Elegant men’s style depends on small details that give the image sophistication and status. Cufflinks on a shirt are one of the few pieces of jewelry that men are happy to wear at special occasions. They will be a great accessory for a shirt, tie and classic suit. All this is harmoniously complemented by fashionable watches that emphasize the elite class and high status.

We offer a short guide on how to wear cufflinks — what clothes and accessories to combine with, how to choose them correctly, where to fasten and how to fasten. Once you’ve mastered how to tie a tie and how to fold a pocket square, learning how to fasten your cufflinks will be a piece of cake!

When is it appropriate to wear a classic jacket and a men’s shirt with cufflinks?

Cufflinks — decorations that perform a practical function — connect the cuffs of a shirt or jacket. They were invented at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, these were large gold jewelry with precious stones. They were used for evening dresses and worn mainly on big holidays. Cufflinks are considered primarily men’s jewelry, but everything is possible in fashion — over time, they have gained popularity among women.

In the next century, these accessories became more modest. They acquired a simpler form, decorated with a semi-precious stone or an engraved metal insert.

Today, cufflinks are made in a variety of patterns, shapes, and colors. They can be elegant or casual. These are not only classical forms, but also those that correspond to the hobby, for example, in the form of a guitar or a camera. There are also cufflinks with funny slogans that are only suitable for informal style.

It is customary to wear a tuxedo and tailcoat to a gala ball, wedding ceremony and banquet, concert or theatrical performance. In such situations, a double-breasted and triple suit will go well with cufflinks. But don’t wear a tie pin. In these cases, cufflinks should be the only decoration.

A man can wear them to a wedding, where he is invited as a guest, or to an important business meeting. However, for everyday office work, a suit with jewelry cufflinks will not always be a good solution. When working with documents or at a computer, they can interfere and cause inconvenience.

How to wear cufflinks with other accessories

When choosing cufflinks, you should consider not only their aesthetics, but also the clothes, shoes and jewelry with which you want to combine them.

The color of the cufflink must match the color of the shirt and/or suit. Silver cufflinks are suitable for cold shades, while gold cufflinks are suitable for warm ones.

The design of these products should be in harmony with the outfit. Simpler cufflinks will suit a shirt with a pattern, and vice versa.

Pay attention to the watch — it is in the neighborhood with them that the cufflink is most often located, so it should harmonize with them as much as possible in color.

  • If the watch case is silver, then the cufflinks should also be silver.
  • If gold — cufflinks should also be of the same color.
  • The clip doesn’t have to be an entirely specific color. Only the dust jacket (frame) around the decorative stone is important.

Watch cufflinks enhance the formality and elegance of a man’s look, so their design must be adapted to the circumstances. Contrasting combinations are also acceptable, provided that the products match in style and size.

Contrast is a great way to add charm to an outfit. Red cufflinks are suitable for a blue suit, blue cufflinks for a dark blue jacket. You can also play with darker and lighter shades. Both gold and silver jewelry go well with a black or white shirt.

Can you wear cufflinks with jeans?

This is the individual choice of each man. For informal or semi-formal occasions, less formal shirts with beveled or round cuffs are paired with jeans, shorts or chinos.

If you are planning to spend an evening with friends, thanks to cufflinks you can express your character or hobby. Give preference to marine, sports or automotive motifs. Just remember that an intricate ornament or original shape should be combined with the rest of the style of the outfit.

A bright checkered shirt does not harmonize with gold cufflinks with burgundy inserts or diamonds. In this case, it is better to choose simple classic jewelry.

Proper wearing of men’s cufflinks as a stylish accessory (photo)

Any models of cufflinks consist of:

1. decorative part — the upper part of the cufflink, decorated with a pattern, precious stone or other attractive material;

2. racks — a part that passes through the holes of the cuff and is attached to the clasp;

3. fasteners — The bottom of the cufflinks rotates 90° to lock in place and prevent the cufflink from falling out of the slot in the cuff.

How to cling cufflinks depends on their type:

  1. with whale clasp — so called because the lever mechanism that holds the cuffs is shaped like a whale’s tail. The lock-switch is placed in a vertical position parallel to the post and moves through the holes in the cuffs. To lock it in place, turn the switch perpendicular to the post;
  2. with ball clasp — put on so that the switch is parallel to the rack. It is threaded through the holes in the cuff and turned over to secure. At the back is a larger ball attached to a decorative surface with a chain or a curved post. This model has a more traditional look. They last longer because they have no moving parts. However, these cufflinks are more difficult to put exactly on the shirt, like other types of these products;
  3. with rivets in the form of a screw or buttons — put on by tilting the lower part to the side so that it is at an angle of 90 ° to the cuff opening;
  4. with pins — the most popular cufflink locks. They also produce models consisting of two parts, which can be combined into a chain or freely fastened on either side. These cufflinks consist of two usually identical ornamental elements connected by a chain. They can also be worn with a casual shirt — then there are additional buttons on the cuffs, and the fastener passes through two layers of fabric;
  5. with weave — models equipped with an innovative mechanism similar to the clasp of a wristwatch. They are easy to put on. Both decorative pieces are identical, providing visual interest on both sides of the sleeve. They look modern and may not go well with a more traditional outfit;
  6. with silk knot suitable for casual wear, not for formal occasions or business environments where you want to make a more professional impression.

What is the difference between a men’s shirt with cufflinks and a regular one?

The cuff is an important element of any shirt. Like the collar, it is made from a thicker fabric or simply double layered to keep the correct shape. Cuffs are made with 1, 2, 3 buttons or holes for cufflinks, located horizontally, which simplifies the adjustment of the thickness of the wrist.

Most models of modern shirts for men are adapted to buttons,

therefore cufflinks are not suitable for all types of cuffs and sleeves. One way to put cufflinks on a regular shirt is to remove the buttons and carefully poke holes for the pin if there are none.

We produce several types of cuffs for men’s cufflinks

  • Loose single cuffs are used in regular shirts and classic jackets with both buttons and cufflinks.

1.Square with 1, 2, 3 buttons

2. Corner with 1, 2, 3 buttons

3. Rounded with 1, 2, 3 buttons

7. Neapolitan

8. Pleated

9. Italian

  • French or double cuffs, is the most common type. They are 2 times longer than usual and overlap each other. They never have buttons, but they always fasten with cufflinks.

1. French square neck

2. Corner

3. Round

4. Continental

  • Special cuffs

1. Double sided

2. Converted to cufflinks

Important parameters for the correct wearing of cufflinks on a men’s shirt are both the type of cuffs and the length of the sleeves. For them to display correctly and be visible, the sleeve should protrude slightly from under the jacket. With arms freely lowered, this protrusion should be 2–3 cm. In this arrangement, each movement of the hand will cause the cuff to slip out from under the jacket, which will immediately draw attention to the decoration.

Simple instructions for properly fastening men’s cufflinks (photo)

Make sure you choose the right cuffed shirt. They must have special holes.

How to attach cufflinks:

  1. fold the cuff with your arm outstretched so that the edge can be folded back. Ideally, it should create a smooth and even surface;
  2. then fold the joined sides of the cuffs outward. The two open edges and the inner layer should touch each other without creases. The holes in the material where both cufflinks are attached should ideally fit together;
  3. holding your hand close to you to hold the folded layers of fabric and the shirt in place, thread the pin through the hole in the outer fabric through 2 layers so that the decorative part of the pin is visible from the outside. Some people recommend holding the cuff with two fingers so that wrinkles do not form on the fabric where you will attach the cufflink;
  4. turn the lock switch over to secure the product.

Cufflinks are a great gift. A man of any age who loves to dress in style will appreciate the effort it takes to find the perfect match. Find it in the catalog of the Silvers online store and place an order with delivery in Ukraine.