How to open a Pandora bracelet? An important question for all beginners.

Having received her cherished Pandora bracelet — for the first time, many girls are wondering — How to open a Pandora bracelet correctly? In this review, we will tell you:


Types of Pandora locks

The most common lock on a classic bracelet. It looks like a barrel. This bracelet was the very first to be released and is still being produced today, because. earned popularity among buyers. It can also be called the most secure lock.


  • Heart-shaped clasp with and without stones
  • Barrel-shaped clasp but all stone-studded (PAVE)
  • Clasp from the Reflexion collection
  • T-lock clasps
  • Round clasps
  • O clasp
  • Bracelets with adjustable clasps
  • Bracelet with magnetic clasp
  • Various themed fasteners: Mickey Mouse, Carriage Pumpkin, Family Tree, Spheres, Wings, Lioness, Floral, Harry Potter


All clasps are unique, suitable for every occasion and wardrobe. All of them open and close comfortably and firmly.

Opening a Pandora bracelet with a key


The key is a special device that is additionally produced by the Pandora brand. It is made in the form of a clover, completely made of silver, on a leather cord. The petals at the base are dense and strong, and at the ends their thickness is just right for getting into the jaws of the bracelet.

Such a key will never damage or scratch your clasp. It can also be used to open clips.


If you are right-handed, take the padlock in your left hand and the key in your right. Gently insert the tip of the petal between the jaws of the bracelet. Turn the key counterclockwise or clockwise. The lock will make a characteristic click and open. However, it is not convenient to take it with you all the time, so using the key is not always popular.

How to open a Pandora bracelet?

This question is especially relevant in the absence of a key. The most convenient use of the following items:

  • plastic card — the most correct and most common solution;
  • nail files;
  • plate mediator;
  • regular paper clip;
  • thin coin

The P-LOCK lock is strong enough and can ruin a manicure. It is not worth opening it with metal objects: there is a risk of leaving a scratch or breaking the mechanism. It is better to use plastic, the safest and most effective material. Clips can also be opened with a plastic card.

How to remove the bracelet?

Perhaps the most accurate way to unfasten it is to hold your hand above the surface of a table or other piece of furniture. It is also important to press the bracelet thread against the body so that the bracelet thread does not slip out. If this is not done, then when removed, the released end slips sharply, tipping down. When falling from a height, charms can be damaged, especially if there are valuable stones or Murano glass. For a safer opening, we recommend wearing Pandora security chains. They protect the bracelet from loss, are very helpful when unfastening and with a chain, your charms will never slip off the bracelet and onto the floor.

The bracelet in a classic design is equipped with a P-LOCK lock that snaps into place on one side. When opening the clasp moves apart, but for this you need to lightly press with your fingernail. At first, opening may require some effort, but over time, the mechanism will develop and work softer. If you have a long, beautiful and expensive manicure, it is better not to try to open it with your fingernail, damage is possible.

One side of the clasp is firmly fixed to the bracelet, while the other side has a tongue inserted into a special groove. The tongue must be inserted exactly into the groove, otherwise you may pinch the tongue and damage the body of the clasp. The sound of a characteristic click indicates a successful operation.

True lovers and fans of Pandora know how to open and put on a Pandora bracelet with one hand. For such manipulations, you need to devote some time to training. Also, don’t forget about your significant other. Let him help fasten the gift on your wrist.