Acquaintance with the Pandora trademark always begins with the choice of a bracelet. Of course, the easiest thing is to go to the store and ask the consultants, but I would advise you to study the information in a variety of ways first, in order to know what questions you want to hear answers to.

The very first question that beginners ask is what size Pandora bracelet to choose.

which pandora bracelet to choose

First, let’s look at what sizes the company offers its foundations. The minimum length of a Pandora bracelet starts at 16 cm. This size is suitable for teenagers and girls with a thin wrist. The maximum length of the bracelet chain is 23 cm. The manufacturer advises adding 2 cm to the circumference of the wrist to find out your size.

If you plan to wear a few beads on the bracelet, then you can take + 2 cm, and if you want to fill the bracelet to the maximum, feel free to take + 3 cm.

But I would not advise filling the bracelet to the fullest. Firstly, it is not very beautiful from the aesthetic side. Still, the elegance and lightness of jewelry is now in vogue. Secondly, too many beads create not only a bulky look, but also a decent weight, which can create discomfort. If such a thought does not leave you, go to the store and try on the filled bracelet. You will quickly understand if you are comfortable.

how many charms can i get for pandora

I also advise my clients to pay attention to their own feelings: someone likes the bracelet to fit tightly on the arm, while someone prefers a more free form. In this case, the size of the Pandora bracelet depends on your internal preferences. The most popular and sought-after Pandora bracelet size is 19 cm. The new bracelet holds a rigid shape, but over time it will soften and be more flexible. During operation, the bracelet will stretch a little, that is, it will become longer, but not more than 1 cm. The maximum number of charms recommended by the manufacturer is 15 — 20 pieces.

Which pandora bracelet to choose? / Classic bracelets

Recommendations for choosing the size and description of the dimensional grid of bracelets, which I wrote about above, are typical for the main part of the Pandora collection. It includes such lines: Pandora moments, Pandora reflexions and Pandora me.

But in recent years, the range of bracelets has increased tenfold. The company today produces several parallel lines of bracelets, which have their own charms. That is, charms from the Moments collection will not fit Pandora me bracelets, and charms for Reflexions bracelets can only be worn with bracelets from the same line.

how to size pandora bracelet

The only caveat is that the beloved Essence collection is absolutely perfect for the Pandora Me collection: both bracelets and charms.

How to choose a Pandora bracelet / Bangles — Bangles

To choose the size of the bracelet — Bangla slightly different recommendations. I advise him to take at least 2-3 cm from the volume of the wrist. This model of the bracelet is rigid and does not stretch during wear. And also because of its shape, it does not flow smoothly from the hand, but keeps a clear circle. This bracelet model is available in only three sizes: 17, 19, 21 cm.

how to choose pandora bracelet size

Bungles are open and closed. This aesthetic difference does not affect the size of the bracelet. You can wear any number of charms, clips, pendants or stoppers on a bangle, but the manufacturer recommends limiting yourself to 15-20 charms, depending on the length of the bangle.

How to choose the right pandora bracelet / Bracelets in one size

Among the many models of Pandora bracelets, bracelets in one / one size stand out. These are bracelets on a slider, which allows you to tighten the jewelry to any size of the hand. Of course, you can’t put charms on such a bracelet, it is worn as a separate piece of jewelry. Often such models of bracelets are already decorated with stones or have an interesting design, so they are quite self-sufficient.

pandora single size bracelet

It doesn’t matter which collection of bracelet you choose from — their sizes are the same.

How to choose a Pandora bracelet / Leather bracelets

Almost from the very foundation of the brand, leather bracelets have occupied a significant part of the collection. Very often, new models of such jewelry come out in summer collections. Agree, bright and stylish leather laces on the wrist look very advantageous and easy in summer.

Leather bracelets also tend to stretch. But their main feature is that they are sold for 1, 2 or 3 turns around the hand. How not to make a mistake in choosing? You can see the correspondence table below in the photo.

how to size a pandora leather bracelet

The manufacturer recommends wearing no more than 7 — 9 jewelry pendants on a leather bracelet, since with a greater load, the product may not withstand and break. This recommended number of charms is the same for any leather bracelet with 1, 2 or 3 turns. Also, leather bracelets look great without charms at all, and their bright colors give them a stylish look. The leather bracelet also stretches a little during wear, but no more than 1 cm.

How to choose the size of a Pandora bracelet / Textile bracelets

Textile bracelets have been present in the Pandora collection for several years. They are quite strong and durable than leather ones. Such a bracelet practically does not stretch in the process of wearing. It is recommended to collect no more than 7 — 9 charms on it. Pandora bracelet size recommendations are the same here as for regular bracelets.

how to find out the size of a pandora textile bracelet
How to choose the right Pandora bracelet / Different metals

Does the choice of size depend on the material from which the jewelry is made? Very often, the manufacturer produces the same models of bracelets, but in different metals (silver, gold, rose gold, gilding). The sizes for them are exactly the same, and the recommendations for choosing the size are also the same.

How to choose a Pandora bracelet in size so that it does not stretch?

I often hear this question. It is impossible to answer positively. With the same input data, it is impossible to predict in advance how long your bracelet will stretch. But I can say that any silver bracelet will increase by no more than 1 cm. Someone has more, someone has less.

And remember, it is much easier to deal with a large bracelet (it can be reduced) than with a small one. Read here for recommendations on how to downsize a Pandora bracelet.

How to find out the size of a Pandora bracelet if you want to buy it for a gift?

So, below is advice on how to choose the size of a Pandora bracelet if you want to surprise a person and give him a pleasant surprise.

pandora bracelet for gift

If you can’t measure the girth of your hand without suspicion, then you’ll have to do the detective’s work. Take measurements from other bracelets, just pay attention to how tight they sit on your wrist. Or take off the size of the watch — if the girl wears them tightly on the arm, then the inner size of the watch strap will be the girth of the wrist.

Does the choice of the size of the Pandora bracelet depend on the beads that you will wear?

It’s hard to say for sure. All charms are different in size and volume they occupy on the bracelet. But you will not specifically buy only Murano? Or you will not look for the biggest charms among the entire assortment of the company, right? The composition of the bracelet is balanced by different charms, so no matter what beads you fill the base, they do not affect the choice of the size of the Pandora bracelet.

I hope my recommendations were useful to you and you will approach the purchase more consciously, and if you still have questions — write them under this article, I will answer.