Jewelry is always nice, but you feel special pleasure when you choose them. They emphasize female attractiveness, allow you to get to know yourself better and look at ordinary things with different eyes. What should you choose earrings? Just buy what you like. So choose those who do not bother with the topic or the special message of the thing. Decoration is not just beautiful, but as informative and harmonious as possible. And all this still has to fit the type of face! Agree, a difficult task! Let’s talk about one of the most ancient jewelry — earrings.

How did the earrings come about?

Earrings were first mentioned in the history of Ancient Egypt. An interesting fact is that men were the first to wear them. The accessory served as a talisman against evil spirits and evil forces. They wore such decoration only among the nobility. Women, for the first time, earrings were used as an ornament in the ears in ancient Rome and Greece. It was an ordinary metal disk, but later they began to decorate it with additional elements or make it in an unusual shape.

In the New Age, the Catholic Church forbade wearing earrings. The accessory was popular among thieves, sailors, gypsies. Wearing it was bad manners and a sin. Already in the 15th century, earrings began to take on new forms, they were decorated with pearls and precious stones.

An interesting fact is that the old Russian word «earring» in translation means «ring». This form was the first female jewelry of this style. Modern earrings are a huge selection of shapes, colors, stones and themes. Pandora earrings are so original. By the way, the goddess Pandora herself, according to legend, was a noble fashionista, and earrings were one of her main decorations. To match, the shape of her face and outfit, her earrings were chosen for her by Athena herself, the goddess of wisdom and justice.

What do modern earrings look like?

Pandora is a brand that perfectly shows all the charms and possibilities of such jewelry as earrings. Modern earrings — there are several types:

  • Carnations«. Most Popular. This is a small piece of jewelry that is attached to the earlobe with a special “stud” pin. Hence the name.
  • Earrings mono. Ordinary jewelry, looks like an earring. Its peculiarity is that it is worn only on one ear.
  • Chandeliers. Massive decorations, “pendants”. It is richly studded with stones, often made in several tiers.
  • Tunnels. Original jewelry that is inserted into the hole on the earlobe. Their peculiarity is that the earring must be inside the hole, and not just hang on the lobe.
  • Congo. Just round earrings.
  • For piercing. Used for piercing only. Most often it is «carnations».
  • Cuffs. Earrings that are attached not only to the lobe, but also to other parts of the ear.

Pandora perfectly combines different styles. Among the brand’s jewelry, you can find “studs” (“Floral Lace”, “Silver Hearts”, “Blue Round”), congo (“With Pandora Logo”, “Pearls”), cuffs (“Open Heart”) or “pendants” (“Shooting Stars”, “Sincere Love”, “Magic Feathers”).

What to look for when choosing jewelry?

A difficult question is faced by the representative of the fair half, when there are a lot of different proposals around. What to choose? How to buy earrings that will suit your skin tone, face type and overall style of clothing? Choose models with precious stones or classic pure metal? These and many other questions constantly arise when you start choosing earrings.

The correct approach to this problem is already half of its solution. What are we paying attention to?

  1. Metal. First of all, we sweep aside everything that we are allergic to or intolerant to. If there are no health problems, but only specific addictions, we choose what we like. No specific wishes? Then choose silver or combined metals. The Pandora brand is rich in such jewelry. He produces a lot of products made of silver, but coated with 18 carat gold. Ideal for price and quality. For example, the Pandora Shine collection includes all such products. There are several types of earrings of different configurations — “Butterfly”, “Honeycombs” and others.
  2. stones. All products from Pandora use cubic zirconia to decorate jewelry. This is a synthetically created stone, made from zirconium oxide. It is asymmetrical. The main advantage is the color. Cubic zirconia ranges from bright blue (“Blue Round”) to soft pink (“Peach Blossom”). Ideal for making jewelry and creating a bright image.
  3. Forms. A suitable size and shape emphasizes the advantages and remove the disadvantages. You need to pay attention not only to the shape of the jewelry, but also to the shape of the face. These combinations must match.
  4. A hairstyle. The position, length and type of hair emphasize the overall picture, so you need to choose earrings based on the hairstyle. She can change the shape of the head, which is important.
  5. eye color. A tandem of colors on your face and in your image is a wonderful accent. If possible, choose everything by color, combine shades.
  6. Style. Here the choice depends solely on the place, time of day and clothing. The Pandora brand has made sure that you always have something to wear. If you need everyday small earrings, “Drops of Pavé” or “Rainbow of Love” are ideal, for an original bright outfit for a club party — “Shimmering Leaves” or “Balloon and Heart”.
  7. Age. Girls and women of any age can wear completely different types of jewelry, but there are moments that can make your look more open and whole. The beautiful half is a little older, you should choose products of a more massive style, with a lot of stones. An example would be the Vintage Charm model. Large earrings will take your eyes off them and visually hide imperfections on your face. For young ladies, you can pick up defiant earrings.

Earrings according to the shape of the face

Very often, women choose what they like, but do not turn to elementary stylistic advice. This refers to the ratio of forms and combinations. Earrings are the face. Our face can be of different shapes, respectively, and different earrings may or may not suit us. There are 6 face shapes:

  1. round;
  2. square;
  3. «pear»;
  4. elongated;
  5. «diamond-shaped»;
  6. «triangle»

It is better for chubby people to choose elongated earrings — “Sincere Love”, “Sparkling Feathers”, “Dazzling Butterflies”. For girls with a “square” face, smooth lines are suitable — “Weaves”, “Dazzling daisies”. Classical forms are ideal for a pear-shaped face, without a pronounced accent — “Sparkling Zirconia”, “Silver Hearts”. For an elongated face, on the contrary, choose bright earrings of a round shape of the “congo” type — “With the Pandora Logo”, “Pearls”. Girls with a diamond-shaped face will suit not too hanging smooth shapes — “Heart and Shell”, “Modern LovePods”, “Elegant Beauty”. A triangle-shaped face with a narrow chin will fit earrings of the same shape, but with an extension to the bottom — “Princess’s Desire”, “Abstract Elegance”.

Hairstyles and earrings

The hairstyle visually changes the shape of the face, the styling itself looks completely different if you pick up different earrings. Updos are a great opportunity to wear long earrings, or chain earrings, such as the model Shooting Stars. For lower beams or buns, round earrings are suitable — “Infinity”, “Shining Love”. Just flowing long hair is the perfect combination with small pendants. Great examples from Pandora are Elegant Beauty and Modern LovePods. To add explosive feelings to curly hair of any shape and length, bright earrings — “Shining Elegance” will help. Lovers of asymmetrical hairstyles will be able to balance the look with earrings of different shapes. Such originality of Pandora cannot be taken away! Under the asymmetric hairstyle, “Balloon and heart”, “Gift of the gods” are suitable.

Eye color earrings

If the color of the eyes and earrings are combined, this is a complete image. In this case, Pandora wins like no one else. Thanks to cubic zirconia, which adorn the earrings, the brand has the opportunity to create any color and shade. This means that you can most successfully choose earrings for the color of your eyes. In this case, you have 2 options — choose earrings with a colored stone to match or play with contrasts.

For blue-eyed girls, earrings with blue or blue shades are ideal — “Eternal Elegance”, “Brilliant Snowflake” or play on contrasts — orange, yellow. To the last, a great version of the Butterfly earring. Earrings with turquoise inserts are combined with green eyes — “Magic Feathers”, “Heavenly Perfection”. Dark brown eyes go well with brown, dull yellow, red and green stones, as well as just gold earrings.

When choosing earrings to match your eye color, remember that the color should not be brighter and overwhelm your eyes, but emphasize them.

Summing up

Choosing earrings is quite easy, you just need to turn on your logic and imagination. In thick hairstyles, small earrings will be lost and will not have any effect, but for a short haircut with an open ear, they will be just right. Explore our tips, analyze your style, and your perfect earrings are already waiting in the Fragola online store! ї

❓ How to choose earrings?

Pandora is the perfect combination of features, style and price. Earrings from Pandora can be matched to eye color, face shape, clothing style or hairstyle.

?How to choose earrings according to the shape of your face?

It is easy to choose earrings according to the shape of your face. It is enough to choose the right model that will complement your forms.

?How to choose earrings for your hair?

Most of the time you use your everyday hairstyle. For a significant event, we usually change something. Choosing the right earrings is very important, because a different hairstyle means different facial contours. This affects the choice of hairstyle.

?How to choose earrings according to eye color?

The classic combination of eye color and jewelry such as earrings is tone on tone, but you can choose the jewelry by playing on contrasts. This option can be especially bright!