In this article, let’s look at the dimensions of Pandora / Pandora bracelets and what to do if such a long-awaited gift does not fit. Indeed, very often there are situations when we are given bracelets, but the donor relies only on his internal measurements and in the end the bracelet turns out to be small or large.

If you buy a women’s pandora bracelet yourself and remotely, via the Internet, then competently approach the choice of size, read detailed recommendations on how to do this here. If the purchase has already taken place and you understand that the size is not comfortable for you, then try to agree on an exchange for another size. If the purchase is made in the Ukrainian official Pandora store, then an agreement will not work — they follow the Consumer Rights Protection Law, according to which jewelry cannot be exchanged or returned. If you made a purchase via the Internet (it doesn’t matter on which site, Ukrainian or foreign), then try to contact the seller — most often they make contact and you can easily agree on an exchange or return. The same applies to such a giant of Internet sales as Ebay. If Pandora bracelet returns and exchanges aren’t realistic, then let’s move on to how-to’s and discuss a few options to help resolve this issue.

First. Make sure the bracelet is really big for you — maybe you only think so if you try on an empty bracelet, without charms. Try filling the bracelet with the number of charms you plan to wear. If you want a fully filled bracelet in the future, think well, maybe you should not rush to change the bracelet?
In the photo, the wrist is 15 cm, the size of the bracelet is 18 cm.


And he, but completely filled with charms. See the difference? it does not fall so much, but almost tightly fits the hand. It already depends on your preferences how tight you like to wear bracelets.

Second. Exchange / sale. There are a lot of announcements on various forums and message boards about the exchange of an unsuitable bracelet. Look, maybe you will find such a person and the exchange will be to the delight of both of you. Well, either sale. Of course, this is not entirely profitable, because you are unlikely to be able to sell the bracelet for the price you paid in the store, but maybe a small financial loss will not upset you.

Third. Reduce the bracelet at the jeweler. This can be done at any time — at the very beginning after the purchase or later, when the bracelet has stretched a little and has become too big for you.
Usually, jewelers cut off part of the snake of the bracelet near the part on which the charms are screwed. Then the snake of the bracelet is soldered back. Many lovers of ideal proportions will protest and say that in this way the proportionality of the sections of the bracelet will be lost. I will answer that try to measure your bracelet and you will be surprised that even with a new bracelet these three sections are not equal, and even more so with a bracelet that is in a sock.
2 new

This is a new bracelet, serpentine sections between the jumpers 55 mm., 50 mm., and 55 mm. respectively. As you can see, the middle section is 5 mm smaller, but visually we did not notice this before, right?


And this is a bracelet that has been worn for several years, sections of 65 mm, 55 mm, and 63 mm. differently, but up to about 1 cm). So if you are worried that when you reduce these segments will be different and it will be visible — try to measure your bracelet, maybe it has different lengths, but you didn’t even notice it. You can also ask the jeweler to reduce the sections proportionally — he will remove a little from both sides and the proportionality of the two sections will be preserved. I advise you to carry out the operation to reduce the Pandora bracelet by an experienced, reputable jeweler who has already encountered this type of work, because giving your bracelet to an illiterate specialist you risk getting poor-quality soldering and, as a result, you risk losing the bracelet if the soldering point breaks. In the same way, you can shorten a leather bracelet if it is too big for you. The jeweler will cut the leather tourniquet to the length you need. In principle, this shortening operation can be carried out with any pandora bracelet, with the exception of the bangle. If the bangle is too big for you, it’s unlikely that you can do anything, such bracelets do not decrease. That’s all I can advise if your pandora bracelet turned out to be great for you. If the bracelet turned out to be small, then unfortunately you can’t help, at least I don’t know how to increase it. If you know something — share your ways in the comments, I will be grateful. If you are a categorical opponent of shortening bracelets, then you can try different ways to wear braceletsthat might help you.

On a leather bracelet, you can tie a knot and thus make it shorter.

If you have 2 or more bracelets, try connecting them together, perhaps in this way the difference in length is leveled. I hope my advice will help you and your Pandora bracelets will please you for a long, long time and will fit you!