If a silver pendant has lost its bright shine, there are a lot of methods to restore its original shine. We have described the most common ones in this article.

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How to clean a silver pendant at home

Most silver jewelry darkens over time.

According to folk signs, this indicates the occurrence of a disease, inflicting damage or a curse on the owner of the jewelry.

Scientists have proven that the state of silver worn on the body depends on the composition of a person’s sweat:

  • there is a lot of sulfur in the body — the metal darkens,

  • lots of nitrogen prevents browning.

But if the jewel is kept in the box, but still darkens, then there is a lot of hydrogen sulfide in the surrounding air.

Before cleaning, degrease the pendant with any detergent. Treat curls, indentations and bulges with a toothbrush. And that’s it, you can already use the methods that will be discussed later.

How to clean a silver pendant with hydrogen peroxide?

Peroxide can eliminate the blackening of silver or, conversely, enhance it.

This is because oxygen atoms interact differently with silver alloys.

Before you clean the silver with a stone and completely treat the product with peroxide, try to process it on the inside of the pendant or on the clasp. If it brightens, gently apply the solution to the entire decoration with a cotton sponge.

How to clean a silver pendant at minimal cost?

  1. baking soda

This method is only suitable for small pendants. There may be scratches that will be too noticeable on large jewelry.

Mix baking soda with water until the consistency of gruel, which is applied with a soft cloth or toothbrush to the surface of the product. Rinse it with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

  1. Salt (regular kitchen or extra-fine — it doesn’t matter)

Pour the salt into a saucepan with a foil-lined bottom. Add some water. Put the decoration there and boil for 10 minutes. Then rinse well under the tap and dry completely.

  1. Ammonia (ammonia)

Dip the pendant for 15 minutes in a 1:10 solution of ammonia and water. If the pollution is strong, then for 30–60 minutes, but no more. Wipe slightly darkened jewelry with a moistened cotton pad. Then the silver must be washed and dried.

  1. Citric acid or vinegar

Dilute 0.5 l of water with 100 g of acid. The solution in a water bath for 15-30 minutes, putting a pendant in it. Then — rinse and dry the product.

  1. coca cola

For a method such as cleaning a silver pendant with Coca-Cola, the price is acceptable. It is necessary to pour a little drink into a container and lower the silver item there. After 12 hours, the jewel will look and shine like new.

  1. toothpaste

Smooth accessories are wiped with a napkin with toothpaste, and embossed accessories with a soft bristled brush. But the paste must be free of sodium, aggressive additives and colorants, so that the impurities do not react with the metals that are added to silver for strength. To prevent the formation of white deposits, rinse thoroughly after cleaning and polish with a soft cloth.

How is a silver pendant cleaned of blackening?

You’ll never guess — lipstick of any color! It must be applied to the fabric microfiber, flannel, cotton pad and rub the product with it. It does not scratch the surface of silver and is easily washed off with soapy water.

For pendants, a slurry of ammonia and chalk is also suitable. It is applied to the product and washed off with water.

Do not polish blackened silver to a shine! Trying to wash off the patina, you deprive this piece of sophistication, vintage and original charm.