Silver is one of the most popular metals among jewelry makers as well as buyers. Silver items are always relevant and inexpensive, unlike gold items. As you know, Pandora only makes its jewelry from silver. Some are 18K gold plated or simply embellished with enamel and cubic zirconia stones. A completely separate type of Pandora charms are Murano glass products, but today is not about that.

Everyone who loves silver jewelry, sooner or later faced with the problem of darkening of the metal, lack of luster or even blackness. Such a problem may arise due to certain causes or effects on the metal, but this is not a sentence for decoration! We want to share secrets, life hacks and just useful tips on how to safely clean silver and return it to its radiant look.

Why does silver change color?

The darkening of silver is actually natural. Like any other metal, as a result of contact with other substances, it becomes covered with a dark film. The main substances that have such an effect on silver products are excreted by the human body. Silver comes into contact with the body, which simply releases subcutaneous fat and sweat. With constant exposure, the metal reacts to sweat and can become covered with a thin dark film. But there is one incomprehensible pattern in the darkening of silver. Why does it darken quickly enough for some, while for others it retains shine and radiance for a long time or does not change color at all?

The answer to this question is simple, and lies in the characteristics of the body. If sulfur predominates in the body, then the silver you wear can darken very quickly. The situation is completely different with an organism in which nitrogen predominates. The products of this person do not darken at all, but always retain their brilliance and radiance. In this case, we are talking about jewelry that is constantly worn. Regardless of the person, silver can darken if left in a box for a long time or stored improperly.

In addition, silver jewelry does not like moisture. You are at risk of darkening the ring if you frequently wash your hands, dishes or shower with it. Do not use cosmetics with silver. Their chemical composition can provoke a darkening of the metal, especially with constant use.

Thus, we can conclude that silver darkens under the external influence of such external factors as:

  • water;
  • cosmetics;
  • natural skin secretions (for example, sweat).

Sometimes such a reaction can be on another metal or upon contact of an already darkened product with a completely new one, but this is not a sentence. If the silver has darkened, it can be easily cleaned by contacting specialists or at home.

How to clean silver?

Cleaning jewelry is not only an obvious necessity, but also a regular ritual that will help keep your jewelry in good condition for a long time. The main rule in cleaning silver jewelry is caution. Pandora produces products with stones — these are charms, pendants, rings, dividing chains or Murano glass products — these are preferably charms. Any of them requires some care, but first we will deal with standard silver products. The main method of cleaning silver is folk methods. They have long been tested and even skeptics use them. To clean a piece of silver from tarnish or dirt, follow a simple plan:

  1. carefully remove mechanical dirt with a cloth or dry brush;
  2. prepare a small tank for the solution;
  3. mix a soap solution (you can use water with soap, shampoo, dishwashing detergent, ammonia, and you can also purchase a special cleaning agent in advance);
  4. buy a toothbrush with soft bristles or use an old one.

Let’s start cleaning. Dip the product in soapy water, you can let it stand for a while to acidify. Then just go over the entire product carefully with a brush, without zeal. Rinse the jewelry in clean running water and dry. Use ammonia only diluted with water 1 to 10. It is generally not recommended to use it for products with blackening.

Often used to clean silver jewelry toothpaste, soda or other bulk. We still recommend using soapy water. It has a gentle effect on the surface of the jewelry and there is no risk of damaging it mechanically. If the jewelry is too dirty or darkened too much, then for the best effect, just let it stand longer in a concentrated soapy solution.

How to clean silver with stones?

Another type of jewelry that needs to be cleaned is sterling silver. Stones are even more susceptible to external influences. If your jewelry is with a real gemstone, then only the silver part of the product will have to be cleaned. An authentic gemstone never changes color or gets dirty, it can only break off due to mechanical impact, but this is no longer fixable at home.

Jewelry with precious stones, just like ordinary ones, are afraid of abrasive substances, but if in the first case they can still be used carefully, then in this case it is absolutely impossible to do this. The same applies to products with enamel. The main rule when cleaning silver jewelry is soft tools and products! Any grain of sand can scratch the stone or leave microcracks on it, through which dust, grease, dirt will penetrate.

Observe the temperature regime. Any stone does not like temperature changes. The ideal option is slightly warm water at room temperature.

Summing up

Silver is a metal that sooner or later needs to be cleaned from the usual dirt, dust or darkening. This process can be just a lifesaver for you or just a regular annual maintenance. Pandora jewelry is no exception. They also need to be cleaned and cared for like any other piece of silverware. The only difficulty is that the brand produces a lot of products decorated with stones, enamel and Murano glass, but even they must be carefully cleaned. Follow our tips to keep your jewelry clean so it will look brilliant for years to come.

Why does silver darken?

The darkening of silver jewelry is a natural reaction to the constant influence of external factors — light, water, sweat, chemistry. If you properly store and care for the jewelry, color change may not occur.

? How to clean silver at home?

The darkening of silver is not a death sentence for a piece of jewelry. It is enough to follow our advice and your jewelry will always shine with its original brilliance!

? How to clean silver with stones?

Silver with precious can also be exposed to external factors, just like ordinary products. But this applies only to the silver part of the jewelry. A precious stone does not change its external properties. Cleaning such jewelry should be as gentle as possible so as not to damage the surface of the stone.

?How do you clean silver jewelry?

To clean silver, use soapy water, a solution of ammonia, a cloth or a soft brush.