If silver jewelry is not covered with gold or rhodium, it will begin to darken over time. Also, silver can darken as a result of a chemical reaction. Today we will learn how to clean a silver bracelet.

How to clean a Randora silver bracelet at home?

There are many ways to clean a silver Pandora bracelet. There are many means for cleaning liquids and all kinds of pastes impregnated with wipes from popular manufacturers. Nevertheless, not always something from the above can be at hand at the right moment. For such cases, you need to understand how to clean a silver bracelet at home with improvised means.

How to clean a Pandora silver bracelet quickly and effectively?

How to clean a silver bracelet from dirt? This question worries many. Well, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the most common cleaning options.

Method #1: cleaning with lipstick

It’s hard to believe, but lipstick is known to be one of the best cleaners for silver jewelry. This is due to the fact that the components of this cosmetic include titanium dioxide. This component perfectly cleans silver from dirt. Also, lipstick contains a large percentage of fat. It is the fat that will help polish the product to a shine.

We take any tube and a cotton pad.

We take the bracelet, smear it with lipstick and rub it until it squeaks.

The product will start to lighten literally after a few minutes.

But it is worth keeping in mind that this cleaning method will be effective only on a smooth surface.

Method #2: cleaning silver using toothpaste

You can clean a silver bracelet with toothpaste. The paste contains sand, chalk and other microparticles that have a polishing effect. They do not scratch jewelry, and quickly remove plaque from them.

The paste must be applied to a damp brush with soft bristles. They carefully clean the surface and penetrate deeply between the decorated weaving of the bracelet. At the end, you should rinse the jewelry under a stream of warm water and rub it with a microfiber cloth.

Method #3: clean silver with egg yolk

This method is quite old. It was in demand even when silver was valued more than gold.

You need to wet a cotton swab in the yolk and rub the bracelet. When the mixture dries, it should be thoroughly washed with water. After such cleaning, the bracelet will not only look like new, but also will not get dirty for a long time. Egg yolk cleanses from oxides that contribute to the darkening of silver.

Method #4: cleaning the bracelet using aluminum foil and soda

This is the most efficient and effective method to clean silver. To clean the bracelet from layers, you need to take a deep vessel and put aluminum foil and the bracelet itself on the bottom. Next, boil water and add baking soda or baking soda to it (50 grams of soda per 1 liter of water). We wait until the solution stops bubbling, and pour the silver product with this mixture. Soda and aluminum react with silver sulfide, as a result of which silver begins to lighten. When finished, the bracelet should be washed under running water and dried.

Method #5: cleaning silver using ammonia and hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia must be mixed in equal parts. Then put the bracelet in the resulting mixture. The container should be closed as tightly as possible, since the vapors of the ammonia solution have a strong and pungent smell. Leave the jewelry in the solution for 20 minutes, then rinse it thoroughly under running water and dry it.

Method #6: cleaning the bracelet with ammonia

Even the dirtiest silver bracelet can be cleaned with ordinary ammonia. This method is suitable not only for classic products, but also for models of Pandora bracelets in which pearls, amethyst, turquoise or other stones prevail. We pour our mixture into a closable bottle, put our silver product there and shake vigorously. Finally, wash the bracelet under water and dry it. Not only silver, but also cloudy stones will shine as before after such cleaning.

Of all the above methods, cleaning with ammonia and soda is the most popular. But it is suitable only for bracelets without stones, since these decorative elements can peel off during soaking.

Lipstick or toothpaste will clean the silver product most likely. If you are in a hurry, it is better to prefer this option.

You can dry a silver bracelet with a soft natural cloth napkin made of wool or flannel. If after you have cleaned the jewelry, there are still darkened areas on it, rub them with a regular eraser. It helps to get rid of such darkening on smooth surfaces.

Also, so that your favorite designer silver bracelet darkens as little as possible, it can be treated with a special colorless jewelry varnish. This is an excellent prevention of tarnishing of silver jewelry.

We hope this article was useful for you. Now you know how to clean a silver bracelet of a world-famous brand at home without spending on expensive cleaning products. By the way, you can buy the latest models of Pandora bracelets at any time in our specialized online store.