Modern women’s wristwatches, in addition to their main function, can effectively complement any style. Every fashionista wants to have at least a few pairs of wristwatches in order to feel confident in any situation and create a pleasant impression of herself.

There are many models on the market and any girl has many questions. What watch is in fashion now? Which watch will suit me? Which brands are better? In this material, you will learn what you need to be guided by when buying and how to choose the right women’s watch.

Types of women’s wristwatches

Women’s watches are divided into groups:

  • Everyday. This includes classic models and watches with an unusual shape. The first are worn with business clothes, they are strict and limited in additions. The others are well suited for creating everyday interesting images.
  • Designer. They differ in unusual decor and color scheme.
  • Elite. It is an excellent choice for festive events.
  • Sports. Such accessories are ideal for young people involved in sports. They can be adapted to any situation.

How to choose a women’s watch: what should be considered?

Don’t know how to choose a women’s wristwatch? Then you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Mechanism. If you don’t want to wind your watch every day, choose a model with a quartz movement. They are not so prone to dust and high humidity. And they are quite affordable. The main thing is to change the battery on time.
  • Model material. There are models made of titanium alloy, platinum, brass, palladium, gold, silver, leather, etc. The most optimal material in terms of price and quality is stainless steel. Ceramic watches are not only beautiful, but also wear-resistant, they retain their original appearance for a long time. Silver is considered the most «capricious» material. It needs constant care so that its luxurious and attractive appearance is not lost.
  • Method of attachment. There is no particular difference between a bracelet and a strap, so choose the option to your taste, based on your preferences.
  • Functional. The stuffing of branded watches can be different. The main thing is to immediately decide what functions you need. It can be an alarm clock, GPS system, perpetual calendar, second time zone, tachometer, calendar, backlight, etc. If you don’t want to overpay for items you’re unlikely to need, buy a simpler model.
  • Design. Choose the option that you like more. It is better to immediately decide for what purpose you are buying them, and with what outfits you will combine them.

Decide on your size

To choose a good women’s watch, first of all decide on your ideal size. When buying, consider the size of the dial. Large models are very popular today, but they are not suitable for girls with fragile hands. Therefore, it is worth choosing a model comparable to your body. The watch should not squeeze or cause discomfort when worn. They should reliably cover the hand and sit moderately tightly.

color choice

How to choose the right women’s watch by color? Remember, the color determines the tone of the product. With well-chosen watches, you can effectively complement the image or make a bright accent.

For everyday wear, buy brown, black, gold or silver devices. They are considered classics and always look appropriate.

For entertainment, choose products with any pattern on the dial and an interesting strap. In the summer, it is better to wear models of saturated colors, and in the off-season, you can get by with models of muted shades.

Choosing a women’s wristwatch takes a lot of time. If you are going to get the most out of your purchase, look at the price-quality ratio of your favorite watches, as well as the service of the store where you make the purchase. Packaging, manufacturer’s warranty, quality service, bonuses — all this plays an important role.

Try to choose a watch based on your budget. If you can afford products from luxury time companies, you should not deny yourself such pleasure.

Following the above tips, you will be able to buy a really high-quality and practical accessory that will perfectly match your style.