Hair accessories have again diversified street fashion. They reappeared in the offers of the most famous brands such as Versace and Dior. At the shows of their collections, the models used hairpins, reminiscent of those that our mothers had in old photographs. You will learn how to wear hair clips in 2021 by reading this article.

What is fashionable to wear jewelry and hair clips?

Fashion constantly closes its circle and reminds of the trends of past years. Many favorite hits of the 90s are back in it. In 2019, it has again become fashionable to wear a bandage on your head and decorate your hair with bows. This trend continued in 2020 and will continue this year.

One of the most fashionable and beautiful trends of the season is a fabric headband — plain, multi-colored, patterned, velvet, cotton or even velveteen. It is always a useful and beautiful hair accessory that suits even mature women with all hairstyles and all face types.

The main condition for the correct choice of hair bands is that they must be in harmony with the appearance and correspond to the situation. When choosing them, designers are advised to take into account the height of the forehead. If the forehead is low, then the bandage should be worn along the hairline — this visually increases it.

In the last century, headbands and wreaths were worn only by representatives of royal families, brides and lovers of boho style. Today, thanks to the brands Simone Rocha and Prada, today they have entered the street fashion, along with classic Dior-style headbands in chunky satin or velvet. For those who love to shine and attract attention, decorative models with pearls, crystals and sequins are in fashion.

How to use elastic bands and hairpins-springs?

You can’t do without rubber bands when collecting hair in a ponytail and a bun. Pick them up to match the hair or a contrasting shade. Wide products in size XXL — made of velor, velvet or other fabrics. They reappeared in the collections of many famous fashion houses. Slim models, which are decorated with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones or sequins, look attractive in any situation.

Products with brooches in the form of inscriptions, flowers or figures are suitable for both casual business and evening hairstyles.

However, do not forget that tight tails and buns are bad for hair, so alternate such hairstyles with looser ones, without hairpins and ironing.

Invisibobble rubber bands in the form of a cord from a traditional handset have made life easier for owners of long hair of any type since 2012. They are more convenient than the classic hairpin options:

  • do not pinch hair
  • don’t rip them out
  • do not cause pain in close proximity to the scalp.

Their creator is a German student Sophie Trelles-Tweedy, who constantly had a headache due to tight hair ties. Once she used a wire from an old non-working landline phone instead of a tie. Having walked with such a hairstyle all day, she noted its lightness, comfortable sensations and shared her discovery with her friend. Since then, rubber bands have been produced in 70 countries around the world and are in great demand.

A hairpin in the form of a spring can be used to create any hairstyle, as well as worn as an original wrist bracelet. Thanks to the elastic structure, they hold the hair tightly without leaving wrinkles, making it comfortable to wear a ponytail, bun, knot or donut during the day.

Durable and waterproof, the material from which it is made does not get wet, which is ideal for sports, for sleeping, as well as after oiling hair or applying cosmetic masks to the face.

How beautiful to pin your hair with different hairpins

Hairstyle with fashionable hairpins will enliven any style. It is able to successfully complement a simple everyday look, even in a sporty version. Paired with jeans and a sweatshirt, and styled with a pretty hair clip, you’ve got a trendy urban look, perfect for the movie theater or hangouts with friends.

For a romantic date, you can beautifully pin up your hair with one elegant pearl hairpin. Wearing a black dress, you will look modest, but stylish.

Boho style fans will love flowered wooden hair clips that look great with flowy dresses and wedges.

Wedding hair clips are models decorated with pearls, cubic zirkonia and crystals. They are used in high hairstyles. They sparkle wonderfully, giving the bride a unique charm.

How to pin up your hair with a hairpin

There are many different ways to properly and securely stab hairpins. The classic method is to use a jewelry buckle or invisible studs. This will help to secure a stiff bun, which looks great even on special occasions.

To remove hair from the forehead, it is enough to stab it with a small hairpin: both a hair clip (crocodile) and a crab or a small hairpin are perfect.

For a dramatic 1920s hairstyle, secure your hair behind your ear with small clips. They will help with the creation of all types of beams and styling. Beautifully harmonize with evening and business attire.

What clips to use for long hair

Hits of 2020:

  • donations, or cups for lifting hair from the root and creating a voluminous bundle in the form of a donut. These are sponges similar in shape to those used to fill a bra. But they are covered with a Velcro strip on both sides which holds the hair well and makes it blend nicely with it without showing through. It looks like there are twice as many hairs. It is very simple to use — lift a strand of hair in the right place and carefully fasten it, move it to one side and cover it with hair. This is a great alternative to tight elastic bands, heavy bobby pins and stiff hairpins for those who have thin and weak curls below the waist;
  • bumpits — hairpins for lifting hairstyles without bouffant at the crown, which spoils the hair. They are perfect for a bun, ponytail, all sorts of retro butterflies or for a simple lift. Available in black, red, light and dark blond shades;
  • twisters — a fantastic invention for bundles, after wearing which luxurious curls and body waves are obtained;
  • bananas allow you to make a high ponytail in a few seconds and wear it all day;
  • sticks are used for pinning bundles and shells without pins.

Hair clips: how to use

hoop, or bezel perfect for long hair and looks interesting with short haircuts. This is not only a means of fixing curls in a hairstyle, but also a self-sufficient element of the image.

For lovers of the classics, traditional thin headbands, complemented by small bows, will be an excellent solution. They will look romantic and playful. They will become an element for high hairstyles fashionable this year, softening their severity and picking up naughty strands.

The hoop will perfectly complement the bun, ponytail and French braid. This year, gold, silver, shades of green and blue are popular. Pay attention to models with peacock feathers, light colored feathers or fur.

Thin headbands with minimal decor are versatile, appropriate in any situation. Wide — suitable for the spring-summer period and recreation.

Models with rhinestones and bright elements are able to make an interesting accent in a solemn image for social events. They are suitable not only for young girls, but for women. They can be selected not only for clothes, but also for individual details of the outfit:

  • shoes,
  • bag,
  • belt,
  • scarf,
  • gloves,
  • jewelry or bijouterie,
  • sunglasses.

Automatic — one of the most popular types of hairpins used in everyday hairstyles and evening styling. With the help of small machines, you can create a lot of fantasy hairstyles and pin up individual strands. Large ones are convenient for various tails and “Malvinok”. However, the constant use of automation with a rigid structure is harmful to the hair structure. Try to choose a hair clip so that it does not pull the hair, but leaves free space between the strands and the scalp.

Crab — a hairpin that allows you to interestingly select hair and create romantic and stylish hairstyles. Hair accessory manufacturers make plastic and metal crab clips, modest and lavishly embellished, shiny and matte, in all colors and styles. Lateral horizontal crab securely fixes individual bundles and pins up hair from the side. Classic — indispensable for creating shells.

Knowing how to wear the above types of hairpins correctly and fashionably, you will make the right choice. View the offers of the Silvers online store catalog and order beautiful and stylish jewelry accessories and bijouterie, as well as wedding hair clips for yourself or as a gift with delivery across Ukraine. .