This article will be useful for those who have decided to choose a chain as a gift for their husband. We will tell you what to consider when choosing this men’s accessory.

How to choose a chain size for a man?

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Note the size of the collar in his shirts worn by the recipient. The circumference of the neck depends on this parameter, and it depends on the physique.

If the size of the collar is unknown, in order to understand what length of chain to choose for a man, you will have to measure him or his neck with a centimeter tape. But then there will be no surprise.

If a man is short with a circumference of less than 40 cm, a 45 cm long chain is enough for him. This option will fit slightly under the neck without causing discomfort.

For tall men with a neck circumference of about 45 cm, a length from 55 cm is suitable (depending on individual preferences).

In addition, how to choose the length of a chain for a man, you should consider the width. When the chain is not very wide, but long, it can create the impression of a female version. When choosing a longer version (from 50 cm), it is worth making sure that it has a width of at least 1.5 mm, so that the optical proportions do not affect the appearance of the weaving. This principle also works in reverse. A short chain for a person with a small height will be too wide, it looks unaesthetic. In this situation, a narrower option of medium length is better. This will avoid inconsistencies and inconsistencies.

What weaving chain is better to choose for a man?

Men's gold chains around the neck, types of weaving, sizes, thick ...

Weaving is a different form of links and the type of their connection. Some of the chains can look distinctly feminine due to the fine mesh structure.

Choose a massive voluminous chain that goes well with a man’s style and strong character. Here are the most common men’s braids.

  • Armored — consists of interconnected individual flattened links on the sides. Thanks to this, it is very strong. It resembles impact-resistant armor. The traditional shell has many versions. The links can have patterns on the sides, they can be sharpened and beautifully reflect light, they can be black in the curves, and the top layer is dull. The chain can be double, that is, two links are connected to each other, creating a more compact weave. Links can also have a rectangular or square shape with an oval hole in the center.

  • Figaro consists of two or three small links intertwined with one large, more elongated one. The links can be flattened and polished on the sides. The name of this weaving comes from the name of the main character of the opera «The Marriage of Figaro». He wore a chain with this weave. It was in 1786 that chain weaving was called Figaro weaving. At first it was popular in Italy, but over time its popularity spread all over the world. Currently, it is produced serially by all jewelers.

  • Byzantine weaving is made of cells connected to each other in a special way. Each link passes through the next four.

  • The English snake is a chain with a cross section ranging from round and square to pentagonal and octagonal. It resembles a snake, because it consists of modules that are located close to each other.

  • Ball weaving consists of balls that look as if they are stretched on a string with equal intervals between them. Today, this type is produced in many variants. Instead of balls, there can be links in the form of cylinders, eggs or long rectangles. Chains are made from very thin up to 1 mm to very thick 6-7 mm.

  • Cardano comes from the drive shaft used to transfer drive from the gearbox to the wheel. It was invented by a mathematician, physician, mechanic and astrologer named Cardano, who lived about 500 years ago. The gimbal consists of elongated modules connected by transverse joints. There are different combinations of this weaving. Chains can have a round, octagonal, square cross-section.

  • Singapore is a spatial interweaving that resembles the structure of DNA. The links are not flat, but each one is slightly twisted at a right angle, so the whole chain is twisted.

  • Anker in English means anchor. Chain links are usually oval, but other variations can also be found. The peculiarity of this weaving is that one link in the middle connects the next two, which are located at an angle of 90 degrees to each other.

  • Bismarck is slender rows of oval links that run parallel to each other and are connected to each other. The chain is named after the iron Otto Bismarck, the first chancellor of the United German Empire. He liked to wear chains. Weaving with Bismarck is very interesting and looks interesting in different color combinations, for example, in gold and silver rows with interspersed changes. Double, triple and even quadruple weaves are produced.

  • Popcorn — grouped balls that resemble puffed popcorn. They make different designs and thicknesses of chains with this type of weaving.

  • Nonna in Latin means «9th». This is a more complex scheme than an anchor, because it consists of two types of links. Some have a smaller radius, and others surrounding them have a larger radius.

  • Cord in English means «cord» — rich decorative weaving with empty links. It is usually worn as an independent decoration, without pendants.

  • Spiga — «ear» in Italian. It consists of eight-shaped cells. Depending on the shape of the individual links, the chain can have a round or completely square cross-section.

These are just a few options of which weaving chain to choose for a man.

There are also Gucci, fox tail, mesh, bone, Prince of Wales, herringbone (herringbone), Korean, Belcher, Shamir.

How to choose a chain for a man — with a pendant or without?

It depends on whether the chain will be worn as a separate decoration or in a set with a pendant. This is very important because of the optical proportions, which should not be upset. There are situations when a pendant is added to a relatively short chain. Then it will not look too elegant, creating a short collar under the man’s neck.

Here are some basic tips on how to choose a chain for a man. They will help you make the right choice from the Silvers online store catalog.