Today, it is difficult to find a person whose wardrobe would not be complemented by jewelry. Such trinkets allow you to emphasize the individuality of the style, and also provide an opportunity to create a harmoniously completed image. Be that as it may, purchasing such an accessory is always a small holiday.

Someone can prepare for this event for a long time, carefully studying the assortment of jewelry in Ukraine through an online store for more than one day. Others just go to the store when they are in the mood and make spontaneous purchases. In both cases, it is extremely important how prepared you are for such a process. In other words, you should be interested in how to choose jewelry so that you do not later regret your purchase.

A few tips on this matter

The main thing that is usually paid attention to in the first place is the price of the accessory. Most often, it is she who is the starting point in this matter. It should be said right away that if you feel that a ring, necklace or chain is «yours», and you really like them, and at the same time your financial situation allows you — then by all means buy it. However, pay some attention to the information below.

Place of purchase.

If you want to be sure that you will not get a fake or defective item, do not go to dubious places such as markets and fairs. For this purpose, it is better to go to a proven point of sale: only there they can give you a guarantee of quality. Jewelry in an online store is also less safe from the point of view of fraud, and you can always check the information about them again with a specialist. Therefore, on the website of an online store that can be trusted, there will definitely be addresses and telephone numbers of the central office and branches, if there are any.


Here, the priority also belongs to jewelry stores — in them you can try on a ring, a chain, and earrings at your leisure. If you decide to buy online, it is better to order the product with a courier. In this case, payment for the order is made only on the condition that you liked the new item and it fits perfectly in all parameters.


The production of jewelry from silver, gold and other precious metals requires mandatory accompanying informational material placed on the tag. As a rule, the manufacturer’s brand, sample number, diamond evaluation criteria, etc. are indicated there. All this allows you to avoid fakes and at the same time not to overpay for the product itself. In this case, the jewelry tag is a kind of jewelry passport.

Jewelry inserts.

Quite often, jewelry is supplemented with other materials, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the final cost of jewelry. Stones, which can be both precious and artificial, act as such inserts. Information about them is also provided on the accompanying label.

Size and other parameters.

How to choose the right gold jewelry? The most important thing in this case is not to hurry with the choice, but to carefully think in advance with what, how and when you will wear the new jewelry. Particular attention should be paid to the configuration of the product in order to understand how it will harmonize with your style.

Jewelry tags: what you need to pay attention to

As already mentioned above, this element is considered the main accompanying document if it concerns a purchase in a serious jewelry store. When choosing any product, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • appearance — the label is usually made of thick glossy paper and has a hole with an eyelet through which a thread is passed connecting it to the decoration. In addition, it must have a seal that must not be broken;
  • manufacturing company — it can be of domestic or foreign origin;
  • legal address of the company producing such products;
  • the name of the decoration — both general and branded, as well as its article number;
  • a sample confirming the purity of the metal;
  • Total mass;
  • description of the insert (if available) — material, weight, number of carats for precious stones, other;
  • size — either the ring number or the length of the chain or bracelet.

Careful study of the tag allows you to avoid many problems in the future. In addition, you should also carefully examine the product itself. A stamp affixed in the correct place will be considered as confirmation of its authenticity. On rings, it is located on the inside, on earrings — on brackets, and on chains — on the lock or on adjacent parts.

pendants and pendants contain a «print» on the pendant element, sometimes on the back of the product itself. The imprint on the bracelet is on the ring or connecting link between the main part and the clasp. Finding a stamp in any other place indicates the dishonesty of the manufacturer or seller. It is better not to buy such jewelry in this place, otherwise you risk being deceived and getting some incomprehensible alloy instead of gold.

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