This article will help beginners, but experienced Pandora fans will also find useful tips here. Often, burning with the desire to buy a Pandora bracelet, we think about what are the signs of the originality of Pandora / Pandora charms and bracelets? What does a real pandora look like? Read the first article on how you can distinguish the original or a copy of your Pandora read here. In today’s article, I will touch on something that was not discussed in the previous one, and I hope it will help you.

As discussed earlier, main features of originality Pandora are:

— the presence of a crown over the letter «O» on the locks of some models of bracelets; — factory stamps / hallmarks “s925 ale” for silver, bicolor charms and Pandora Shine products, “g585” for gold and “ale r” (and from 2018 “ale met”) for charms and bracelets made of pink gold — Pandora Rose; — clover or “foot” in the middle of the lock of the bracelet / clip (depending on the model).

Now let’s discuss them in more detail, as well as what’s new in recent years.


It looks like this:


Pandora connoisseurs say that it should be, but to be honest, I saw pandora bracelets and clips without clover inside, and the mount is in 2 halves, though it was a long time ago, about 2 years ago. In recent years, there was only clover.

True, now Pandora is changing it too — look at the photo, how they began to make bracelets and clips, although this applies to new models, for example, a bracelet with a pavé / pave lock.


But to say that Pandora completely switched to such a clover is impossible — I saw both species on sale.


I’ll immediately answer a common question about marking bicolor charms (silver and gold charms) — what kind of brand should be there? The answer is that bicolor pandora charms are stamped with silver, as they are considered silver interspersed with gold, nothing is put on the gold parts.


In the production of its jewelry, Pandora uses the following metals: silver, gold, rose gold and various variations of these metals (silver with gold, silver with rose gold). Charms and bracelets are not made from ordinary metal or stainless steel (what a nightmare!), the company does not use sputtering technology (I often see that they write about Pandora’s gilding). There’s no such thing. Those elements of charms or bracelets that are gold — they are really completely gold, not a coating. In the production of Pandora charms, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants, many stones are used, from inexpensive, like zirconium, to elite, like a diamond. Read more about them here.

Copy Screenshot 2016-06-10 at 18.05.36

If you still have doubts about the material of your Pandora bracelet (charm, ring, earrings — it doesn’t matter), take it to a jeweler for a check — he will quickly determine what it is made of.

At home, you can also conduct one test for originality. If you bought a product from your hands, then first check if it is made of ordinary metal — attach a magnet, because we know that silver is not magnetic, and metal is very yes.

Silver is a heavy metal, so the weight of the product also says a lot. Charms and bracelets are “full”, not puffy. The exception is the bangle bracelet. If you have a light and hollow bracelet in front of you, then this is a fake (fake, replica) of Pandora, and inexpensive.

Now let’s discuss those things that may seem suspicious and analyze whether they are fakes or not.

Lately I’ve been hearing complaints about Pandora jewelry turned yellow (charms and bracelets). Moreover, those people who wrote about this purchased products in official stores, they had checks, tags, samples, stamps of the PPU (Assay Office of Ukraine) were on the products. That is, there can be no doubts about originality. (well, I don’t really believe that a fake can slip in a store, although I often find such “versions” in various forums).

Copy Screenshot 2016-06-10 at 13.24.06

After consulting with an experienced jeweler, I can say that this often happens with silver, but it is impossible to name any specific reason. This can be a number of reasons, such as a reaction to your skin (remember that we are all unique), building and finishing materials in your home, contact of products with bromine or iodine, a reaction to human perspiration. You can get rid of this by cleaning the product yourself or in the workshop. Remember that these processes are natural, it’s just that for someone the silver darkens, for someone it turns yellow, and for someone it remains unchanged.

At the stage of their production, pandora charms go through a blackening stage (read more about this here). This is also a sign of originality. If you are offered a pure, silver charm, you should know that this is not the original. The exceptions are so small that such charms can be counted on the fingers.


Look, I took the risk of cleaning the charm in a special silver cleaner and it completely removed all the blackening and deprived the charm of its detail and authenticity.


Now let’s move on to the charms from Murano glass. You need to be very careful when buying, so as not to take a fake. First of all, I advise you to look at the charm in the light, so that there are no chips and cracks anywhere (and internal ones too). Murano on one side has the inscription “pandora” — there is no crown above the letter O (it does not physically fit there). I often get complaints about shade difference identical beads. I must say right away that this is not a sign of a fake. The shade of the stone may vary slightly, in my opinion this is due to different batches of production. Pay attention to this when visiting the Pandora store, compare the same Muranka yourself. The size of the same Murano may also differ for the same reason. and if you want to buy two absolutely identical muranos, it is better to do it directly in the store. Although I can say that these small differences on the bracelet are not noticeable during wear. But sometimes you want the ideal)). The photo is a copy / fake Murano, pay attention to the air bubbles between the silver base and the glass. And on the dirt — I have not seen this in original products.


The original Pandora undergoes strict quality control of products, copies of this clearly do not. Therefore, be attentive to such minor flaws, they should “signal” you.
Charms with Swarovski stones. I will not describe them for a long time, because they do not exist. Everything that is offered on behalf of the original Pandora with Swarovski stones is a fake. Perhaps in the future they will cooperate, but not at this time.

Marriage in Pandora products does it happen and what to do. I will describe the cases that I personally encountered. Of course, like any company, no matter how large it is and no matter how it monitors quality, it faces marriage. Somewhere something was missed in production, somewhere the checking structures were overlooked. A good company is distinguished by how it takes responsibility for the marriage, and what it can offer the client to make him happy.

If you bought a product in the official Pandora store (no matter in which country), and eventually saw a manufacturing defect, then feel free to take the product back to the store, they will send it for examination and according to the results (if it is a manufacturing defect that is detected, and not yours wine), you will be offered to exchange the product for the same or return the money.

What types of marriage have I met

Marriage of the internal thread of the charms. There were cases when the internal thread was too wide and slipped through the twists of the bracelet, like an openwork. It also happened that the charm came with a very small hole and barely screwed on the thread, but over time it developed. There was also a case when charms without stones (literally 1 stone was missing, but this applies to products with many small stones, when the absence of one is not too striking). This is easily restored in the workshop, so if you have a pebble, don’t worry — it’s fixable.

On the Internet, I meet complaints about a bracelet with a pave lock — sometimes stones fly out of it. Again, I repeat that this may be a product defect, or it may be careless handling (a blow with a hand or a bracelet falls to the floor).

There are, of course, marriages on a larger scale. For example, it was announced about the release of Murano Night Sky, but it never came out on time — a defective product was noticed (they crumbled), so the batch was sent for revision and released for sale when this problem was solved.

Screenshot 2016-06-10 at 17.30.05

I will also give a more recent example — a bracelet from the spring collection of 2016.

Screenshot 2016-05-31 at 10.07.41

Part of the bracelets went on sale with a marriage — not all carved charms can be put on it. Of course, the management of Pandora immediately withdrew these bracelets from the stores and exchanged them for those who managed to buy them, but still I advise you to buy this particular model in a store with trying on charms (just in case).

In conclusion, what distinguishes a good company is how it takes responsibility for the marriage, and what it can offer the client to make him happy, I think that Pandora handles this well and always tries to meet the client’s needs so that we are satisfied , and purchases brought only joy and then our happy moments will become truly unforgettable.

If you have questions or have something to add — write, we will discuss.