Jewelry from the world famous brand Pandora remains one of the most desirable for women of all ages. There is something really magnetic in these exclusive jewelry. Especially beautiful ladies love to wear amazing clasp bracelets. Such accessories undoubtedly look very stylish and elegant. Putting on a sophisticated bracelet is very simple, but taking it off is not always convenient. We invite you to find out how to open a pandora bracelet with and without the key.

how to open a pandora bracelet

What are the types of locks in Pandora bracelets?

A beautiful and very stylish accessory can be made of silver, gold, leather or textiles. On each of them, if desired, you can place a certain number of charms. As a rule, the fair sex decides for herself which charms are best to decorate the bracelet. Such decoration will differ from many others in its sophistication and elegance. All pandora bracelets fastened with one of the following locks:

  • Carbine — has a very simple and understandable design for everyone. You can easily open this lock by pushing the latches.
  • Bolo — can connect two flexible edges of the bracelet with an original clip, which is very similar to a tie clip.
  • P-lock «barrel» — can be opened with a special key, which is sold separately from the accessory itself. Such a lock is very similar to a threaded nut, and therefore you might think that it is opened by ordinary unscrewing. The lock firmly holds the two parts of the bracelet and you need to open it differently.
  • P-lock — you can apply exactly the same principle of fixation as in other types of mechanism, but it is much more difficult to open.

All castles rely Pandora’s keys and bracelets cannot be called an exception. However, they must be purchased separately, as this is not an ordinary master key, but a beautiful piece of jewelry. An example is the original 925 sterling silver flower keychain on a leather cord. In the center is a pink cubic zirconia. The price of such a key is not low. With one of his petals, he can easily open the device.

how to open pandora bracelet

We offer step-by-step instructions on how to open a Pandora bracelet:

  1. Among the charms, find the “barrel” of the castle.
  2. Turning the lock, try to find the slot for the key.
  3. Insert the key and carefully slowly open the latch.

It is very important to place your hand and the bracelet itself on some hard surface while opening the lock. Thus, it is more convenient to do what you have planned, and besides, not a single accessory will be lost even after flying off. In addition, in the process, you do not need to put pressure on the lock and apply excessive force. In the event that the tongue still breaks, the barrel can be easily replaced with a new one. A small click should be heard during closing. If there is no such click, you need to pay attention to the tongue. Most likely, it is weakened and will need repair.

How to open a Pandora bracelet without a key?

You do not know how to open a pandora bracelet keyless? There are situations when the key is lost or simply not bought, but you urgently need to open the accessory. But even in such a situation, you can find a way out. If you do not have a special key on hand, you can open the bracelet. There are several original ways to do this:

  • using a nail file;
  • a small thin coin;
  • plastic card;
  • unfolded paper clip;
  • with long nails;
  • metal ruler;
  • with the help of a mediator.

The fastest way to open the lock is with a plastic bank card. For this purpose, it is better to take an old non-valid card, which it will not be a pity to damage. Such a card will not scratch the clasp, which can happen with other items. In addition, the thickness of the card matches the slot of the lock.

how to open pandora

How to open a Pandora heart bracelet?

The mechanism in such locks is a cylindrical p-lock. You can open it in the same way as flexible versions with a «barrel». The original castle in the model is made in the form of a «heart» covered with amazing Swarovski crystals.

You can open such a lock using a proprietary key. Alternatively, it is replaced with a thin, durable object. It is much more difficult to open without a master key for the reason that the shape of the heart is geometrically irregular. That is why it is far from the first attempt to separate the edges of this castle to the sides. When trying to open without a key, you need to be very careful not to scratch the metal surface in any case. To remove such an accessory, you need to carefully open the latch, and gradually stretching it, stretch it through your hand.

The world-famous brand Pandora has developed a very strong original clasp with a cylindrical shape — P-lock. Insert the free end of the chain into the groove of the lock. In this case, the walls of the cylinder must be connected and snapped into place. If the mechanism is serviceable, situations are excluded when the jewelry is unfastened on the go.

The handy P-lock snaps into place quite easily and yet firmly when using fingernails. However, there is a risk of breaking the nail or damaging the manicure. The most effective way is to insert a corner of the card or pick into the slot. But it is better not to use sharp metal objects (knife) to open the lock. Otherwise, you can scratch or even ruin the lock. The best idea would be to start with plastic. It is really safe, fast and also effective way. Now you know how to open Pandora Castle quickly, easily and without damage.

how to open pandora bracelet

☑️ How to open Pandora bracelet ❓

If the Pandora bracelet has a carabiner-type lock, then it opens simply by pressing it.

☑️ How to open a new Pandora bracelet ❓

To open a new Pandora bracelet, just take a close look at what type of lock it uses (carabiner, bolo or p-lock) after looking at the instructions above on this page.

⏩ How to open a flat Pandora bracelet ❓

Flat bracelets Pandora is a collection
PANDORA REFLEXIONS. It is opened by separating the two parts of the lock.

❤️ How to open Pandora heart ❓

The lock in the form of a “Heart” opens with a stronger pressure in a special place, take a closer look at it.