrings. They must:

  • match the style of clothing
  • complement the outfit and hairstyle,
  • look proportional to the body and facial features,
  • match with other accessories in color and metal.

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