Any jewelry needs delicate care, regardless of the type of precious metal or the method of manufacture. And Pandora bracelets are no exception.

If you follow just a few simple rules, the products will retain their excellent appearance for many years. Possible difficulties include, first of all, the process of darkening of silver jewelry. But don’t panic. This is just the result of the interaction of the material with the environment: air humidity, contact with the skin and cosmetics. To avoid this, you need to make it a rule to always remove jewelry before going to bed, and also store Pandora charms in special boxes with velvet-lined inner walls.

Precious metals: care rules

Sooner or later, no matter how hard you try, silver pendants and bracelets start to darken. The easiest and fastest way to deal with this shortcoming is to buy special Pandora wipes. Their special composition not only cleans problem areas, but also covers the product with a special film that prevents the occurrence of such problems in the future. Such napkins are the most effective, since their development was carried out specifically for the Pandora jewelry series.

If there were no such napkins at hand, and the bracelet needs urgent cleaning, then you can use folk recipes for cleanliness. You need to take a small amount of your favorite detergent, dissolve it in water and immerse the product there. After 10 minutes, remove and gently wipe with a thick bristled toothbrush, after which each charm is wiped dry with a soft cloth. This method is suitable for silver items, but leather items cannot be cleaned in this way.

Skin: care rules

Pandora leather bracelets are very practical and practically do not need additional care. It is enough just to sometimes impregnate them with an ordinary cosmetic cream, and then wipe them with a soft flannel cloth. Simple rules will help prevent drying and cracking:

Before going to bed, the jewelry must be removed so that the leather strap does not stretch.
The number of elements on the bracelet should not exceed the norm allowed by the manufacturer, otherwise it may be deformed.
Wetting negatively affects the quality of the skin, so try to avoid direct contact with water.

By following these simple rules, jewelry will serve you for a long time and will delight you every day for many years.