Due to their durability and affordable price, silver earrings are very popular. Silver does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for clothes of any style.

A significant disadvantage of these jewelry products is their tendency to oxidize and become covered with a dark coating. It is easy to remove — you just need to know how to clean silver earrings correctly and safely.

How to clean rhodium-plated silver earrings?

How to clean earrings - how to clean gold and silver earrings at home

A thin layer of rhodium protects silver from tarnishing. It increases its resistance to mechanical and biological influence. However, the rhodium coating wears off over time where it comes into contact with the skin.

Since rhodium-plated silver is very delicate, it is recommended to use special tools for its cleaning that will not damage jewelry.

After using the special product (according to the instructions on the package), it is recommended to thoroughly wash the jewelry and polish it with a dry and soft cloth — flannel or microfiber.

How to clean silver earrings with stones (turquoise, onyx, pearls, sapphire, coral, cubic zirconia)?

Jewelry with precious, semi-precious and artificial stones must be cleaned once a month. In theory, it is easy, but in practice the process is complicated by the fact that many drugs that are designed to remove dirt and restore the shine of silver have a negative effect on stones. Turquoise, onyx, sapphire, as well as fayanite / zircon lose brightness and shine after processing with some of these means. The way out of the situation is to use cleaning products specially designed for such jewelry, or contact a jeweler.

As for earrings with pearls or coral, since these minerals through the porous surface come into contact with tap water, as well as sea, river and lake water, the micro- and macroelements contained in it discolor these jewelry. When taking water procedures, such accessories must be removed. They are cleaned with a weak soapy solution with a wet napkin or a toothbrush.

How to clean silver earrings with amber?

Cleaning amber jewelry is specific because it is done without using water. A soft cloth soaked in soapy foam must be squeezed hard. Then — wipe the product and polish with a dry material. Olive or almond oil is used to enhance shine.

How to clean silver earrings at home effectively and safely?

The choice of cleaning method depends on why these silver earrings turned black.

  • If the darkening is slight, then it will be enough to clean the jewelry with soap and water, and then prepare a bowl with a bottom covered with aluminum foil. A solution of boiled water with salt should be poured into it (about 5 teaspoons of salt per liter of water), mixed and jewelry placed in this mixture. It remains to wait until the contamination comes off the surface. It can take from several tens of seconds to several hours, depending on the intensity of the blackening of the jewelry. After this time, the earrings should be rinsed with water to remove the solution.

  • An even less aggressive method for removing minor dirt is to soak the earrings in vodka or alcohol, and then rinse with water.

  • Baking soda has long been considered a substance capable of dealing with any dirt. Not surprisingly, it is also used to restore the shine of silver jewelry. It is more effective when used together with lemon, which contains acid that dissolves all types of deposits. It is enough to rub the resulting mixture on the decorations and leave it for some time. Then wash and dry them thoroughly.

  • No less effective method of cleaning blackened silver earrings at home is toothpaste, if it does not contain sodium and bleaching components that can damage the structure of silver.

An alternative to home methods are professional tools for cleaning jewelry, such as napkins soaked in a special solution, concentrates for dilution before application. The advantage of such products is 100% safety and special additives that prevent oxidation of silver. Regardless of the brand of the drug, carefully read the instructions for use on the package.

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