male signet

One of the most controversial men’s jewelry is the signet ring. Some consider it kitsch. Others think that it is intended exclusively for aristocrats. But it is obvious that the elegant signet, combined with an elegant and distinctive look, looks very stylish. A prime example is actor Johnny Depp. This female idol is not afraid to wear impressive rings and is not at all effeminate. Girls are even more crazy about him when they see that he has the courage to wear such accessories.

How to choose a men’s signet?

A signet ring is a decorative ring with a monogram or coat of arms. The name of this decoration comes from the Latin word signum. It appeared in the Roman Empire and was originally an attribute of men from noble families. On it, the family coat of arms is made in a mirror image, because such a ring was originally used to imprint the sign on a wax seal.

Classic men’s rings were made of precious stones framed in gold. They were worn differently in different countries. In Europe — on the ring finger of the left hand. An ancient English tradition requires that such a ring be worn on the little finger. Some Slavic peoples wear it on the middle finger.

Modern men’s seals are made in different forms:

  • square — a classic option for business people due to strict lines;

  • rectangular — look modern, stylish and emphasize the status of the owner;

  • oval / round — engraved with the family coat of arms;

  • in the form of the head of an animal (tiger, wolf) or a card suit — they look outrageous, stylish and unbanal.

How to choose men’s signet rings?

Most men prefer simple shapes, believing that they add masculinity and elegance. Jewelry made in the same design, but their different materials look different.

When choosing the material of the ring, you need to consider for what cases it is intended:

  • gold. Men consider red and yellow gold too bright, white — more restrained. Silver color is combined with a suitable shade of a bracelet, strap, watch or pendant made of any material;

  • silver. Products from it are affordable and available in a wide variety of designs;

  • steel. An even more budget option that looks unbanal and original;

  • titanium. This is the metal from which mainly futuristic massive jewelry models are made.

Anniversary signet ring for dad: how to choose

Properly chosen men’s jewelry can diversify and emphasize the elegant character of a father’s business or formal suit.

Cufflinks and a signet ring, matched with the color of the metal or with a similar gemstone, are the perfect set to add sparkle to all your outfits. For this purpose, it is best to choose a gold ring for gold cufflinks, and silver for silver cufflinks.

The signet ring can have a traditional shape with a slightly flattened front or a wide pattern.

male signet

The original version of the gift is a ring with an engraving instead of a coat of arms (important date, initials, symbol or wish).

Since most men proudly recognize their national identity, they will be happy to wear seals with the image of the Ukrainian national emblem — the trident.

How to choose a gem for a man in a signet ring

For men who are not afraid of a custom look, colored eyelet rings can be an interesting idea. A product with a precious stone will attract attention and become a bold addition to the outfit.

In addition to decorative properties, when choosing a signet ring with a stone insert for a man, it is necessary to take into account the influence of these minerals. They help to cure various diseases, find love, solve life problems, succeed in business. It is customary to give them according to the sign of the Zodiac.

It is the most popular because it is a symbol of eternal, true and endless love. It gives strength and energy to its owner. But for everyday style, such products are not suitable, because they will look ridiculous.

  • Agate is a beautiful stone that is formed in the process of solidification of lava flowing from volcanoes. This can be an excellent amulet especially for those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini and Virgo. For centuries, it has been considered a healing mineral that heals and protects the wearer’s soul and body. The range of colors of this stone is varied. Each color has a different meaning. Those who want to be successful in love should wear pink agate with white veins. Farmers, gardeners and gardeners — green agate with yellow spots. Businessmen should wear lion skin agate. It ensures success in business and success in all endeavors.

  • Amethyst is for people born under the signs of Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces. This crystal helps in overcoming, getting rid of all sorts of addictions, including alcohol abuse. Wearing jewelry with this stone on a regular basis speeds up the learning process. It also has a magical, calming effect, reduces tension and headaches.

  • Ruby is a beautiful deep red gemstone for those born under the sign of Leo, Aries, Scorpio. He is a symbol of great, boundless, exciting passion, true, pure, lasting love. Its power can support a weak heart, relieve all kinds of pain, infections, relieve fever, and cure circulatory diseases. It can be the perfect talisman that always brings good luck and protects from evil forces.

  • Sapphire of all shades is a symbol of infinity. Reduces anxiety and nervousness, relieves insomnia. People who wear sapphire products have excellent relationships based on the principles of partnership and mutual trust. This magical stone can be the best friend for people who feel passion and love each other. Signet rings with blue sapphires are usually given to those born under the sign of Pisces and Sagittarius, with yellow — Libra, Gemini and Virgo, in orange — Taurus. Sapphires of all colors look beautiful set in yellow, white gold or silver.

  • Topaz is a stone of a blue, blue hue, intended for managers, lawyers, journalists. It is customary to give jewelry with it to people who are born under the sign of Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo and Leo — this stone will bring them the greatest happiness. It has incredible power, thanks to which it helps in the treatment of depression, fatigue, solstice and exhaustion of the body. People with hypertension should have topaz in their collection and wear it close to the body because it lowers blood pressure, treats gastrointestinal problems, headaches and migraines.

  • Turquoise is a beautiful blue-colored stone that binds friendship and gives longevity to many relationships. Possessing great strength and power, he can absorb the accumulated negative energy. It can be useful for active drivers who need speed in action and decision making. Protect against accidents and traffic accidents.

  • Citrine is for Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo and Leo. It has a positive energy that helps to heal not only the human body, but also his spirit. The sun-yellow color of citrine brings a smile to every face, which is why it is associated with optimism, happiness, and joy. It helps in eliminating all types of depression, anxiety and fears and increases self-confidence.

How to choose the size of the signet ring?

Before buying a designer ring, it is advisable to try it on 3 times — in the morning, afternoon and evening, because the thickness of the fingers changes during the day. In the morning they are narrow, and by the evening they can swell a little. And you need to be comfortable in the ring. If it is hot outside, before trying on, you need to rinse your hands with cool water, cold — hot.

If you want to make a surprise, you can take the man’s ring to the jeweler, who will determine the size. If a loved one has not worn rings before, you can measure the size of his finger during sleep — wrap it with thread without pinching it. On the fifth turn, make a mark with a marker and an incision. Remove the thread, measure the distance to the mark and divide the resulting number by 15.7. The size of the ring will come out.

Massive rings look beautiful only on large fingers. Short fingers they shorten. On thin ones, they look defiant.

To create a harmonious image, you should select all jewelry of the same color, it is permissible from different metals. But you should not combine a ceramic ring, platinum watch and gold cufflinks. At the same time, a man can wear no more than 3 accessories. If there is a wedding ring, then the signet ring should be put on the other hand.