Buying any piece of jewelry is a small celebration in the life of every woman.

Most often, beautiful ladies decide to order goods under a fleeting impulse of delight from the product they see, so they are all associated with certain memories and even entire periods in life. What, then, is the secret of the popularity of the Pandora bracelet in a time of abundance of offers and unlimited possibilities? Most likely, in the desire not only to decorate your wrist with an elegant decoration, but also to put a piece of your soul into it. Stringing personally selected beads on the base, a woman thereby expresses her individuality, taste and style. Collecting jewelry with your own hands, you fill it with special energy and meaning. It turns into a real talisman, which can even bring good luck if its owner sincerely believes in it. Would you like to have such an exquisite amulet in your arsenal? Then think carefully about all the stages of its creation.

Foundation matters

To buy the right product, you need to know, first of all, the size of your wrist. Measurements are taken in the area of ​​the bone, where it is the widest. The second step is to determine the degree of fullness of the bracelet. If you want to equip it with beads as much as possible, then add 3 cm to the main length, if only by a third, then 1 cm will be enough. As for the choice of material, it all depends solely on personal preferences:

  • silver base. This material is suitable for blondes with gray or blue eyes. It easily emphasizes the status of its owner and is worn with exquisite everyday or evening dresses;
  • the leather base is most popular among young girls who are actively experimenting with colors and textures and are in search of their individual style;
  • textile base is a summer option, suitable for short shorts, light dresses and a carefree mood.

Thematic Variety

Ready-made Pandora bracelets are harmonious compositions in which every detail matters. There are several groups of pendants that are correctly distributed over the entire length of the base. Charms are beads that can either be fixed by other components or move freely around the bracelet; stoppers and clips snap into place in specific locations; separators distribute charms; charm pendants are the highlights of the product and connecting chains that prevent the bracelet from crumbling. To buy a product to create your perfect bracelet, you need to study all the details and draw up a diagram for which the product will be assembled.

Unique composition with your own hands

To make the composition as harmonious as possible, you need to choose the right ratio of beads. The maximum allowable number of elements is 20, but this is subject to the condition that the hostess wants to create a fully stuffed bracelet. The leather base already looks good, so you should not use more than 7 beads. The chaotic accumulation of details will not make the decoration more beautiful, so you need to rely, first of all, on a sense of style and proportion. The shape and color should emphasize the beauty of the hostess and in no case obscure her external data. The main vocation of the Pandora bracelet is to be the highlight of the image, its bright accent, and not the main star. Don’t be afraid to play with the contrast of colors and materials.

You can order goods just like that, or you can time the purchase to some special event in life. Special collections and ready-made sets will tell about your travels, preferences and even talents. Exquisite miniature animals, objects or symbols of love and friendship are also perfect for a gift for a special date or just as a heartfelt gesture. You can store your memories in the recesses of memory, or you can always carry them with you on your wrist.