Probably every modern person has at least once been to a jewelry store in search of silver jewelry. But not everyone knows what to pay attention to and what to understand in order to make a successful purchase. If you do not know where to buy a silver ring, visit the official website of our online store.

The assortment of similar products in our jewelry company is very wide-scale, so the buyer always faces a difficult choice. Today we will talk about some recommendations for choosing rings and other silver products.

How to choose silver rings without stones?

A ring on a finger without a stone is an ornament that will allow you to add interesting and unusual accents to your image. Such a product can be worn at any age, regardless of the style of clothing or the season. But most often rings without stones are purchased by newlyweds, as these jewelry are extremely elegant and practical. This is an excellent option for a gift. If you have doubts about which stone your girl would prefer, it is best to stop at the aesthetic current models without inlay.

What stones do silver rings come with?

If you still decide to prefer rings with stones, you should familiarize yourself with the varieties of these inserts.

  • Production In this case, we are talking about opaque minerals, organic compounds and rocks (jasper, jade, malachite, etc.). Silver rings with such stones are not particularly shiny, but thanks to the cut, they can be safely called inexpensive analogues of real jewels.
  • Half free. These are crystals that outwardly look no worse than precious stones, but are characterized by a more budgetary cost. The most sought-after semi-precious stones: amethysts, agates, tourmalines, garnets.
  • Precious. These are such minerals as: emeralds, rubies, topazes, diamonds or sapphires. They shine and shine, both under artificial and under natural lighting.

How to combine gold and silver rings?

On which hand is a silver ring worn? This question worries many. The answer to it is extremely simple. You can wear silver products on both hands. It is much more important to understand whether it is possible to wear a gold and a silver ring on the same hand at the same time, because this will help to avoid bad taste.

  • If the ring is encrusted with stones, it is better not to combine different metals on the same hand.
  • You can combine rings of only one style.

You yourself have the right to decide when to give a silver ring, because you can do something nice for your loved one without any reason. Managers will answer the question: How much do silver rings cost? They will advise and help you choose the best option.

Also, to look beautiful, you can order a bracelet on the wrist, earrings or a pendant on the neck.

Now you know how to choose silver rings at a good price. Contact us, we look forward to calls and applications!