The purchase of Pandora jewelry not only gives new emotions, but also qualitatively raises the buyer up the social hierarchy due to their uniqueness, subtle style and modern design. This will not go unnoticed by the stronger sex, who bestows increased attention on his chosen one, and the envious glances of women will only strengthen confidence in their correct choice of jewelry.

Ring — this is a type of jewelry that is very valuable as a gift, but which is very difficult to choose on your own. And sooner or later, the question arises for everyone: “How to find out the size of Pandora rings?”

You can always use Pandora standard ring size chart. This is where the first difficulties begin. The sizes of Pandora rings match very non-standard and require special study and careful approach to the choice of product.

The thing is that the standard sizes of Pandora rings differ from our generally accepted ones. You need to figure out what’s wrong. For example, 50 the size of a Pandora ring will correspond to our 15. And despite the seemingly large number 50, everyone understands that a ring with a size 15, in our understanding, will be very, very small.

So how can you translate the size of Pandora rings to the Russian standard, so as not to miscalculate and get, as they say, into the top ten. First of all, you can simply try to type in the search engine: “the size of the pandora rings corresponds to Russian sizes” or “the size of the ring is 48 in Russian in pandora” and already with the search results you will have a sufficient base for choosing the right size.

Let’s take a look at what guided Pandora’s jewelers in compiling the dimensional grid of their rings. The system of diameters was put as the basis, because the inner part of the ring is a circle with a diameter of a certain value. So, looking at the dimensions in more detail, it can be seen that if the diameter (by the way, the diameter is the distance from the edge to the edge of the circle that passes through the center) of your ring is 15-15.3 mm, then this will correspond to a size 48 Pandora, 15.4- 15.9 — 50 Pandora, 16-16.6 — 52 Pandora, 16.7-17.2 — 54 Pandora, 17.3-17.8 — 56 Pandora, 17.9-18.5 — 58 Pandora, 18.6-19.1 — 60 Pandora.

But here the next problem is born, and it lies in the accuracy of measurements, because the difference of 2 tenths of a millimeter is not so easy to determine (Men are now protesting, especially those who know how to use calipers). Therefore, now let’s try together to compile a table of correspondences between our sizes and Pandora’s sizes.

15= 50; 16 = 52; 17 = 54; 17,5 = 56; 18,5 = 58; 19 = 60

Everything about sizes 15.5 and 16.5, then your decision should be based on how the ring sits on you: if it is tight and hard to remove, then tilt your choice towards a larger size, if vice versa, then a correspondingly smaller one.

But what about men who decide to please their woman with an expensive and stylish gift, but they don’t know her size? I happened to see such a case in a jewelry store. A young man came and asked to determine the size of the clamp with which different pipes are twisted in the car (men will understand), to the question: “How do you know what exactly this is the size of your girlfriend?” He replied: “I took it off while sleeping, from the finger on which she will wear it. ring.» For a real man, knowing the size is not a problem, but dear ladies, do not forget to take off your rings sometimes, thus giving your men the opportunity to measure the diameters of your rings.