Have a big event coming up, but don’t know where to go to buy a ring? No problem! Fortunately, the Internet has a large number of online stores that offer profitable purchases. However, before purchasing such an important gift, it is highly recommended to determine the size of the ring. It should be noted right away that choosing jewelry for a girl is not difficult, but you still need to be extremely careful. In this article, we will talk about exactly this, and we will provide maximum help.

Tips for a girl on choosing gold or silver jewelry

There are only a few simple ways that will help you decide on the long-awaited purchase. We have prepared the main ones so that you do not have to search for them for a long time all over the Internet.

the first method

If you have a ring, but you cannot determine the size of your finger, it is enough to use an ordinary ruler. If the piece of jewelry fits you perfectly, measure its diameter using the above tool. The ring should be measured with a ruler only in the widest place, otherwise the values ​​may not correspond to reality. The size is usually calculated in millimeters. For women, 15 millimeters or higher is considered standard, and for men — from 17. However, these indicators will not always correspond to the truth, as there are individual cases.

method two

If you still have not figured out how to determine ring sizes, then we have prepared another affordable way. At the beginning of the procedure, we strongly recommend using the ring size chart to get more accurate results. To do this, you can print it. Next, it is enough just to put the already existing ring on the circle in such a way that its diameter coincides with the drawing in the table. Thus, you can easily determine the value. If you noticed that the diameter is between the lower and higher number — always try to prefer the second option.

method three

To find out which ring is needed for your finger, you will need an ordinary thread or a small strip of ordinary paper. Thread, of course, is most suitable for this purpose. Next, it is recommended to perform a few simple actions:

  • The thread must be wrapped as tightly as possible around the finger where the jewelry is to be worn.
  • After that, the edges of the thread must be marked with a regular pen. You can also remember the place where it starts and ends.
  • Then you just need to use this thread as a reference. You can add it to the ruler — this number will be the size you need.

We advise you to always choose a half size larger, otherwise there is a risk of having difficulties in removing the jewelry in the future. In most cases, it is necessary to look at the size grid of rings, but not every girl is well versed in this. Using the simple tips we mentioned above, you will have no problem finding out your ring size in mm.

How to determine the ring size? additional ways

Did the above methods seem too difficult for you? Do not despair, because we will tell you about a few more! So, method number four is that you can print out the measuring tape yourself. There are many links to download such a tape on the Internet, so it will not be difficult for you to find it. The tape should also be wrapped around the finger, but it should be done carefully so as not to squeeze it completely. Once the procedure is complete, you will see a mark. This will be your size.

Another simplest method is as follows. You take an ordinary thread, which is kept in every household. Also wrap it around your finger. At the same time, it is strongly not recommended to rotate the phalanx too tightly, because you can get the wrong result. Where the tips meet each other — you should make a mark with a pen. An ordinary ruler will help measure the area you marked. The result in millimeters will be your value.

We select the size of the rings in cm. A few main tips

Experts strongly do not recommend taking measurements and even buying rings in the morning. The fact is that during this period, a person’s fingers can be small. Also, it is best for the girl to refuse the order on critical days, otherwise they will also affect the result. If you recently played sports or flew in from a trip — wait a few hours, or better — a day. Only after that, making a purchase in a jewelry store will be the right decision. We have prepared a few more useful recommendations, because the ring size table is created with precision. It must be observed only in those cases when 5-7 hours have passed after the flight. Fingers may swell, which will cause the wrong choice.

We also do not recommend measuring jewelry in hot or very cold weather. This will only make the situation worse. In order to make a correct decision and not to make a mistake, we recommend making a fist, waiting a couple of minutes, and only then putting on the jewelry. The size of the ring in diameter does not necessarily have to match the actual size of your finger, but it must be as close as possible in value.

Choosing jewelry for a beloved woman is a responsible process

Modern men make gifts not only for any celebration. If you still don’t know how to conquer the heart of a beauty and you don’t even know about her wishes, giving a ring as a gift will be the best solution. Try using the sizing methods we mentioned earlier. If you did not succeed — contact the specialists of this site. The manager will tell you which product is most suitable for your goals and will help you make sure you don’t miss out. All additional issues are discussed individually.