We all know that well-known brands are a godsend for scammers who seek to cash in on someone’s success. Pandora is a one-of-a-kind jewelry from a well-known Danish brand. Jewelry that emphasize your originality, taste and distinguish you from other people.

How to distinguish Pandora bracelet fake original?

The idea of ​​the bracelet is that the owner is his own designer. The creators have achieved this thanks to the charms that complement the jewelry. It can be symbolic objects and all sorts of little animals. The concept is:

  • gold or silver thread;
  • charms (pendants);
  • padlock.

You can compose various products, paying attention to both the pricing policy and the celebration where you want to wear it. But do not forget that a branded product will never cost as much as ordinary jewelry, because precious materials are used to make it.

The main signs of originality.

  • If you look closely at the lock of the original Pandora bracelet, you will find an «O» at the top of the crown. the engraving is very clear. In fakes, it will be blurry.
  • Inside the lock itself you will find a small latch, which is made of metal. Thanks to him, the decoration is considered strong and durable.
  • There must be stamps that correspond to the metal from which the bracelet is made.

— «g585″ — gold;

— «but r» — pink gold;

— «s925 ale» — silver.

  • If you take a new model of the bracelet, there may not be a small latch in the lock. Lock pave performs the function of both a suspension and a retainer.

  • Please note that the charms should be at the same distance from each other.
  • The color of the original bracelet is much darker and less shiny than a simple blackened silver item, as the item goes through a blackening stage during production.
  • On the thread itself, there are thin edges of weaving that have a clear thread.

  • Please note that the thread of silver or gold practically does not bend. If you put the product, the ring will be even, without flaws, which cannot be said about fakes. Fake bracelets take many forms.
  • The clasp does not fit snugly against the chain, as if it dangles. You will not find this in fakes, and it is smaller in size than the original.
  • If your bracelet is not a fake, it will definitely be weighty, since it is not hollow inside.

Creating charms, pendants on bracelets, use materials such as gold, rose gold and silver. Stones range from cheap zirconium to well-loved diamonds. Murano glass and pearls can also be used.

To check Murano Pandora you will need natural light, lamp lighting is not suitable here. Pay attention to the edges. They should be free of cracks, stains and darkening. On the base you will find the inscription of the brand. The letter «O» will not be above the crown, simply because it did not fit there. But if you pay attention to the fact that the shades in the beads are different, do not worry about it. This is characterized by different deliveries of faceted peas.