It happens that the ring is firmly fixed on the finger, and it is impossible to remove it. A common cause is swelling due to temperature changes, dietary habits, or other factors. What to do in such a situation? How not to panic and not bring the problem to a critical level? Here are some tips on how to remove a ring from a swollen finger.

Main Recommendations

If the ring is stuck, in no case should you try to pull it off sharply. So you can only injure your finger (at least, tear off the skin) and only increase the swelling. It is better to try to gently scroll the jewelry and slowly move it towards the tip of your finger. If this does not help, read the following tips.

If a suitable ring suddenly began to put pressure on the finger, it is most likely a temporary swelling. It can occur, for example, due to the consumption of a large amount of salty snacks. In this case, it is better not to remove the ring, but to drink more water and wait a few hours. When the salt is removed from the body, the swelling will disappear, and the jewelry can be removed without problems.

The fingers may swell due to the heat. In this case, you need to raise your hands above the line of the heart and hold them like that for a while. By reducing the blood flow to the hands, the swelling will subside, and the ring can be easily removed.

«Folk» ways to easily remove the ring

You can lower your hand with the ring into cold water, and then raise it and hold it for a while (up to 10 minutes). The effect of cold plus the outflow of blood will do their job and reduce the volume of the limb. But metal in cold water will also shrink, so the problem can only get worse. An alternative is to put ice on your finger without touching the jewelry.

To remove the ring easily, the finger can be lubricated:

  • petroleum jelly or other greasy ointment;
  • shampoo;
  • lotion;
  • liquid soap;
  • spray on vegetable oil;
  • ordinary soap foam.

Any of these funds should be generously applied to the finger. After you need to pick up a small piece of soft material (fabric) and try to turn the ring. Making circular movements, you need to slightly pull the jewelry to the tip of your finger.

How to remove the ring in difficult cases

People who do not remove rings for a long time face the problem of their “ingrowth”: the swelling is so strong that the methods mentioned earlier do not work. If this happens, you can try to remove the decoration with a silk thread about a meter long. It must be threaded through the thinnest needle. But the needle should be carefully stretched under the ring (you need to enter from the side of the fingertip), wrapping one turn of thread on the ring. The rest of the thread must be wound around the finger — to the very tip, without gaps. Taking the tip of the thread located at the base of the finger, you can begin to unwind it. As you unwind, the ring will rise smoothly.

If this does not help, you can try a salt bath. In water of 15-degree temperature, it is worth dissolving a spoonful of table salt. In the resulting solution, you need to hold your finger with the ring for 5 minutes. This should reduce swelling.

You can remove a strongly ingrown ring from your finger by making a compress with an anesthetic (best of all — procaine). The pain will pass, and with it the sensitivity and swelling will decrease. Attention: the use of oral anti-inflammatory drugs will not bring the desired effect.

If, after such a radical removal, wounds remain on the finger, you should definitely treat them with antibacterial ointment or at least aloe juice. The resulting swelling will subside in a few hours. There may be a feeling of numbness during the process — this is normal. If the finger still remains swollen, changes color, does not bend well, you should immediately contact the nearest emergency room.

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