Jewelry, like fashion, changes every season. While many pieces of jewelry are timeless classics, new trends and styles continue to emerge. Most women and girls choose jewelry for different necklines at random, not realizing that the type of accessory should match the type of neckline. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to choose the right individual elements for the image in order to look fashionable and stylish at the same time. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a decoration for a neckline in order to create a harmonious and thoughtful composition.

How to choose neck jewelry for different types of necklines

In addition to the classic ones, such as the V-neck boat, turtleneck, round, square or tank top (built under the neck), several new types of necklines have appeared. Spanish necklines are becoming fashionable, fully opening the shoulders, as well as clothes with a cutout on the back or on the shoulders.

When choosing jewelry, consider the circumstances. One thing is clothes and accessories for a business meeting, another is outfit and jewelry for a gala event or a theater, the third is for going to a restaurant or a nightclub.
Items to wear with business attire to work are modest but stylish. When choosing them, you need to be guided by minimalism, simplicity of form and sophistication. They should not be conspicuous and be the main focus of the outfit. Their role is to complement it elegantly and unobtrusively. Both classical and modern forms, inspired by simplicity and minimalism, are optimal.

In casual, country and boho styles, long and thick beads, colorful necklaces with several pendants and fringed earrings are acceptable.
In a nightclub, large and shiny decorations that shimmer beautifully in the light of the dance floor lights will be appropriate. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to shine in a festive attire. If you don’t like it, then nothing prevents you from creating a classic elegant look. But this time you can afford something more than just business style and choose luxurious jewelry.
For a romantic dinner, you should bet on something delicate, sophisticated, which will emphasize beauty. In such a situation, jewelry should give us charm, and not take it away.

How to choose neck jewelry for different types of necklines

How to decorate a V-neck

The most difficult thing is to choose jewelry for a V-neck. Clothing with such a neckline is a great choice for tall and full women, because the long triangular neckline optically takes weight off the shoulders, narrows them and elongates the neck. This emphasizes feminine forms, especially the bust, and slims the figure.

The best jewelry for a V-neck is jewelry accessories of a similar shape. Long graceful chains with pendants will look great. These V-neck embellishments dramatically slim the neck and accentuate the décolletage. But the model of the chain or necklace should not be too short or too long. Then it will look too provocative, especially for women with full breasts. And for petite ladies, she will emphasize the small size of her breasts and expose protruding collarbones.

What jewelry goes with a round neckline

A t-shirt, blouse, sweater or dress with a crew neck gives the most freedom when choosing jewelry — from long classic chains to delicate jewelry and trendy chokers that are back in fashion. Also, large, spectacular necklaces or massive chains will look great, which contrast interestingly with casual clothes.

If you’ve ever bought jewelry that doesn’t suit you, wear a plain t-shirt, you’re sure to find that it looks good with a bright chunky necklace.

The selection of jewelry for blouses, T-shirts and sundresses with a slightly oval neckline is more complicated — an incorrectly selected chain can visually shorten and expand the neck. Short necklaces will do. They can be with a pendant, but not too big.

What jewelry goes with a round neckline

Decorations for boat neckline

This is the rare case when it is worth abandoning jewelry on the neck altogether so that they do not distract attention from the decorative neckline.
In some situations, especially against the background of plain and not shiny outfits, thin and not too long pendants are appropriate.
An unequivocal answer to the question “what kind of jewelry will fit a boat neckline or an asymmetric neckline?” — earrings. Depending on the hairstyle, they can be long and different sizes.

The same applies to the choice of accessories for a deep Spanish neckline, when only the shoulders are open. Such clothing is very decorative in itself, so focus on minimalism and combine it with a delicate chain and dangle earrings.
But for those who want to draw attention to the face and décolleté with a sweetheart neckline, which is especially desirable to hide full hips, long chains with a richly decorated pendant and large streamlined necklaces are suitable.

How to choose jewelry for a shirt neckline

Here everything depends on the case. For business meetings and formal events, the safest solution is a delicate chain with a pendant that will not attract too much attention to itself. A short pendant imitating a brooch hidden under the collar also looks elegant.

In everyday and street style, when the shirt collar is open, the neckline is beautifully accentuated by necklaces, consisting of several chains of different lengths that form an original cascade.

If you’re wearing an open collar, wear V-necks or chain ties. When fastening buttons around your neck, wear a necklace under your collar, just as men do with ties. But then avoid V-shaped chains, which will not be noticeable, and wear round necklaces.

How to properly decorate the neckline of a turtleneck or golf?

A short necklace is definitely not suitable for such a neckline, as it can disrupt the proportions of the figure. Opt for longer round necklaces or chains with statement pendants to help slim down your neck, or large earrings. In an elegant style, you can wear a pearl thread or a chain with several geometric pendants.

Decorations for a square neckline

In the case of dresses and sleeveless shirts with a straight neckline, almost any accessory will look good. You can wear a long expressive necklace that covers the clothes, or a delicate one under the neck. Interesting decorations under the neckline are chokers with a vintage openwork pendant or medallion.

Important! Different accessories suit different women’s silhouettes

Appropriate jewelry helps to balance the proportions of an imperfect figure and emphasize the dignity of appearance.

  • A woman with a miniature complexion goes with small thin ornaments. Small beads, thin chains with one tiny pendant, openwork earrings. Large and bulky items should be avoided.
  • If the silhouette is powerful enough, the decoration should not be miniature, because then everything looks rather grotesque. In this situation, you will have to choose accessories of a slightly larger size. The main thing is not to overdo it.
  • With small stature, avoid large and very long jewelry, as they can optically shorten the figure.
  • Tall women and girls can afford large accessories with clear geometric shapes. Too thin jewelry will not be noticeable.
  • With large breasts, round chains, large pendants, openwork pendants and long beads should be avoided. Items must be medium in size.
  • If the bust is small, you should choose brooches and necklaces, consisting of many small round elements. It is better to refuse heavy long pendants.
  • A short neck requires decorative, necessarily oblong earrings. Such models allow it to visually lengthen. Necklaces should be fairly loose and thin, but not oval.
  • When the silhouette is disproportionate and you need to distract yourself from too massive hips or wide shoulders, you should wear spectacular jewelry on the ears and / or a large original necklace.
  • The lack of a waist can be counterbalanced by a long necklace with a pendant, which optically shape the silhouette, restoring its beautiful proportions.

Decorations for a square neckline

Now that you know what kind of neckline goes with what jewelry, take a look at your wardrobe and jewelry box. You will definitely find that you can create completely new sets from what you already have. Check out our catalog from time to time. It is regularly updated with fashionable jewelry and bijouterie from new collections.

The perfect selection of jewelry, taking into account all the aspects described above, can be a daunting task. Sometimes it is not realistic to take into account the style and shape of the face, the type of figure and the type of decollete, and you will have to find a reasonable, tasteful compromise. However, it is always worth a try because the effect can be really amazing.