A new fashion trend is a well-forgotten old one. Hairpins, which everyone knows and keeps in a box, emerge from the shadows, boldly appearing in the foreground. They decorate hairstyles like accessories, emphasizing tails, buns and pin-up shells. The times when they were hidden under the strands are behind us. Now in vogue are hairstyles adorned with gold, silver, metal and even neon hairpins. These «invisibles» are able to turn ordinary everyday styling into a work of art and an element of expression of one’s own individuality. Learn how to create original styles using different hairpins and get inspired by fashion show hairstyles in this article.

We pin hair: hairpins, crabs and stealth

How to properly pierce studs

Most people use bobby pins the wrong way and then think they are poor quality because they don’t hold the hair. In fact, you need to stab with the bent side down. This allows the frilled surface to lift the hair and the flat surface to hold it in place for added charm.

Pinning individual strands or hair back, it is more correct to fix the strands with hairpins both from above and from below.

To give a high hairstyle a secure fixation, you need to cross two long invisible ones, attaching them from above and below. This method is especially good for people with thick hair.

To avoid damaging the scalp and pulling out hair, use hair clips with plastic ends.

To ensure the durability of the hairstyle, before fixing the hair with hairpins, sprinkle it with hairspray or use dry shampoo. This contributes to their tighter fit to the hair.

How to fix a bunch of long hair with hairpins

The owners of long hair have the largest number of hairstyle options. If the curls are up to the shoulders and below, in the summer during the hot period, you can make a high tail, shell or bun. This is a pin-up style that belongs to the timeless classic canon. Year after year, he reigns supreme on the catwalks and sets global trends. This hairstyle is suitable for almost any style of clothing and any face shape. It opens the face and eyes, thanks to which the girl or woman always looks neat and fresh. There is something graceful about the free casualness of this hairstyle.

There are several types of bundles:

  • the easiest option — the one that is made when creating the «ponytail». On the last pass of the hair through the elastic band, it is not completely performed, but forms a bundle around which the rest of the strands are wrapped;
  • double is nothing more than two bundles twisted on both sides of the head. They can be worn high on the head or low. In both versions, they are made in the same way: they make two ponytails and wrap the hair around the elastic band. Fixed with hairspray and hairpins;
  • French the elegant bun appeared in the 1940s. He looks very elegant. To make it, you need to comb all the hair to one side and stab it at the back of the head with hairpins. It is important that they be less in the middle, create a vertical line, or be crossed together. Hair should be directed to one side of the head vertically upwards;
  • Spanish — This is a low strand of hair that fits just above the back of the head or on the side. It is desirable that the hair be perfectly smooth. Like the French version, the Spanish beam has two versions. Loose and casually tied hair at the back of the head can be worn every day, and impeccably pinned curls — with an evening dress or with a business suit at official meetings. A tiny decoration attached next to the bun (hairpin, braid or flower) gives the hairstyle an individual character;
  • English — resembles a Spanish bunch, but it should be stabbed high at the crown. For this, a special elastic band is perfect — a beam filler. It evenly distributes the strands of hair, creating a large smooth «bagel». The English version also has a loose, casual version that can be worn every day. You just need to pin up the hair at the crown and wrap it around the elastic band to get a neat bun. All this can be fixed with varnish and studs. Many women use a decorative elastic band instead (the iconic spring — invisibobble is perfect for this);
  • wedding — a neat hairstyle, often decorated with hairpins, mesh, satin ribbon or spectacular braid.

How to pin your hair with hairpins depending on the length

Even short hair can be pinned up in a bun. It’s a little laborious, but very effective. It is created using tiny hairpins called “toads”, each of which holds and holds one strand of hair together. If the length of the hair allows, the strands can be twisted into small snails and pinned tightly at the back of the head — one next to the other. Another solution is to attach one artificial strand to the crown, which is made in the form of a finished bundle. It is important that the hairstyle is the same color as the hair.

The simplest bundle of curly hair is obtained by collecting them in a ponytail and gradually pinning each strand up with hairpins, twisting it slightly.

For a semi-long bun of hair, you may need a base in the form of a hairpin or elastic band. If your hair is thick, you can pin each strand separately to create a romantic wreath.

A bun for long hair will always look spectacular. It does not require jewelry, fillers and hairpieces. All you need to do is wrap your hair tightly around the elastic band, then fix with hairspray and secure with hairpins.

Now you know how to use hairpins correctly and use them to create simple, but beautiful and elegant hairstyles.

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