Wedding style consists of many elements that must be in harmony with each other and form a single whole. Therefore, at first the bride chooses a wedding dress, and other accessories for it. After reading this article, you will know:

  • why is it important to choose the right one jewelry for wedding dress;
  • is it possible to wear everyday jewelry and bijouterie to a wedding;
  • what rules should be followed when choosing them;
  • how to choose earrings for a wedding dress and many other nuances that many stylists and photographers are silent about.

The main principle of choosing jewelry for a wedding dress

The right choice of jewelry has a huge impact on the image, appearance and emotional state of a woman. They are able to revive and refresh clothes, give it a solemn, festive or official character.

Thanks to well-chosen accessories, you can eliminate any figure flaws, emphasize the advantages of the figure and create your own individual character. Many jewelry act as a talisman — give women self-confidence.

Jewelry, provided the right choice of material, color and type, acts as a frame for the composition planned for the wedding day. They ennoble and add shine to the image, regardless of whether they are accessories from the latest jewelry collection that is relevant this season, or belong to classic all-season models.

The secret of a good choice bijouterie — earrings, bracelets or necklaces — to the wedding dress is to match them with other elements of the outfit.

They must be made in the same style and from the same type of material. All these elements should interact and complement each other. You should buy them immediately after trying on the dress in order to check which products will go well with all the elements of the wedding attire, and which ones will not.

A win-win option is to purchase a wedding set (headset).

Casual decorations fit the whole concept of the image of the bride, if they are in harmony with wedding dress so as to emphasize the importance of this event. They should not be random, so you can not postpone their selection until the very last moment, because the image of the bride can turn out to be a little chaotic. In no case should you combine pearl earrings, a gold bracelet or a necklace with crystals!

How to choose jewelry for a wedding dress

The first important rule concerns the number of accessories. Don’t go overboard with trinkets unless you want to look like a Christmas tree! Therefore, when choosing jewelry for a wedding dress, the principle “less is more” is of particular importance. Accessories cannot overshadow the beauty of the bride, but only reveal her natural charm and magnificence.

Find a balance between the ornament on the dress and the decorations — this is the basis for maintaining the consistency and harmony of the wedding look.

If the dress has a modern cut, you can afford jewelry of an unusual shape. In the case of classic outfits, it is better to choose classic jewelry: pearls, silver or gold without any inserts of stones and other additions.

If the wedding dress is very chic and richly decorated, the decoration cannot be very modest, because then it will be overshadowed by the fussy style of the dress. At the same time, accessories cannot be too lush, because then the bride’s outfit will look tasteless.

If the neckline is richly decorated, it is better to completely abandon the necklace and buy small earrings and a bracelet.

If you have bet on an outfit whose corset is studded with Swarovski stones, you should not complement it with a spectacular necklace.

If you have a simpler dress and an impressive chunky necklace, opt for smaller earrings, as the stars did at the last Oscars.

Selection of jewelry of a certain style for a wedding dress

When looking for wedding jewelry, you need to consider the style of your outfit. If your wedding celebration and dress are boho, and instead of a model of earrings made of feathers and a bracelet with floral ornaments, you buy dangling earrings studded with sparkling crystals, you will definitely not get the effect of a thoughtful whole.

Pairing a vintage-inspired wedding dress with innovative embellishments and opulent rose gold would be a dramatic stylistic failure.

It is important that the decoration complements the dress, and not vice versa. It should be selected so that it is in harmony with the finish on the fabric. If the dress is embroidered with rhinestones, you should include similar elements in the image that will make it complete.

Products in the form of a rose are suitable for a Spanish-style dress — both hairpins, hoops and wreaths for hair, as well as a necklace with a pendant in the form of this flower for the neckline.

A luxurious puffy dress will be combined with classic jewelry, and a modest one with thin and delicate ones.

Pearls are an elegant and classic decoration, regardless of the style, cut and shade of the dress. A string of pearls perfectly absorbs and reflects light.

Choosing the color of jewelry and beautiful jewelry for the wedding

If you are having trouble deciding what to choose — silver or gold, consider your color type (complexion, eyes, hair) and temperament.

Gold will look beautiful with dark skin and dark hair.

A lot depends on the shade of gold.

Yellow gold goes well with a dark ecru dress. But if you want a more vintage effect, you can choose silver, especially antique or oxidized.

Light-skinned platinum blondes in a white dress and silver jewelry will look like snow queens.

If on wedding dress there are decorative elements, the easiest way decorations match them by color.

However, be careful with the colors of the stones: if you decide to add bright and colorful accents, stick to them consistently.

If you opted for a snow-white dress, then the best solution would be to choose beautiful silvery jewelry for the bridewhich further enhances the effect of pure white.

An unsuccessful option would be a combination of silver jewelry and wedding dress jewelry shades of beige, pink, creamy white, ivory colors. The same applies to the recommendation that what should be suitable champagne wedding dress jewelry.

The flash of massive earrings or a crystal necklace can cause the wrong visual perception. Against their background, the outfit will look old or yellowed, especially in the photo. In this case, gold items with stones of warm shades are better suited.

For an ecru-colored dress, you should choose gold-colored jewelry or with an insert made of warm-colored stone. For a colored or white dress with transparent inserts, it is best to choose jewelry of the same color.

If you are a bright, energetic and self-confident woman, the most suitable jewelry will be expressive, with a touch of extravagance or a bright color. If you are modest and have a calm disposition, choose delicate and small products.

How to choose jewelry for a wedding dress with different types of neckline

Necklace and earrings should be selected taking into account the shape of the neckline. If the dress has an open top (classic straight corset), you have complete freedom of action. You can wear a set of products of any shape, just not quite miniature.

Straight classic, square and boat neckline are suitable for any jewelry. A necklace, a chain with a pendant, a massive necklace or shoulder-length earrings will look great. If you opt for large earrings, the necklace should be thinner. Combine a massive necklace with delicate models of earrings.

As off-the-shoulder wedding dress jewelry you can afford to wear a choker or necklace of any type.

If you are not planning any jewelry around the neck, then the best solution under off the shoulder wedding dress there will be long decorative earrings.

For a V-shaped neckline, a necklace that goes along the neckline, forming the letter V or Y, is suitable. If the dress is decorated with straps, then you can refuse the necklace and wear a bracelet or earrings.

Wearing an outfit with a small round neckline, it is better to refuse massive necklaces and necklaces in favor of larger pendant and voluminous earrings.

If the dress is in Greek or Roman style with an asymmetrical one-shoulder neckline, then all kinds of necklaces and necklaces are definitely out of the question. As for earrings, give preference to studs and studs without hanging elements.

Basic jewelry accessories for a short wedding dress. Silver and platinum, as well as diamonds, crystals and rhinestones, are suitable for a snow-white dress. Pearls and light gold go well with a short ivory shade. Earrings and a bracelet will look beautiful with such a necklace, which will additionally emphasize the beauty of the bride and emphasize the uniqueness of her image.

A high neckline is a self-sufficient decoration, so you will have to give up jewelry on the neck in favor of spectacular earrings with a gently iridescent bracelet if the dress is not with long sleeves.

For a heart-shaped neckline, choose a round necklace and a Y-shaped necklace, as well as a delicate chain.

How to choose earrings for a wedding dress

If you have chosen a lace outfit, feel free to give preference to openwork earrings with leaves or floral motifs. To such wedding dress can pick up and smooth decorations in classic style.

If you have a round face and not very expressive cheekbones, you should not buy earrings with round or round elements. Hanging earrings are suitable, optically lengthening the face. In the case of an oblong or oval face, it is better to abandon long pendants, and choose short, but more decorative ones.

If you have a square face, you can opt for earrings in the shape of circles or with round elements to soften the harsh features. If it’s triangular with a pointed chin, avoid earrings that taper down as they accentuate it. A good solution is earrings that are narrower at the top (near the ear) and wider at the bottom.

When choosing earrings made of any metal, try them on if possible. Pay attention to how comfortable you are in them. Some products may cling to the fabric.

If you choose big earrings that you don’t wear every day, you’ll have to get used to them — wear them a few days before the wedding ceremony, just like high-heeled shoes.

Just in case, you can buy and take with you a second pair of smaller earrings to change them in case of overwork.

How to choose jewelry for a wedding dress if you are allergic to many jewelry alloys

Allergy to wedding earrings, necklace or bracelet sounds like a bad joke, but in practice it’s not funny. A slight rash on the neckline is possible when wearing a necklace made of silver or gold mixed with nickel. The same goes for redness and suppuration of the ears caused by nickel earrings.

Then you need to choose jewelry for the wedding very carefully. It is important that they do not contain nickel. Due to its low cost, it is often used to make inexpensive jewelry.

Other impurities can also cause irritation. When buying products, pay attention to the composition and material and its coating. The terms “galvanized” and “patinated” (artificial aging to give products a vintage look) should alert. This may mean that chemicals were used in the production that can cause allergic reactions. In this case, give preference to products made of natural or medical gold and silver. The more organic metal in the alloy, the better.

How to choose a decoration for a wedding dress for a hairstyle

It is worth considering the planned hairstyle and facial contours. A round face will be slender with long dangling earrings, which ladies with long and pointed features should avoid.

A crown, diadem or tiara with a comb look beautiful on loose long hair, decorative hairpins on high hairstyles.

If you decide to wear a wedding headdress, choose among the options for products with crystals, feathers and fresh flowers. They match your hair color, hairstyle, dress style and face shape.

Large expressive ornaments are suitable for wide dresses, and more delicate ones for modest ones.

An elegantly decorated hat goes well with a tight sheath dress.

If you are tall, choose compositions with small and delicate ornaments.

Now you know, how right choose decorative accessories for a wedding dress