Thanks to the possibilities of the World Wide Web, any model of the Pandora bracelet can be bought in the online store. This method is very convenient, because you save your time on shopping trips and trips to another city for a gift. You also have the opportunity to make an unexpected gift to your loved one if you are far away and cannot personally present it. But, if in the store you have the opportunity to try on the bracelet personally, then how to determine the size of the product online? Choose the right size of the bracelet, based on all its features and not make a mistake?

Determine the size of Pandora bracelets

When choosing any Pandora bracelet, be sure to consider your personal preferences and focus on individual characteristics. Also, first decide on some issues and think about:

  1. Do you like when the jewelry on your hand sit tight to the skin or loose?
  2. What material will you buy the bracelet from?
  3. Are you planning on wearing a lot of charms or clips on your bracelet?

Some prefer the bracelet to be worn tight enough and not move on the wrist. And someone likes to wear jewelry freely so that they move along the arm, falling on the brush. Consider your desire during the selection, as well as the person for whom you are choosing a gift. Just discuss the details in advance and clarify some questions. And it is not necessary to ask directly for this, it will be enough to observe how a person wears a watch or other bracelets.

Size Chart for Pandora Bracelet

The Fragola online store website has a special size chart for Pandora bracelets. With its help, everyone will be able to choose the right bracelet for themselves. You just need to measure your wrist and find the corresponding numbers in the table, where your size will be indicated next to each jewelry model. In the case of a classic silver bracelet, add two centimeters to the wrist circumference and get the right size. When buying a leather bracelet, consider its tendency to stretch a little over time. And also whether you will decorate the bracelet with charms and clips, because they also affect the desired size of the accessory. The looser the bracelet sits on the hand, the more actively the charms move along it.

Pandora Bracelet Size Chart

Fragola store consultants will always help you to correctly determine the size of the Pandora bracelet

If you still doubt the correctness of choosing the right size of the bracelet, contact the consultant of the Fragola online store for help. A specialist will always tell you how to do it right, help you choose and buy a suitable Pandora bracelet model. Also, each client can make an online order and receive their unique jewelry by any transport company in Ukraine. All models of the Pandora jewelry brand are available for order, the range of which is constantly updated. Love yourself and your loved ones, give Pandora jewelry and create your fabulous memories.

✅ How to find out the size of the bracelet ❓

When buying a Pandora bracelet, ask the consultant what sizes of bracelets are available.

✅ How to find out the size of a bracelet for a girl ❓

It is advisable to measure the girth of the wrist, and when buying a bracelet, check with the manager what size is suitable for this girth.

❤️ How to determine the size of a bracelet on your hand ❓

If the bracelet is already worn by a girl, then it is better to either ask what size she wears, and also whether it is still possible to put a charm on it, since the more charms, the smaller its girth will be.