When silver jewelry loses its aesthetics and luster due to tarnishing, the question arises “how to clean silver with stones?”.

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In this article, we will talk about proven methods for cleaning silver with pebbles, both natural and artificial.

How to clean silver jewelry with stones?

The choice of means and the method of carrying out the cleaning procedure for silver jewelry determines the density of the stone structure:

  • Turquoise, due to its porosity, cannot be submerged in water. Products with it can only be wiped with a damp cloth;
  • amethyst, garnet, topaz are well cleaned with alkaline and weakly concentrated acid solutions, but at high temperatures they instantly fade;
  • emerald, sapphire and aquamarine are well cleaned with a weak solution of shampoo and water, washing powder or liquid soap. You must first soak the silver in warm water. A toothbrush will help to process hard-to-reach places and small elements;
  • malachite, moonstone, opal should be cleaned without any abrasives. Therefore, the powder must be replaced with laundry soap. You can not rub the surface with chalk or soda, because small particles scratch the loose surface of these minerals;
  • zircon, cubic zirconia, quartz are not demanding on the solution and water temperature;
  • rock crystal and Swarovski crystals are treated with a cotton sponge dipped in ammonia or toothpaste.

How to clean silver jewelry with stones?

Natural minerals have a porous structure, so they are more prone to damage and scratches. When cleaning silver with stones at home, it is unacceptable to use both meadows, acids, and ammonia and abrasive detergents.

  • It is better to clean amber without water and chemicals — wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Natural pearls do not tolerate ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, they are washed exclusively in a weak solution of laundry soap. Pearls must not be rubbed. Dry them naturally, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Corals are highly sensitive to both water and the sun. It is advisable to wear such accessories in the evenings so that the coral does not fade. They clean them without touching the corals.

How to clean silver with stones at home?

The most popular ways to clean sterling silver jewelry are:

  • Dissolve 1 teaspoon of soda with 0.5 liters of water. Put the accessory there for 15 minutes. Remove and wipe dry with a cloth;

  • put the raw peeled potatoes and the products to be cleaned in a bowl of water for 3-4 hours. Remove and, without wiping, leave to dry completely. After that, gently polish;

  • go over the light areas of the product with an eraser.

If you don’t know how to clean silver with stones or are afraid of damaging jewelry, use special preparations designed for processing jewelry.

  • The solution contains fragrances, phosphates, surfactants, organic solvents and water. It will not only clean the products, but also cover the surface of the silver with a protective film. Produced in a jar. The kit includes a special basket where you need to put the product, and it — in a jar and leave for 30 seconds. Next, silver must be washed under running water and polished with a dry soft cloth. The result is noticeable from the first time. A significant drawback of this tool is a very pungent smell. It cannot be used to clean jewelry with pearls, amber and corals.

  • The spray, which comes with a brush for cleaning relief elements, curls and recesses, is harmless, transparent, odorless. It is only necessary to sprinkle the product, leave for a few minutes and rinse with water.

  • Chemical-free microfibre polishing cloths or disposable wipes soaked in the solution.

Since blackened products are attractive not only with a beautiful, but also with a properly aged look, they should be cleaned as little as possible. Avoid aggressive cleaning compounds and strong mechanical friction.