Beads — a cult attribute, which consists of beads strung on a wire, chain, fishing line or cord. It is worn around the neck, waist or hips.

Such jewelry is made in different shapes and colors, with precious stones, crystals, coins, flowers and various talismans. In ancient times, it was first worn by men — the rulers of states, priests, warriors. Only a few centuries ago this product became feminine.

This article will discuss how to choose the right beads, how to wear them and what clothes to combine with.

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Why did people wear beads before?

African women have worn decorative jewelry around their waists and hips for thousands of years. On the neck, beads began to be worn with dresses in Europe, Asia and America. They were called not only decoration, but a symbol of femininity, fertility, prosperity, sensuality. And it was also believed that they perform several important functions, showing:

  • weight fluctuations and health problems. Waist, hip and neck ornaments were used to detect changes in weight. They accurately showed whether a person gained or lost weight. If a person has gained weight, his stomach is swollen, or the lymph nodes in his neck have enlarged, the beads will either be higher or will fit snugly. If he has lost weight, they will begin to clasp the circumference freely or fall below;
  • maturity. In those countries of the world where wearing beads is a tradition, they are often associated with growing up. When children were given names, they were traditionally adorned with a few beads around their waist and neck. Mothers put whole beads on their daughters after the first menstruation. An increase in the number of beads symbolized the onset of a new life stage. The jewelry worn by a teenage girl will be different from what she will wear after the wedding and the birth of her first child;
  • fertility. Many women use hip beads to enhance their sensuality. They are worn before sex to get pregnant. During the fertile season, African tribal women wear long and large beads with features such as jingling coins and bells to attract potential suitors who are nearby. Some peoples wear waist and neck beads under their clothes. There are special charm beads for expectant mothers;
  • legacy and pride. Wearing beads is a popular way to pay respect to your ancestors, to emphasize the customs and traditions of your people;
  • workout. This accessory helps to improve your posture. The beads behave differently when a person is standing, breathing, sitting. They remind you to breathe properly, sit straight, straighten your back, tighten your abs, straighten your shoulders;
  • magical properties. In many countries of the world, women add talismans and amulets to beads. It is customary to apply aroma oils of aphrodisiacs to them in order to seduce men or protect themselves from the evil eye and negative energy.

What to choose women’s beads and what to wear them with?

The most important thing when choosing such an accessory is individual preferences. It is made in many styles, colors and materials.

Each color has a specific meaning:

  • blue: harmony, insight, truth;
  • brown: stability, calm;
  • green: hope, abundance, healing, prosperity;
  • purple: power, spirituality, wisdom;
  • red: self-confidence, love, passion, courage;
  • white: truth, purity, light;
  • yellow: clarity, joy, awareness, energy.

The color of the elements of the beads is selected taking into account the type of appearance. Brunettes with fair skin to face black, red, white jewelry. Products of delicate shades are recommended for women with dark skin. For brown-haired women and ladies with a warm shade of hair — amber and golden colors.

Full ladies with large breasts should avoid wearing massive jewelry. A thin neck can be decorated with a decorative beaded collar.

Since it has become fashionable to wear ethnic-style clothes again, the trend is red beads made from natural materials (wood, coral, amber, pearls), which go well with denim, organic cotton, wool and linen.

What stone to wear beads with (photo)?

How to make beads from stones with your own hands

Each gem has a specific effect:

  • amber protects from negativity;
  • emerald provides happiness, prosperity and wealth;
  • turquoise protects from evil and misfortune;
  • lapis lazuli is responsible for peace, truth and insight;
  • pearls promote purity and transparency in relationships;
  • rose quartz supports feelings of love, compassion, accelerates healing.

How to wear beads around your neck?

It depends on their length:

  • 30-33 cm — several horizontal rows of beaded threads and create a wide rim that tightly wraps around the neck like a collar. What to wear with beads of this type depends on the length of the collar, shirt, dress, blouse and the depth of the neckline;
  • 35–40 cm — a classic version in the form of a single thread that wraps around the neck above the collarbones. Its main feature is versatility. It suits any neckline and any style of clothing;
  • 40–50 cm — the most common length of women’s beads. They sit well and loosely on the neck and are combined with different clothes, with the exception of things with a high collar. Harmonize with a summer sundress and a dress with bare shoulders;
  • 42-48 cm — a thread with solid beads, which is decorated with a pendant. Due to their regular oval shape, they are worn as a necklace. They are suitable for women who cannot boast of a long or slender neck. They visually lengthen the neck when worn with dresses with a boat neckline or with a deep neckline;
  • 50-60 cm — this is predominantly solid black, white, gray or brown beads that go with everything they are worn with. Starting from an office suit, evening and cocktail dress and ending with a summer sundress. The only thing that looks bad with them is clothes with buttons, embroidery, appliqués and other additional decorations;
  • 55–70 cm — an accessory of medium length, the elements of which end at chest height. But it is important that the bottom layer of the beads does not touch the neckline of the dress or blouse;
  • 71–86 cm Loose enough beads to wear over the head. Previously, such jewelry was only allowed to be worn at official events. Beads, located just below the level of the chest, optically lengthen the silhouette;
  • 75–120 cm — beads falling below the chest line. They can be worn over casual clothes, twisted several times or tied in a knot. Best of all they are combined with long plain outfits.

How to choose the right beads for a dress

The main selection criterion is the age of the future owner of the product. Almost the entire range of jewelry suits teenage girls. For them, there are no restrictions on the length of the beads. They can safely wear beads not only around the neck, but also on the shoulder, waist, hips and use them as a bracelet.

Small pearl beads are suitable for young girls, especially brides. They emphasize their youth, femininity and sophistication of the outfit.

For older women, too short and too long beads do not suit. For them, the average length is ideal. Jewelry with large stones or pendants can draw too much attention to the appearance, so be careful when choosing a pendant with a stone.

A universal option is to wear beads with small stones both with a dress and with a blouse and shirt, twist them in several rows or tie them in a knot.

Now you know how to choose neck jewelry by length, color, how to wear beads and what clothes to combine with.

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