The bracelet and charms of the famous jewelry brand Pandora are becoming more and more popular in our country every year. Shops of this brand are opening in different cities and more and more girls are becoming happy owners of these jewelry.

How to open a pandora bracelet

This article will be of interest primarily to beginners who have just purchased a bracelet and have begun the path of creating their own story with the help of these typesetting jewelry. The first thing that comes to mind when you decide to try on a piece of jewelry is how to open a new Pandora bracelet?

how to open pandora bracelet

Of course, at the beginning it will seem to you that this is an incredibly complicated process, and even for the first time it is not very convenient to do it yourself. But over time, you will get used to it and will easily cope with the opening of the lock on the Pandora bracelet without outside help.

How to open a pandora bracelet

Like any new thing — a newly bought bracelet has a tighter lock, compared to a worn bracelet. To properly unfasten a Pandora bracelet, insert a special key (or its substitute) into the gap between the halves of the lock and press lightly with a slight turn to the side. This pressure should be enough to open the clasp of the bracelet and you correctly opened the lock.

how to open pandora bracelet

Your bracelet is now easy to remove. Many people use nails for these purposes, but after 2-3 such openings, your manicure will be hopelessly damaged, and the nail will be broken. Therefore, I definitely do not recommend this method, it is not a very pleasant situation.

How to open the lock on a Pandora bracelet with a special key

PANDORA has been producing a useful accessory for quite a long time — the key to the bracelet lock. How does such a key help to open a Pandora bracelet without damaging the jewelry itself and the girl’s nails? Over the years, several models of such a key have been produced. The most common are these.

pandora bracelet key

The principle of using such a key to open a Pandora bracelet is the same as described above.

You can buy such a model of a key or one, either separately or in a set with a special set for the care and cleaning of jewelry.

How to open and remove a Pandora bracelet with a security chain

Many fans of the brand wear a security chain on their bracelet. She looks like this.

How to open and remove a Pandora bracelet with a security chain

Its main purpose is to protect against the loss of the bracelet if it accidentally unfastens from a sudden movement or caught on something. Many bracelets get lost this way. Security (connecting) chains are available in several sizes and are screwed onto the bracelet on both sides of the lock. There are safety chains in the form of clips. They are a little easier to put on a bracelet.

To unfasten a Pandora security chain bracelet, first carefully unfasten the clasp itself. Then remove the bracelet from your hand and unscrew the chain (or unfasten its clips).

How to open Pandora bracelets with different types of locks

Does the principle of tearing off bracelets depend on the model? If we are talking about classic models of bracelets, then the principle of closing the locks is the same for them. This applies to the so-called P-lock system. It is inherent in such locks of bracelets as a barrel, a heart, a cylinder and other similar locks. It works on the principle of a latch: the lock can be fastened, snapped and unfastened. The surface of the lock does not matter, the mechanism of its operation is the same.

how to open pandora p-lock bracelet

The carabiner lock opens easily and this method is familiar to everyone — it is used on almost all chains.

how to open pandora bracelet carabiner lock

Recently, a model with a lock — a magnet, as well as a plug-in T — lock has appeared in the model range of bracelets. It is difficult to say that one castle is better and more preferable than another. In any model of the bracelet, you can find both pluses and minuses.

How to put on a Pandora bracelet / slider

Among the large range of Pandora bracelets, the type of slider bracelet or bracelet with a sliding lock stands out. They are versatile and fit all hand sizes. The sliding lock allows you to adjust the width of your bracelet. But when choosing such a bracelet, pay attention to this part. If it is, then you can unfasten the bracelet in this place and fill it with charms. To open such a bracelet lock, you just need to press a small button and pull the chain out of the lock. Now you can easily wear a Pandora bracelet on your hand.

How to put on a pandora slider bracelet

But in this model of the slider bracelet there is no lock, that is, it is impossible to put charms on it. Such a bracelet is worn as an independent decoration, without filling it with charms.

How to put on a Pandora slider bracelet
Useful life hacks: how and how to unfasten a Pandora bracelet

It is not necessary to unfasten a Pandora bracelet with a special key. For these purposes, you can easily adapt different objects. Which?

Let’s list them:

pick for guitar

any plastic card

wooden or plastic nail file.

any thin object (preferably plastic).

I do not recommend using a paper clip, knife or other metal objects, due to the fact that they can scratch the lock of the bracelet due to inaccuracy. The most ideal of the above, I think the mediator.

how to open a pandora bracelet with a pick

This is a rather thin and durable item, which in its shape most of all resembles the original keys to the Pandora bracelet, and costs only a few hryvnias.

How to close a pandora bracelet

Now let’s talk about how to properly fasten a Pandora bracelet. When closing the lock, you must be careful and ensure that the edge of the bracelet fits exactly into the desired groove. After all, if it does not fit well inside, and you put pressure on the halves of the bracelet, you risk breaking the lock.

When you close the bracelet, you will hear a characteristic click — this is a sure sign that you closed the bracelet correctly. Now you can wear the Pandora bracelet. If you don’t hear this sound, your bracelet lock may be loose. Be sure to take the bracelet to a jewelry workshop. The specialist will adjust the tongue of the inside of the bracelet and you will not lose either it or the bead. Over time, the lock of any bracelet weakens and the main thing is not to miss this moment. Therefore, my advice to you — do not forget to periodically pay attention to the condition of the lock, at least sometimes when you open your Pandora bracelet.

I hope that the tips that I wrote above will help and your unique bracelet will bring joy for many years, but if you still have questions, ask them under this article.