Silver bracelets, watches, earrings and chains — for centuries, women, and men, have loved and willingly put on jewelry, without even thinking about how they affect the health of the body.

What properties of silver are known to mankind?

Before becoming a jewelry metal, silver served people in a different way. In ancient times, they ate from silver utensils. It kept food and water. Then, when they learned how to lighten silver, they began to make cutlery from it, thanks to which useful substances were systematically delivered to the body.

To prolong the freshness of fresh water, sea travelers threw silver coins into barrels.

In Ayurvedic medicine, the magical properties of natural silver have been used for thousands of years to:

  • building up the vitality of the body and protection from evil spirits,
  • fever control,
  • treatment of digestive diseases,
  • stop excessive menstrual bleeding
  • revealing sexuality,
  • release of libido
  • removal of internal psychological inhibitions.

The water of the sacred Indian river Ganges contains silver compounds. Hundreds of pilgrims bathe in it every day. And there have never been epidemics or mass cases of any viral diseases. Studies have found that the water in this river kills cholera for up to 3 hours, and fungi and mold even faster. It has been proven that silver is a natural antibiotic, it destroys more than 650 pathogenic bacteria, has antiviral and fungicidal activity — it blocks the reproduction mechanism in unicellular structures.

In the Middle Ages, silver was used to disinfect wounds. During the outbreak of epidemics, children were given silver teaspoons to suckle, which was supposed to increase their resistance to disease.

With the help of silver, they cleansed and strengthened the body, increasing immunity. You can use the healing properties of silver in two ways:

  • internal — consuming silver ions,
  • external — through contact with the skin, exerting an electromagnetic effect on its cells.

Airlines are installing silver water filters on planes to protect passengers from infection in confined spaces.

In Japan, silver is widely used in air purification devices, hygiene and cosmetic products that improve complexion. Even modern washing machines already have a «silver» feature that prevents mold from developing inside.

For colds, runny nose, cough, flu, sore throat, bronchitis, lungs and other bacterial infections, special preparations can be used. However, no microbial species has yet resisted silver ions. Unlike antibiotics, they do not destroy the beneficial bacterial flora and do not weaken the liver. The only contraindication to drugs containing silver is the individual sensitivity of the body to this component.

Is it useful to wear silver around the neck?

Silver products are unique not only because of their beauty, but also due to their powerful energy properties. No wonder this metal has been considered protective in all ages. The person who constantly wore a simple silver chain around his neck not only looked presentable and status, but also became successful in all areas of life, cautious and responsible, gained clarity of mind. After all, silver destroys negative emotions (anger, aggression), removes disturbing and sad thoughts about problems from the head. This explains the fact that silver for men is more popular than gold. Women wear jewelry around the neck mainly for beauty, and silver items are considered ideal for everyday wear.

Who benefits from wearing silver?

Psychologists recommend acquiring silver jewelry to increase self-esteem.

In esotericism, it is believed that to enhance the useful and magical properties of silver, accessories are made in the form of figurines of a certain shape. If they are placed at the level of chakras — energy centers that are opposite the nerve nodes, then they resonate with the electromagnetic radiation of the body.

Most often, pendants are strung on a chain and worn at the level of the heart chakra, close to the solar plexus:

  • a silver pectoral cross protects adults and children from the evil eye and damage;
  • the cross Tau, or a pendant in the shape of the letter «T» protects from the negative impact of ill-wishers;
  • anchor amulets protect those whose work is connected with water;
  • a pendant in the form of a radiant sun makes it impossible to bewitch the man or woman who wears it;
  • the crescent relieves insomnia and nightmares, reduces the level of anxiety;
  • The lightweight alloy dragon spreading its wings is a popular children’s mascot.

Silver earrings have a positive effect on brain activity. Wearing them improves memory, sharpens hearing and vision.

Silver jewelry for men, like bracelets, is worn by creative people with pleasure. After all, these decorations contribute to relaxation, cause inspiration and the emergence of non-standard ideas.

The effectiveness of wearing a silver ring on your finger is manifested in three areas:

  • it protects its owner from danger and makes him immune to negative influences;
  • restores certain body functions that have been impaired and reduces physical pain;
  • increases sensitivity to certain things and situations that were previously invisible.

Use silver, the properties of which are useful and healing, and buy quality products from it.