Old earrings inherited from my grandmother, a handmade bracelet brought back from a trip abroad, a ring received as a gift from a loved one, a silver chain recently bought in a jewelry store…

In order to look bright and attractive for as long as possible, all jewelry and bijouterie require a careful attitude and careful handling. They are not allowed to play sports, wash dishes, work at home or in the ground, take water, beauty treatments and sunbathing on the beach and in the solarium. They need to be stored under special conditions.

how to store jewelry in a jewelry box

How to store jewelry incorrectly

Many girls and women leave jewelry in the place where they were taken off — often on a shelf in the bathroom, on the windowsill, even in a saucer in the kitchen. These places are absolutely useless.

Neither silver nor gold, and especially base metals, should not be exposed to sunlight and moisture. Then destructive processes occur on the surface of products very quickly at any temperature.

The answer to the question «how to store jewelry so that it does not darken»? — in a dry, dark place.

The same goes for contact with air. It starts the oxidation processes that occur on the surface of the metal and lead to the formation of an unsightly dark or greenish coating.

To prevent this, use cases, individual boxes or small cloth bags. Do not be lazy to hide jewelry there immediately after removal.

Where to store jewelry?

One large box or casket with a common bottom for all your jewelry is a bad idea, even if each item is in an individual bag. Still, they touch each other and destroy each other.

If the jewelry is piled up and the bags are opaque, then finding the right accessory — whether it be a brooch or earrings, suitable for the outfit and the occasion, will take a lot of time.

how to store jewelry on a stand

There is a high chance that the jewelry that you find with difficulty among this mess will no longer be wearable due to damage.

If not together, then how to store jewelry at home?

All products made of different metals should be stored separately so that there are no scratches and jewelry does not darken from each other.

Even if the box contains only gold or only silver items, make sure they are separated from each other.

A special organizer case with compartments, complemented by soft, pleasant to the touch material, can also be a good solution.

It is important that boxes or containers are not made of metal and have small parts inside that can scratch and damage the fragile surface.

The best solution would be wooden boxes or boxes with compartments of different sizes. After all, wood is a natural material and friendly to precious metals.

If you don’t have a jewelry box, a good option to store your jewelry is special string bags. They protect jewelry very well from scratches, additionally restrict air access, and prevent darkening.

How to store jewelry: basic ways

Jewelery with gemstones should be kept separate from other pieces of jewelry because stones can have sharp edges that can scratch or permanently damage jewelry and expensive accessories.

Silver should not be near stainless steel products, especially enameled, painted and rubberized. Contact with deodorants, perfumes, color cosmetics. This can contribute to such a strong darkening that even professional cleaning in a jewelry shop and repair with the replacement of some elements will not help.

Now you know how to properly store jewelry. Follow these recommendations, order a special organizer box in our online store. Then your jewelry will always be bright and shining. You can quickly find them and put them on at any moment.