Diamond is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. Its decorative qualities have always been admired. Glitter expresses more feelings than the largest bouquet of red roses and passionate whispers. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that wearing diamond rings would lead the vein of love from the fingers to the heart. Indian tribes called cut diamonds (diamonds) a talisman against all misfortunes.
Such jewelry can be presented as a gift for all occasions, because it is timeless. As the American film actress Marilyn Monroe said: «Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but they require appropriate attitude and care.» Despite being considered one of the hardest minerals in nature, diamonds are vulnerable to damage and stains.
In this article, we will tell you how to care for such jewelry so that diamonds sparkle for as long as possible, and the product itself retains its flawless appearance for a long time.

The best care for diamonds is protection from damage and detergents

The best care for diamonds is protection from damage and detergents

Much depends on the lifestyle and type of activity. If you are actively working with your hands, the jewelry is in close contact with chemicals, sharp objects or can get lost, it is better to just remove it.

Do not wear more than one diamond piece at a time. When two rings are next to each other on adjacent fingers, one can scratch the other. The only possible repair that exists then is re-polishing. But if the scratches are very deep, then the mineral cannot be restored.

Be sure to remove jewelry while doing housework, cleaning, washing dishes, bathing, before applying cosmetics and perfumes. The same should be done before playing sports in the gym, visiting the pool, sauna, spa treatments, before sunbathing and swimming in a natural reservoir. This is because many stones are sensitive to sunlight and heat. All these processes contribute to the appearance of scratches on the surface of jewelry, deformation of their shape. Sweat, air and strong corrosive substances contribute to their tarnishing, discoloration.

Taking care of your jewelry when it is not being worn is the main key to keeping it beautiful and long lasting. Constantly check the integrity of the fasteners and the surface of the accessories. They must be stored not in the coin compartment in the wallet, but in special closed boxes, where they will be protected from dust. The dust contains silicon particles (sand) that can damage minerals, especially smaller ones. You also need to protect gemstones from sunlight, as they can lose color over time when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Keep diamond jewelry in a special box with a soft lining, separate compartment from other items, otherwise they may lose their luster. Also, do not place various decorations close to each other, as they can scratch each other when they come into contact. It is best to fold them individually in small bags, fastened with a zipper or clip.

How to properly clean diamond jewelry

How to properly clean diamond jewelry

Even simple sweat or chemicals in the air can cause discoloration, so regular cleaning of diamonds is essential whenever you notice a darkening, as well as when hitting a hard surface. And the sooner this is done, the better.

It is impossible to accumulate particles of dirt, cream, lotion and dust under the stone. This will become a breeding ground for the development and reproduction of microbes, which, if it comes into contact with the skin, can cause irritation and allergic reactions.
Ordinary cleaning products such as laundry soaps and detergent emulsions can leave a mark on the surface of a diamond that will reduce its brilliance.

The most harmful chemical that should not be used to clean jewelry such as diamond jewelry is chlorine. Any bleaching liquids can discolor a diamond, and soap solutions can permanently deprive it of its bright luster.
The ideal way to clean your diamonds is to take them to a jewelry shop, where an experienced craftsman will inspect the product for damage and professionally clean it with a polishing paste. In a few days it will look like new. It is recommended to leave jewelry in the workshop for maintenance at least once a year.

Cleaning diamonds at home

Cleaning diamonds at home

Not everyone has the time and opportunity to go to a jeweler, so the first aid in such cases is a special cleaning cloth. This is a soft, lint-free microfiber. It can be bought at any jewelry store, including our online store when ordering jewelry. It gently refreshes the appearance of the jewelry and gently cleans the attachment points.

Do not use to clean diamonds at home:

  • paper towels — they scratch the surface of metals (gold and silver) and stones;
  • metal objects (knives, files, needles, pins) to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places. In this case, delicate brushes with soft bristles are better suited;
  • hair dryer — too high or low temperature can destroy the structure of the stones.

There are also many jewelry cleaning liquids on the market. Before using them, you must carefully read the instructions and carefully follow the requirements of the manufacturers. During cleaning, you need to hold the jewelry by the edges, otherwise it may get dirty again. If diamond jewelry is being cleaned over a sink, the drain hole must be covered to avoid leaving the gem empty.

One of the easiest ways to get your diamond jewelry wet is to use a dilute solution containing a small amount of mild detergent (dishwashing soap) dissolved in warm water and beaten to a lather. The earrings or ring should be placed in this lather and then gently brushed with a soft toothbrush. Then rinse with running water, put on a towel and let dry, wipe with a soft cloth.

For the brave, a more complex care for diamond jewelry is available, which consists in soaking them in a glass of cold water with the addition of ammonia in a ratio of 1:1 for 30 minutes. Then you need to clean all remaining with a soft brush or sponge, rinse and dry on paper.

Although ammonia can immediately help restore jewelry to its original luster, experts do not recommend frequent use or prolonged soaking in ammonia. This can discolor or damage the metal in which the diamonds are set, cause the gemstones to become cloudy or discolored.

Another proven way to effectively clean diamonds at home is to soak jewelry for an hour in a 1:6 solution of alcohol and water. But for this purpose, colored spirits should not be used, as they discolor or stain the stone and the decoration itself.

These few simple rules on how to care for diamonds will help keep your jewelry intact, enjoy their high value for a long time and enjoy their beautiful appearance!