For several years now, Pandora bracelets have been very popular with fashionistas who love to create original images with taste and meaning.

Fans of these jewelry have no age or social restrictions. An exquisite bracelet can be seen with equal success both on the wrist of a status lady and as an accessory for a mischievous schoolgirl. The secret of the success of such an accessory is in a variety of shades and textures, which allows you to create your own exclusive and unique product. I am especially pleased with the opportunity to order a Pandora bracelet in an online store, where the range is large and the prices are pleasing, not to mention saving time and effort. All that is required of women is simply to determine the size of the bracelet so that the assembled jewelry will perfectly adorn the wrist.

Selection rules

In choosing the size of a Pandora bracelet, there are no strict canons that would limit the creative flight of a woman. The only requirement is moderation. The bracelet should not pinch the hand, thereby creating discomfort and discomfort, but flying off it will not bring much pleasure. The size should be chosen as carefully as other details, as well as the shades of the decoration. The result should be a harmonious composition that meets the preferences of its owner. Do you love freedom? Leave a little more space. Do you like the bracelet to fit closer to your hand? Calculate everything to the millimeter.

The first step in choosing a bracelet is to measure the size of your wrist. Add 2-3 cm to the resulting number. This is the optimal length, calculated so that the beads fit nicely on the strap and do not squeeze the hand. Take into account the nuance that over time the bracelet may be slightly deformed or stretched, but not more than 1 cm. But since this will not happen immediately, it is not necessary to take this error into account in your measurements. Do not make a bracelet with the exact parameters of your wrist, as large beads will simply not allow you to wear it. Best of all, try on several ready-made options to get a feel for your ideal bracelet size.

You can view and purchase more models of bracelets on our website in the Pandora Bracelets section.