I have already described the recommendations of the Pandora jewelry company in detail in a previous article, and today I would like to dwell in more detail on more practical tips that will help you figure out and understand what size of Pandora bracelet you need and not make a mistake in choosing so that the Pandora bracelet is not too small or great. Let’s start with a standard Pandora bracelet or as it is also called the basis for charms — classic p-lock bracelet / Iconic silver char bracelet / 590702hv.


It is available in sizes from 16 cm to 21 cm — a pretty big run-up in order to pick it up for any hand, up to a child’s. Of course, the ideal option would be to try on in a store, where experienced sales assistants will help you decide on the size, but this is not always possible. Official Pandora stores in Ukraine are open in many cities (but unfortunately, not in all, but only in large ones), and there is no official Pandora online store in Ukraine yet, so whoever does not have the opportunity to get to the store, I hope they will read my recommendations and they help in choosing and buying an original Pandora bracelet. So, take a tape measure and measure your wrist. To the result you need to add 2 — 3 cm, so you get the size of the Pandora bracelet that suits you. There are no clear criteria (add 2 or 3 cm), because each of us likes to wear a bracelet in different ways: someone likes a snug fit to the arm, and someone likes it freer. My wrist is 15 cm, I wear the classic Pandora base in size 18 cm. See how it looks on the hand.


Of course, if you fill the bracelet with charms, it will become smaller — also keep this in mind when buying. Also keep in mind that silver is a soft metal and the weaving feature of a standard classic base bracelet is such that it tends to stretch during wear. It stretches to about 1 cm. Also, the new bracelet is quite stiff and holds its shape, but over time it stretches, becomes a little softer and hangs freely from the hand. The photo shows two bracelets — one is new, the second has been worn for some time.


I can give the same recommendations for choosing the size when buying for similar models, for example classic bracelet with pave lock / signature clasp bracelet / 590723cz, .

IMG_3132 IMG_1911

They differ from the classic only in the shape of the lock, and the weaving of the chain itself is the same. The same recommendations apply to bracelets from the collection Essence / Essence / 596000 / 596002, if you are going to buy it.

essence bracelet

Just do not forget that the thickness of the Essence bracelet is much less than the classic bracelet, and only special charms are suitable for bracelets in this series. Now let’s move on to the recommendations for choosing Pandora bangle bracelet. The models of these bracelets are also similar to each other and differ only in the type of bracelet lock or material (silver, gold, rose gold, pave stones). For example, these models: engraved Pandora bangle / Always in my heart silver bangle / 590722cz.



These bracelets are only available in three sizes: 17 cm, 19 cm and 21 cm. If you buy this bracelet (if you can not measure in the store), because of its rigid shape, I recommend taking it 1 size larger than your standard classic bracelet Pandora. This bracelet I wear in size 19 cm. Remember that it does not stretch like a standard Pandora base bracelet. The following guidelines will help those who want to buy Pandora leather bracelet (590705CMP-D  590705CPE-D,590734CBL-D,590734CHP-D and others). They exist in several variations: for 1, 2, 3 turns around the hand, but the main dimensions are as follows: for one turn — 17.5 cm, 19 cm, 20.5 cm. If the Pandora leather bracelet is 2 turns, then its length multiplied by 2 — 35 cm, 38 cm, 41 cm, if by three turns — 52 cm, 57 cm, 61 cm, respectively. There are bracelets with weaving, and there are from smooth leather.


Tips for choosing these bracelets are similar to choosing a classic one, just remember that a Pandora leather bracelet is much more delicate than a bracelet made of silver or gold, and requires more careful treatment. It is not recommended to hang too many charms on it, so as not to damage or tear it. Regarding whether it stretches while wearing — I did not notice this. I hope that my advice and recommendations on choosing and determining the size of a Pandora bracelet will help you and your purchases will bring you only joy, and if you have your own secrets, do not hesitate to leave comments. But if you decide to buy Pandora bracelets or charms online cheaper, be very careful to avoid fakes, read detailed tips here.