Every gift looks beautiful when presented in a beautiful package. Silver jewelry is no exception. Therefore, you should choose the packaging that will look as beautiful as they do.

Unwrapping presents brings great pleasure and causes a feeling of happiness, so everything should look aesthetically pleasing.

It is ideal if after a few seconds a person can recognize what is inside. This moment must be thought through immediately after the purchase.

There are many interesting ways to pack a ring or other jewelry in an original way — from traditional to complex and non-standard. More details — in this article.

5 ways to give earrings or a ring in an original way

how to give jewelry

The ideas are not new, but effective:

  1. Prepare several boxes of different sizes. Collect them so that the smallest one, in which you put the surprise, is inside, and put them all together in a large box.

  2. An interesting solution for how to pack a ring, necklace or earrings in an original way is to put the jewelry in an empty and clean wine or champagne bottle. Tie a ribbon to it and carefully insert it into the bottle, leaving the end of the ribbon outside, wrapping it around the neck. Beautifully wrap the bottle in decorative paper, wrap it and give it to the recipient.

  3. When a gift precedes an important event, place it between the pages of a book, magazine or brochure. It is desirable that this edition has something to do with the upcoming event.

  4. If you want to surprise with how you can present a ring beautifully, bake or order a cake, cookies or candies of an unusual shape, where you put the decoration.

  5. Use unique materials for gift wrapping. Replace decorative paper with cellophane, foil, waxed paper, newspaper, comics, etc.

How beautiful to present a ring to a girl?

gift a ring in an original way

The easiest way is to present the ring in a classic box or heart shape. This option has an additional plus: an elegant box is suitable for storing jewelry while sleeping, visiting the gym or doing homework.

Small decorations can be placed in the bouquet between the petals. Although not every woman has a romantic soul, no one can resist the charm of a beautiful bouquet, especially if she finds a hidden treasure in the petals of one of the flowers. It will be a pleasant surprise.

If you buy roses or flowers of a similar structure for this purpose, carefully divide the petals in the middle of the flower head and hide the product in them.

If these are flowers with outstretched petals, you can tie a ring to one of the branches with a decorative ribbon.

If you plan to congratulate a girl on the holiday or propose to her by the sea, then hide the ring in a seashell before the person responsible for the celebration comes to the beach. Ideally, it should be a romantic walk on the beach in the rays of the setting sun. Sit a little under the pretext of photographing her in this wonderful landscape. Ask your loved one to turn away and look at the sea. Carefully place the shell with the ring on the sand and show off your «find» in a moment. When she lifts the shell and looks inside, get down on one knee and ask if she will be your wife.

How to beautifully present a ring to a girl with humor?

give a ring with humor

Place the ring in the chocolate surprise egg. It’s easier than you think! Using a paper cutter, carefully remove the foil that the chocolate egg and toy are wrapped in. Do not throw away or tear the foil — it will be needed again! Then cut the chocolate, removing the yellow box from it. Replace the toy with balls or a case. Close the box and place it back in the chocolate shell. Then melt a small amount of white chocolate in the microwave. Using a stick dipped in melted chocolate, glue the egg back together. Wrap it in foil, carefully masking the joints. In order not to waste time, you can open the nut, take out the core and put a jewel inside. Then you need to offer the girl to split a strong nut.

The following way of how to give a ring in an original way will please an animal lover who loves her pet very much. Wrap the box in brown postal paper, tie it with a thread and stick a tiny stamp. Tie them to a dog’s collar or a cat’s bow. You can also put a little postman’s hat on him. When a dog or cat happily runs to greet its mistress, it will also deliver a pleasant parcel to her. When you hear laughter or a cry of surprise in the corridor, feel free to go out with a bouquet of flowers in your hands and say cherished words.

If you are a fan of mystical films, do your «black business» under the cover of night. When your beloved is fast asleep, carefully put the ring on her finger. To make everything go smoothly and quickly, grease the jewelry with vegetable oil or fatty cream. So that the girl does not wake up from these manipulations, make a distracting maneuver — stroke her hair, press her back, adjust the pillow or blanket …

How to present earrings in an original way?

gift original earrings

The method of giving jewelry, which is called «Letter to you», was invented in America. It is very simple. You will need a regular postal envelope. For believability, write a real address on it and stick stamps. Put a ball with earrings, a chain or a brooch inside. You don’t need to send it, just give it to the girl, they say, it was lying near the apartment, and offer to open it immediately …

If you live together and are tired of the everyday routine, add a little magic or exoticism to such daily procedures as washing dishes, brushing teeth, putting on lenses, applying cosmetics. Hang the envelope with the note and decoration in a prominent place:

  • on the tape near the towel,

  • tape to the mirror,

  • at the bottom of a box with cream that has already expired …

A «magical» way to wrap a ring as a gift is to add a goldfish to the ring. Buy a small round aquarium, fill it with water, put soil and a decorative box on the bottom, and put a bracelet, chain, ring or earrings in it.

Or show your imagination — organize an exciting quest to hide both earrings in different places. Such a game will surprise and amuse the girl.

Before the New Year, simply hang jewelry gifts on the tree, decorating them with streamers and bows so that they do not stand out among the tree decorations until it is time to exchange gifts. Moreover, it should be hung as high as possible — away from children and animals, so that they do not spoil the surprise in advance.

The right gift, packaging and atmosphere are necessary, but the very fact of raising the decoration is much more important. But more important is the relationship and the desire to please the beloved, and not the amount spent on jewelry.