Many are interested in what Pandora bracelet choose, and most importantly — how to choose a Pandora bracelet. After all, this decoration in a short time won a huge number of fans. The famous bracelets with charms attract the attention of others with their uniqueness, as each owner of such jewelry collects it to her taste.

Let’s figure out how to choose the right size Pandora bracelet for your hand. First you need to decide what material the bracelet is made of. Brand Pandora offers:

silver bracelets;

leather bracelets;

textile bracelets;

— thread bracelets (single or double);

The material of the bracelet is very important when choosing a size, since silver, leather and textiles change properties in different ways during wear.

Consider, how to choose the size bracelet Pandora from silver. The most popular length for silver bracelet 19 cm, but this is not an axiom, since you must take into account number of charms. If you are planning to purchase a Pandora bracelet for the first time, then measure the circumference of your wrist and add 2-3 cm to it. If you already have such a bracelet, then measure its length by folding the ends together. But at the same time, keep in mind that in the process of wearing it loses its rigidity, becomes softer and stretches for approximately 1cm per year.

Pandora bracelet sizes also depends on the number of charms. If there are not many of them, then choose a small margin of length (1-2 cm). Accordingly, if you want more charms, then select the length of the bracelet with a margin. The main thing is not to overdo it, as the charms do not take up as much space as it seems. At first, it may seem to you that the length of the bracelet is not chosen correctly, but as the collection of jewelry is replenished, it will become more beautiful and neater.

If the wrist circumference is from 14 to 19 cmthen for the correct choice of the length of the bracelet, add 2 cm, if the girth of the wrist is 21 cm, then you need to add 3 cm.

In addition to the usual silver bracelets, the manufacturer also offers bracelets for one or five clips (the second name is stoppers). But, keep in mind that such bracelets are not suitable for charms. If this option suits you, then let’s look at the dimensional grid. The manufacturer offers seven sizes: add 2 cm to the girth of 14-19 cm, add 3 cm to the girth of 20 cm.

Another type of popular Pandora product — hard silver bracelet. The brand provides it in three sizes: 17, 19 and 21cm. The circumference of the wrist should be 1-2 cm less than the length of the bracelet.

brand pandora sizes leather bracelets describes it a little differently. Firstly, due to the properties of natural leather, it is not recommended to wear more than nine charms on such a bracelet, while for silver bracelets the norm is 15-20 charms. Secondly, 1.5 cm must be added to the girth of the wrist. We do the same with double and triple bracelets. For example, the circumference of the wrist is 16cm, add 1.5cm, we get the length of the leather interlaced bracelet 17.5cm; double bracelet — 35cm, triple — 52-52.5. Now you know how to choose the right Pandora leather bracelet.

Now let’s figure out how to choose the right size of a Pandora bracelet, made of textile cord. First of all, we note that the manufacturer does not recommend wearing more than 7-9 charms with such bracelets, depending on the size. We add 1 cm to the circumference of the wrist, and not 1.5 cm as for leather and not 2 cm as for silver. You can also choose the size according to the old Pandora bracelet, taking into account the stretching of 1 cm per year.

In order not to miscalculate, follow the recommendations of the Pandora brand representative what size of bracelet to choose.

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