The Fragola store team continues the series of articles detailing the features of Pandora jewelry combinations. Of course, our rules are not axioms, but are designed to help customers make the right choice. But, despite the tips of the Fragola store, buyers should be guided by their own tastes and preferences. After all, Pandora jewelry brand jewelry is so unique that everyone can assemble an accessory that will suit any style and image. If you have any questions about the characteristics of jewelry, features and care, please contact the store consultants, and they will help you make the right choice. In the article, we provide some tips that the store specialists identified during work. They will help create a unique decoration.

Assembling a Pandora bracelet

  1. Lovers of versatile jewelry can assemble a concise accessory that will suit every look. Simply place round classic sterling silver charms on the base. To prevent such a bracelet from looking dull and boring, we place Murano glass Pandora charms between the silver charms.
  2. You should not place a lot of charms and pendants on the bracelet without a semantic connection. It is better to combine on the basis of jewelry for a semantic connection or combine charms from the same collection. Charms of the same color and shape are also combined with each other. Following this hint, the Pandora bracelet will look harmonious.
  3. If there are only Pandora silver charms on the bracelet, they will merge with each other. Therefore, dilute them with charms with a bright design: gold, pink or Murano glass. Pandora brand experts demonstrate such creative bracelets in advertising. Try to follow this advice, and you will be satisfied with your decoration.
  4. If you have a lot of charms, don’t overload one base but create two bracelets. Such a duet will look great on the wrist. Plus, you can always swap charms and get two new Pandora bracelets.
  5. Pave beads — charms decorated with a large number of shining stones of different sizes. Each product is bright and spectacular. This means that you should not place many of these Pandora charms on one basis. 5 — 7 copies will be enough for the bracelet to have a unique design. Such models are combined with any Pandora jewelry.
  6. And of course, many collect the Pandora bracelet, decorating it with charms with a certain meaning. Each owner puts charms on the base, which are dedicated to significant dates or life events. And it doesn’t matter that they are silver. After all, such a bracelet is a whole life and a personal story.

Choosing a bracelet for charms Pandora

When choosing a base, rely on your taste. All variants of bracelets are perfectly combined with charms from any collection of the brand. Bright leather and textile models will add zest to the image. Silver bracelets made of classic precious metal can be worn every day. And unique bracelets with a pink tint are a real exclusive with which you will not go unnoticed. All original Pandora charms can be bought at Fragola’s shop. As well as beautiful bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings. The assortment of the store is always updated with new collections of the brand. And everyone can order free delivery to any location in Ukraine. Fragola appreciates each client and gives gifts, constantly holds promotions and makes discounts.

Create your own personal pieces of art, and Pandora will always help you with this.

Assembling a Pandora bracelet