The type of weaving is not the only parameter that must be taken into account when choosing a chain, it is also important to correctly determine the appropriate length. It is not so simple, because few people know the exact number of the neck circumference of their beloved. If this is a surprise that you don’t want to talk about, you need to measure the existing product.

How to choose the length of the neck chain?

In order to know exactly what length of gold or silver chain to choose, it is necessary to take into account individual physique and height.

A simple test will help with this. Take a thread or piece of thread the length of the chain or necklace you are going to buy. Tie it around your neck, making sure it lays just the way you want it to. The thicker the weave of the chain, especially for men’s models such as the shell and Figaro, the shorter it appears optically.

Women’s options: the longest — 75 cm, short — 20 cm.

For men, three main versions of chains are made: 50, 60 and 75 cm.

How to choose the length of a chain for a man?

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Take into account his style, taste preferences and body composition. Most manufacturers make men’s chains with a length that is a multiple of 5 cm:

  • 40 cm — suitable for thin men and teenagers, will tightly cover the neck;

  • 45 cm — with average parameters;

  • from 55 cm — to owners of developed muscles;

  • 50 cm is a universal option for most men.

What length of chain to choose for a woman?

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When choosing women’s jewelry, other criteria apply.

The following method will help answer the question of how to choose the exact length of a chain for a woman. Before buying, you need to decide which part of the body should be emphasized with this piece of jewelry:

A chain 35-40 cm long is perfect for owners of a «swan» neck. It can be wide or consist of thin links. If desired, it can be supplemented with a small pendant.

However, this option is not for curvaceous ladies. A length of 45 cm is suitable for them.

45-50 cm — a bright accent for the décolleté zone with a fragile and medium body.

From 60 cm — it is customary to wear over clothes. It draws attention to the chest.

Depending on the length, the following models of chains are made:

  • collar (35 cm) — decoration around the neck. It is worn by young girls or little girls;

  • princess (45 cm) — looks harmoniously with all types of necklines and different forms of collars of both evening and daily outfits;

  • Matin (55 cm) — a classic unisex chain of standard length — just below the collarbones;

  • opera (70-90 cm) is worn in 2 turns around the neck or below chest level, not reaching the waist;

  • the rope (112-190 cm) can be worn both in the neckline of the clothing and over it, making several turns of the chain around the neck.

See what jewelry the person you want to give the chain to has. Pay attention to the usual clothes of the person for whom the gift is intended. Buying a choker or lanyard around the neck will be inappropriate if a person wears knee highs and shirts with a buttoned collar. Also, those who like bright things and massive jewelry will not appreciate a thin jewelry thread.

A person can even express their wishes out loud. This is the only way to learn about conservative preferences or the desire to experiment with accessories.

If you decide to give a chain together with a pendant, consider that it will pull the jewelry down. In this case, choose a shorter length than that which will be needed for wearing without a suspension.

There are many ideas in the catalog of the Silvers online store. The main thing is to take into account all these nuances, how to choose the length of the chain, when making the final decision.