Ear piercing is carried out using a special cosmetic gun, where earrings made of hypoallergenic surgical steel are inserted. It is a quick and almost painless procedure compared to a needle puncture. Holes heal quickly in both children and adults heal quickly. How and when to remove the stud earring from the ear will be discussed further.

How to remove stud earrings after being pierced with a gun (34 photos): how ...

How and when to remove medical earrings?

Usually this question arises 1-2 weeks after the piercing procedure. This is especially true of how to remove stud earrings for a child.

Doctors and cosmetologists categorically do not recommend removing the earring from the ear until the final healing of the ear due to:

  • the possibility of injuring yourself / the child, causing severe pain;

  • high risk of infection. Then the healing of the piercing will last longer than in other people;

  • threading a new earring into an unhealed one will become more difficult and painful.

Be patient a little — an average of 1.5 months, but it’s worth it.

How to remove stud earrings yourself with silicone fasteners?

The features of this process depend on the type and material of the fastener:

  • metal;

  • silicone.

It has a soft and elastic structure, but over time it is able to harden strongly. To avoid this and, if necessary, you can easily remove the earrings from the ear, they need to be rotated periodically. It does not hurt.

How to remove medical earrings?

The main requirement is not to panic. Do everything slowly and calmly. This will avoid pain and injury.

In earrings with silicone clasps, a few hours before removal, lubricate the fasteners with vegetable oil or cream. This will significantly soften the silicone, and the earrings will come out of the earlobe almost imperceptibly.

How to remove stud earrings after being pierced with a gun (34 photos): how ...

Get your hair out of your neck and eyes. Then they will interfere.

To prevent the occurrence of infections, before these manipulations, wash your hands with soap and treat them with a disinfectant or antiseptic.

There are two methods for removing stud earrings:

  1. hold the earring with two fingers of your left hand and carefully pull out the latch with your right hand;

  2. unscrew the earring. Take it with your right hand and at the same time begin to twist it, holding the fastener with your left so that it does not move.

For the first time, products with a metal clasp can be difficult to remove with little effort.

However, if you have any difficulties — the earring cannot be removed, do not risk it. Contact the beautician who pierced your ears immediately. And if an injury occurs, it is better to consult a doctor.

When the cloves have already been removed, the puncture points in the ears should be disinfected with 3% peroxide, chlorhexidine, or any other alcohol solution. Apply the product on gauze or on a cotton pad and gently treat the ear with it.

After wearing medical steel, it is recommended to switch to products made of precious metals. Gold and silver do not irritate the skin at the puncture sites, and the ears heal completely.

Choose new earrings with a small clasp so as not to damage an unhealed piercing. Small earrings with an English clasp are optimal.

Before putting on other earrings, they should be treated with an alcohol solution.

It is better not to remove them for at least six months. Then the ears will adapt and finally heal. Then you can buy any earrings you like in the Silvers online store.