There are many accessories that can instantly enliven any, even the simplest clothes. However, few of them are as popular as a brooch — a piece of jewelry with a special clasp equipped with a sharp needle that pierces even thick fabric. This iconic jewel has once again become a fashion trend. She is again popular and wins the hearts of many women. But today, few people know how to properly wear a brooch. To dispel doubts, we will give brief recommendations for choosing and wearing it.

How to use a brooch as a decoration

The brooch is an elegant and worthy accessory that is suitable not only for an evening, but also for a casual look. With the right choice, it replaces other decorations.

The most popular types of brooches:

  • jewelry pin — an elegant thing in the form of a lollipop. It fastens with a long needle;
  • cameo — decoration with a complex relief design and stones;
  • fibula ring — a round brooch with a hairpin running along the entire diameter of the ring;
  • ICON — a small badge coated with enamel, designed to be worn on the lapel of a jacket sleeve or other clothing, which indicates belonging to a particular organization;
  • decorative pin with or without stones — an accessory that has become vintage and, regardless of the material of manufacture, is perceived as expensive and stylish.

How to wear a brooch on clothes

No country or culture in the world has strict rules on how to wear brooches. The main thing is that it fits the image and occasion.

  • It is permissible to pin discreet, minimalist jewelry to strict clothes for working in the office (suit, vest, blouse, sweater) or on a coat.
  • On a date or in a restaurant with friends, more decorated models with interesting motifs will be appropriate.

Also, brooches can be seen on caps, bags, belts, scarves, chokers and even on shoes. Patchwork shoes are best suited for this, as they work better with fabric cuff loops than with shoes made from other materials such as leather. Such shoes will not suffer when removing jewelry.

A brooch in the form of a flower can be pinned on a women’s hat made of fabric or straw, and a voluminous antique vintage accessory can be pinned on a winter hat.

How to wear a brooch on a dress

Almost all women love dresses. They always add charm and grace. Despite the fact that the dresses themselves are often decorative, ladies do not refuse to choose jewelry for them. But the more decorative the dress, the more modest the brooch should be. If the dress is classic or in a strict style, you can experiment a little.

Also, when choosing a brooch, the material from which it is made is important. Gold — perfect for a black or red dress. Silver — should be combined with a white, black or gray dress.

The larger the brooch in the image, the more noticeable it will be. Owners of small breasts can choose large jewelry. For women with large breasts, it is better to choose a product of a smaller size, in a more discreet design. Thanks to this, this decoration will not look powerful.

As for fastening, brooches on clothes are most often pinned to the left side. If you throw a scarf or shawl over the outfit, you can attach this decoration there.

Miniature brooches on casual dresses are almost invisible, so it’s worth wearing a few pieces of jewelry — this will make the look more interesting. There are options associated with the combination of this accessory with a necklace and chains.

The brooch is attached to the evening dress in the neckline. A massive necklace with a retro-style brooch looks even brighter. Together they play with new colors. Then the brooch should not end on the chest, but like a tie, between the two ends of the collar, or be placed in the middle of the neckline. A combination of a brooch with a necklace adorned with precious stones will look especially beautiful.

How to wear brooches in style

Refreshes a business suit and makes it bright exclusive gold or silver brooch embellished with pearls, rhinestones, or an antique embellished pin.

One of the possible ways to wear a brooch on a jacket is to choose a model clear geometric shapeconsisting of blocks of a contrasting color.

As a brooch on a coat or on a light jacket are acceptable floral ornaments. To keep them from looking too flashy, the fabric of the outfit should be practical, such as denim or nylon.

The original version of how to wear a brooch on a sweater or on a white top — products in the form of lizards, insects or snakes.

What new trends in wearing brooches appeared in 2021?

  1. Combining products into original compositions

Wear some large brooches for a luxurious look. This combination looks advantageous on a jacket or jacket made of dense material (tweed, velvet, denim), which can withstand the weight of jewelry.

  1. Mixing in the image of products from different materials

It is important to choose metals that are similar in shade. It is permissible to combine jewelry made of metals with different textures: matte and shiny. Play with a variety of materials: diamond buckles, pearl pins, traditional and modern shapes.

  1. Focusing on the central elements

Start with 1 or 2 of the largest pieces — pin brooches on opposite sides of the outfit. Surround the centerpieces with smaller accessories. Fill in the gaps with small decorations.

  1. Creating a symmetrical pattern from jewelry

In order for the image to be symmetrical and uniform, there should be the same number of large and small brooches on both sides of the jacket.

  1. Blouse collar brooch decoration

To do this, fasten the collar on all the buttons and put on a brooch over them. Instead of a pin with pointed ends, use 2 identical hairpins. Silk blouses will look great jewelry made of diamonds or silver.

  1. Combining a brooch with a chain

Classic gold brooches with pearls, emeralds or look beautiful next to a massive gold chain with large links. But on condition that the color of the chain and the shape of its links match the color and shape of the brooch.

A delicate arrow with a thin chain on a sweater is often invisible, so it should be combined with a multi-tiered necklace. They elegantly complement and emphasize each other.

  1. Trends in wearing brooches by season

  • To make it bright spring composition, pin the floral pattern brooches under the neckline of the dress.
  • To autumn a sweater, sweatshirt or pullover will suit an original brooch with stones, which is pinned in the middle under the collar or on the left.
  • This winter it will become fashionable to pin two brooches on a coat with a stand-up collar or on a fur coat. Give preference to heavy jewelry, as thin ones can break.
  • Those who summer wears a shirt with a collar, can decorate its ends with two identical brooches and connect them with a chain.

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