Jewelry accessories should match appearance, character, time of day, clothes, and sometimes circumstances. We will talk about the rules for choosing jewelry in this article.

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How to choose jewelry for a woman

Accessories should simply match a woman’s preferences, her beauty, style and temperament. If these criteria are accurately defined, there should not be any particular problems with how to choose jewelry.

Completely following jewelry fashion is not the best option. Jewelry should beautify a woman and be an integral part of her unique lifestyle and clothing. Therefore, they cannot be worn accidentally. You need to think about the choice of earrings, rings or chains in advance, so that together with your hair, makeup and clothes, they form a spectacular whole.

Every time before buying jewelry, you should compare it with the proportions of your body and check whether it will be too big or too small. Don’t go overboard with the amount of jewelry you wear or it will backfire. They should emphasize our clothes and other accessories, not the other way around. The fewer of them, the better. Sometimes, for example, rather large earrings, a bracelet or a spectacular pendant on the neck.

How a man chooses jewelry for a woman

If a woman buys jewelry for herself, she should have no problems choosing it to her taste. She just needs to follow her instincts and everything will go according to plan. But it is much more difficult for men to do it. It is best to look closely at the partner’s style. If a woman wears a small ring or a delicate chain, and she feels comfortable in such jewelry, then she will not like massive earrings and large pendants on a wide necklace.

If the lady of the heart prefers ethnic jewelry, it makes no sense to give her classic bracelets or rings. A uniform style should be maintained in jewelry.

The main criterion for how to correctly combine jewelry with clothes is the matching of colors. The outfit can be enlivened with a different color of jewelry or diluted with translucent stones. To emphasize beauty, jewelry for a woman should match the shade of her skin, eyes and hair color. If a woman’s complexion is not perfect, red spots, blush or pimples appear on it, it is best to refuse accessories with red, pink or purple stones, which will only emphasize the flaws.

An equally important feature of how to choose the right jewelry,

— age appropriateness. Some trinkets will suit a teenager or a young girl, but will not suit a mature woman. She suits silver jewelry in combination with natural stones, such as amber and pearls. The beauty of young women will be emphasized by jewelry made of crystals, shiny glass and various stones.

How to correctly choose jewelry for the neckline, figure and shape of the face

Women’s jewelry can be chosen according to the shape of the neckline, figure or face oval.

Before you choose jewelry for clothes, consider whether it will be combined with other jewelry, especially with a pendant.

If the dress has a round or boat-shaped neckline, it is best to wear long earrings or attach a large original brooch to the clothes, leaving the neck open. Short chains and beads are ideal for a V-neckline.

If the product is intended to be worn over a turtleneck, preferably a longer wide necklace, necklace or a thin long chain that can be tied with a knot. Small shiny earrings are perfect for such an outfit.

Short and long gold or silver necklaces are suitable for shirts and classic blouses. But the collar must be unbuttoned. Also looks good with a shirt and a short pearl necklace.

If a woman wears a waistcoat over a shirt, she can attach a brooch to its lapel.

A shirt with a stand-up collar will look good with large short beads or a choker.

You can visually lengthen a short neck with elegant earrings that stretch down. Optical cut on the waist can be obtained by wearing a triangular or rectangular pendant on a long chain to the navel — this accessory forms the letter V, visually elongating the figure.

You need to choose jewelry for clothes according to the type of woman’s figure.

  • Small openwork jewelry is recommended for slender women. These can be both short necklaces and collars, as well as beads.

  • When buying accessories for the owner of a petite figure, you should avoid massive jewelry, especially long necklaces.

  • For slender and tall ladies, massive pendants, large necklaces with extravagant pendants are ideal, provided that this is their style.

  • Delicate bracelets, small earrings and pendants on thin chains are most suitable for women with voluminous shapes.

  • With a large bust, you should wear necklaces and necklaces that reach the middle of the sternum. Then you need to categorically refuse too long beads and pendants, because they will additionally emphasize a large bust.

  • If a woman’s neck is too short, she should not wear jewelry in the form of a collar or necklace. Delicate necklaces and long necklaces, which will make the neck longer, are best for her. Long dangling earrings that optically lengthen the neck are best suited with it.

Expressive golden colors — from delicate straw shades to amber-beige — are not recommended for women with Rubensovsky forms. Exceptions are delicate rings or stud earrings.

Gold looks great in combination with light pastel shades of ash, white, even gray-pink on slender women.

Rose gold jewelry is feminine and very delicate, so it is ideal for romantic images. But before you decide to buy, be sure to try on jewelry made of this type of gold, because it is invisible on some skin tones.

What earrings a woman should choose depends on the shape of her face. If her face is round, long dangling earrings are best. In this case, avoid earrings-rings, large spherical shapes.

Round earrings are recommended for a square face. Models in the shape of a teardrop or oval, as well as long and narrow, will look good here. Ladies with a square face should avoid earrings with sharp edges, in the form of cubes or rectangles.

Women with a triangular face should not wear earrings that are wide near the ear and narrow on the chin. They should usually be wider at the bottom than at the top. Round, spherical and oval earrings look best in this case.

Any earrings are suitable for an oval face.

Now you know how to choose the right jewelry for clothes, neckline, figure and face shape. Choose the products you like in the catalog of the Silvers online store. Do not even doubt — thanks to these recommendations, you will definitely make a successful purchase!