Some women wear dresses every day, while others wait for a special occasion to finally take it out of the wardrobe and «walk». Regardless of which group you belong to, remember that a set is not complete without the right accessories. The key to success is the right shoes, handbag and jewelry!

We have created a guide on how to choose the right jewelry for a dress that will emphasize your beauty and complement the outfit. These tips will come in handy not only for a New Year’s party, but also for any other occasion when you wear a dress.

The main principle of choosing suitable jewelry for a dress is the power of simplicity

You are probably familiar with this situation: it’s time to go out, the dress, hairstyle and makeup are ready, but the image is still not complete. In this case, properly selected accessories always come to the rescue, and the fewer of them, the better.

One spectacular pendant will make a greater impression if other products do not distract attention from it. This especially applies to large, colorful and spectacular decorations of original forms.

If your dress has a simple cut, you can choose a multilayer necklace consisting of several chains, which will beautifully decorate the neckline, hanging cascade earrings — and the wow effect is guaranteed.

Do not forget about a ring or several small rings decorated with stones. You can wear rings of this type on one finger or arrange them so that they adorn 3 adjacent fingers — the index, middle and ring fingers.

For dresses with a high top and long sleeves, choose clear earrings with stones.

If you do not like jewels with stones, choose large earrings-rings or models with pendants in the form of coins, playful wings or a heart. In addition to earrings, wear a bracelet, or better several bracelets, with charming chains with pendants.

A lady who has chosen a dress with long sleeves should bet on a ring with large stones, such as a beautiful sapphire decorated with small diamonds, and a decorative bracelet.

How to choose jewelry for a dress?

Rules for choosing jewelry for a dress

  • Minimalism and simplicity are an option that will never harm the image. If you are not sure whether a particular decoration will suit your style, carefully combine patterns, textures and colors.

  • If you want to avoid a stunning effect, choose one expressive accessory. Pair a chunky necklace with short silver earrings, and if you’re going to wear a ring with a large stone, skip the bracelet.

  • Jewelry is designed to draw attention and enhance your beauty, not distract from your outfit. A sheath evening dress with a neckline with sequins, beads or lace does not require a bright necklace around the neck — choose elegant earrings with clear stones, rather than gems.

Jewelry for a long boho dress

Natural stones, long necklaces or interesting motifs in the form of feathers or dream catchers are suitable for airy summer maxi dresses in an ethnic style. The best jewelry for a dress with open shoulders — earrings and thick bracelets hang from open shoulders and hands. In the summer, girls can afford to be a little careless. Do not be afraid to mix patterns and boldly combine several necklaces, bracelets or rings in a single style!

Jewelry for a wedding dress

Despite the fact that in this case you can be bolder in choosing accessories, it is better to follow one rule. Do not combine a spectacular necklace with decorative earrings! If you want the image to have a strong accent, choose an unusual ring or bracelet in the same style. An equally interesting solution will be a timeless jewelry set with precious stones!

If your dress has an open back, you should highlight this detail by wearing a necklace around the back and hanging it on the back. This will further emphasize the value of the dress.

A dress decorated with sequins is itself brilliant and attracts attention. Often, ladies mistakenly believe that in this case it is necessary to abandon jewelry. But then the image will look incomplete. The role of jewelry is to complement, add the final style, so in this case, look at the box and choose simple, delicate jewelry for contrast. Light earrings of a simple shape or decorated with a delicate stone.

How to choose jewelry for an evening dress

The decoration for the dress under the neck should be of the appropriate length so that it does not disappear under the fabric. Do not forget to show moderation in this case and focus on one strong accent!

How to choose jewelry for a dress also depends on the silhouette. A pendant on a long chain in combination with a deep neckline will make the figure slimmer and optically lengthen the neck. Short necklaces and chokers shorten the neck and visually make the silhouette more voluminous.

The choice of decorative elements depends on the type of neckline! Smooth finishing elements and a turtleneck neckline will be the perfect background for necklaces or pearl strings, which will make the silhouette slimmer.

V-shaped necklines should be combined with delicate necklaces, not too long chains with pendants or necklaces.

When choosing additional jewelry for a necklace, pay attention to brooches! This ensemble is considered a little risky. It is important that these accessories do not conflict with each other.

Cut and cut are not everything. The color of the chosen outfit is no less important. Ideal jewelry for a white, dark blue, gray or black dress — classic, simple models in muted tones. But silver or white gold should be combined with cold colors, and yellow and red gold — with warm ones. The exception is a white, dark blue and black dress. Both gold and silver are perfect for them

If you are not afraid of experiments, choose jewelry with stones of contrasting shades. Emphasize dark outfits with light jewelry, and vice versa — combine muted light tones with dark accessories. Use a color palette. Choose details that will stand out from the material. Red or pink jewelry will harmonize with a green dress, purple — with yellow, and vice versa. Orange or gold accessories are combined with a dark blue outfit.

How to wear jewelry with a black dress

Jewelry allows you to change the character of any outfit by matching it to the right occasion.

A delicate silver necklace will add the elegance necessary for a business meeting. Original oval earrings are perfect for a party or a meeting with friends.

Jewelry for a black evening dress, which sparkles and attracts attention, will help create a festive look for a special occasion. It is easy to choose appropriate accessories for a black dress. This universal color is perfectly combined with silver and gold jewelry, and will also be a beautiful background for a large necklace and long earrings with iridescent stones.

In the case of complex materials, such as jacquard and velor with sequins, frills or frills, be careful with the selection of details. A universal solution is delicate earrings with pearls or rings.

Avant-garde jewelry will distract attention from the evening dress. If you choose a lace outfit, consider its cut. Choose original earrings and, if the neckline is open, you can afford to wear a necklace or necklace. Open hands should be highlighted with a thick bracelet. Thin decorations can easily disappear against the background of lace.

How to choose jewelry for an evening dress

  • When combining accessories with clothes of different shades, follow the principle of contrast — a light necklace or brooch will stand out beautifully against the background of a dark dress.

  • Simple silver products are best suited to dresses made of multi-colored material with a pattern.

  • Gold is the perfect accessory for official events. But it is best combined with dresses of plain colors — it looks great with dresses in shades of white, ecru and black, pastel or dusty pink.

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